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Jimmy G.

1) If you are 49ers general manager John Lynch what are your options regarding Jimmy Garoppolo? 

Do you stake your career that the 49ers have their franchise QB and sign Jimmy G. to a long-term deal? What is your strategy in the off-season? In the draft and trying to sign free agents?

Chad: Jimmy Garoppolo needs to be signed if I am San Fran you have a QB and now you can build around him. 

Joe: I roll the dice big time. As of right now I contact his agent and open negotiations for at least a four year deal. Then I draft or sign free agent offensive linemen.

I believe Jimmy G. is the real deal. 

David: I sign him to a HEAVILY incentive laden contract with an out after 2 years, with a guaranteed balloon payment if he sees the end of year 2. I have to keep Jimmy G, but I have to protect my cap. I don’t need a Flacco situation on my hands.

Todd Bowles

2) The Jets recently signed Jets HC Todd Bowles to a two year extension. 

Was it the right or wrong move by the Jets? 

Chad: The Jets have improved, so Todd Bowles signing long term was the absolute right move.

Joe: Bowles has already changed the culture around the Jets, as well as he has managed to get five wins with a roster that many said would be lucky to even win a game and comes off as a no-nonsense coach, who if he were available many teams in need of a HC would snap up in an instant.

The Jets without a doubt made the right move.

David: I don’t think its the worst move the Jets could do. It seems like the players want to play for him, and he does have some control over the lockerroom, and lets be honest, who is better out there that everyone wants? I’d rather fire an average coach on a year when there are only 2-3 openings than when there are 6.

Uh, I mean they should fire Bowles now and hire Mike Shula!!!!

3) OK… it’s that time… after Sunday’ games are in the book, which teams are your picks to meet in Super Bowl LII? Which team wins? 

Chad: I’m going Patriots and Vikings.

I say Minnesota has enough with Case Keenum to beat Nick Foles and host a Super Bowl.

Joe: Thought about this long and hard… and I kept coming to the same conclusion: The New England Patriots and the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl LII and Belichick and Brady win another ring.

Belichicks’ seventh (five as a HC and two as a DC) and Brady gets number  six. 

David: Panthers over Pats.

Teddy Bridgewater

4) What was your favorite memory, or was the best NFL event or move in the 2017/2018 season?

Chad: Seeing Teddy Bridgewater make it back onto the field after that horrific injury

Joe: It was watching Deshaun Watson change the entire reality for the  Houston Texans.

He was the impetus that made the Texans into a winning team.

David: Pushing so hard for Watson, and being shown 100% correct. Damn I hated his ass in Clemson, and almost wish he was in Carolina.

Carson Wentz

5) What was your worst memory, or was the worst NFL event or move in the 2017/2018 season?

Chad: Seeing Carson Wentz get robbed of an MVP by injury.

Joe: I got two actually, both involving injuries to QBs.

Deshaun Watson and Carson Wentz getting DLed for the season.

Wentz’ injury probably changes who makes the Super Bowl for the NFC.  It also very arguably cost him a shot at an MVP award.

David: McCaffery. I didn’t want Fournette, I didn’t think he was going to be this good, and I knew McCaffery was going to be overrated, but DAYUM I didn’t want to get next to nothing in this draft.

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