NFL Prediction results: AFC South

So lets take a look at how I did in predicting the NFL season. As always, I give myself 2 games +/- on the win/loss record, and I’ll copy over the jest of what I thought was going to happen. Sadly I didn’t hit all 32 teams in the same depth, so some of these are deeper than others.

Houston Texans

What I Said: I think this years third rounder D’Onta Foreman takes over late in the year. This really comes down to the line. If they can block, the Texans win the South and no one wants to play them, and they will be right there with the Raiders as a second tier AFC contender.
9-7, but considering they are going to have a rookie starter, no one will want to see them late- and that Monday Night game vs Pitt is going to be fun.

What Happened: I gave all kinds of love to Watson, from the draft until the day he stepped on the feild, and he was even better than I said. One of my best predictions all year was he would make the Texans look like they could compete with the best in the AFC. Dead on there. I also said no one wanted to play them late in the year, but I was expecting Watson to still be there. I did miss on Foreman, however. 4-12 was a bit off as well.

TEAM: HIT 1-2 (But what a hit!)
Jacksonville Jaguars

What I Said: I would think late in the year they would toss Henne or anyone out there to see if they could do any better. This might be one of the better secondaries in the AFC.
It really comes down to who is playing QB and how many carries they can give Fournette. Can he do 300 carries for 1100 yards? I’m sure he can, but will that get them wins? Do they want to give him the hits? 250 for 900 won’t make fantasy owners happy, but it will make Jags fans happy in 2019 when they might be looking to get better. 2-14

What Happened: Fournette ran 268 times for 1,040- so I think I was on saying about 300 carries for 1100 yards. Bortles played all year. This was the number 1 Passing Defense. I think everyone missed on the W/L record.


Indianapolis Colts

What I Said: Johnathan Hankins was the big money addition, and he’s going to sit right in the middle of that front seven and plug up the running game. Margus Hunt is a lesser addition, but should also start, and Henry Anderson should be back from surgery, and if he gets back into form this could be an above average unit. It all comes down to what bodies show up in the defense, there are a TON of new guys, and in the old days, that would be fine, but with the new practice limits and less days in pads, that’s going to hurt in the beginning. This could really be a horrible franchise is Luck’s leg fell off. I think that moves them to below Buffalo levels of talent, but only with a worse coach. The Colts go 6-10? Yes. Again, look at that defense and offensive line.

What Happened: No Luck, O-Line stunk, but they were third in Rushing defense. The Colts did begin to gell at the end of the year, something young teams do when they have desire to win. 4-12 does get me the win there, but DAYUM did they suck in the second half.


Tennessee Titans

What I Said: If Mariotta can stay upright, and if they can stay healthy, then they can be a competitive team with anyone. I do think that the offensive line should continue to improve, and that could be scary for the rest of the division. 8-8

What Happened: Mariotta played 15 games, so he was upright, but the Titans allowed 39 sacks, 11 more than last year, so they were worse. The Titans did end up at 9-7.


Overall 6-3 on the Team, 2-2 on picking the record, nailed 0

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