Season Predictions Report: AFC North

So lets take a look at how I did in predicting the NFL season. As always, I give myself 2 games +/- on the win/loss record, and I’ll copy over the jest of what I thought was going to happen. Sadly I didn’t hit all 32 teams in the same depth, so some of these are deeper than others.

Baltimore Ravens

What I Said: The Ravens have a SHITTON of talent on defense, but that offense worries me, as I really don’t see them outscoring teams, but that defense is young and should be able to keep them in games.  I see them at 8-8 and out of the playoffs again.

What Happened: The Ravens got nailed by injuries, including to both guards, and finished 9-7. The offense ended up 9th in the NFL, oddly enough and that defense was 27th. Just amazing. If you had told me that the Ravens would have the 9th best offense, I would have said they were looking at a playoff bye game.

TEAM: 0-1 Since I really didn’t make any predictions.
Cincinnati Bengals

What I Said: I still think the Bengals made a mistake drafting another wideout, and really needed to get some help for the offensive line. That is really going to hurt them going forward as its not as good as last year and Dalton got beat up last year. I don’t think Marvin can save his job. 6-10.

What Happened: One of the Three Big Questions was is this a trend or a blip? I said yes, so thats a win. One catch for 12 yards before he hit IR? Yeah, John Ross wasn’t exactly lining up for the 9th overall pick, but wasn’t lighting things up before he was hurt. Sitting at 6th on the depth chart at the start of the season. Dalton was sacked 39 times, 2 less than last year, so he still got beat up. Marvin Lewis did quit, before he came back. 7-9

TEAM: 2-1
RECORD: Hit, off by one game.

Cleveland Browns

What I Said: But if Joel Bitino can play all 16 games, this is a very good line. This really comes down to the running game. The Browns have a solid O-Line, and a ton of talent on defense. There is no reason why they can’t win some 21-17 games if either the limp-armed QB or the FA Bust doesn’t give the other team the ball inside their own 30. 6-10.

What Happened: The Browns actually were tied for 19th in running, but still stunk on ice, obvisouly, going 0-16. The Browns were 26th in sacks allowed, so read into that what you want. Joel Bitino did start all 16 games.

TEAM: 2-1

Pittsburgh Steelers

What I Said: This defense does worry me a bit, as the secondary has a lot of talent, but little production, some because they don’t pick the ball off, some due to youth. Last year they might have been able to derail the Pats if Bell didn’t go down, as they were able to stop the run easily and concentrate on the pass exclusively. As long as they keep Big Ben upright, they can compete, but he needs to get his interceptions down. 13-3.

What Happened: 13-3 NAILED it. Sean Davis lead the team with 3 picks,  and the team had 16 total. Big Ben played 15 games and threw 14 picks, so one more than he threw last year.

TEAM: Going 2-1 here,as the Steelers were 9th in interceptions.
RECORD: Nailed.

Overall 6-4 on the Team, 3-1 on picking the record, nailed 1.


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