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Welcome to a new year and the first edition of NBA RoundTable of 2018. This week we will discuss Dwight Howard’s career, Oklahoma City Thunder big three figuring it out that, and so much more on this edition of NBA RoundTable.

Here are the Questions:

Agree or Disagree. No matter what Dwight Howard does the rest of his career, he is already a future Hall of Famer.

Todd: Heck no! Howard should go any where near the Hall of Fame but the NBA has opened the door for hm to get in by putting guys like Chris Mullin, Alonzo Morning, and T-Mac in. So he will probably get in but he does not deserve to get in.

Steve: I don’t think so. I mean he probably will be just because of who he is, but I never even considered Howard to be an All Star not considering a Hall of Famer. It seems like everywhere Howard went the team would be worse than they were before. The Lakers, Rockets, and Hawks all were much worse teams when Dwight Howard was on the team. To me, he is a cancer to any contending team that signs him.

Chad: Agree, I think his dominance when he was younger surpasses that of other players that are in the Hall of Fame like Chris Mullin and Alonzo Mourning.

Oklahoma City Thunder seem to have figured it out by winning 11 of their last 15 games including a big win at home against Houston. Can they become a legit contender in the West?

Todd: They have the talent, they just need a little more production out of their bench. The one problem with the Thunder is that they had to give up so much to get George and Anthony that it took a lot away from their bench production. They had descent bench production the other night when George was out. If they can do that every night they cancompete with anyone. I will say this. they will make it to the conference finals.

Steve: I’m not sure they can really compete with Golden State in a seven game series, but Yes I think you could call them a contender at least to make the Conference Finals, and we all know if you get there, then anything can happen.

Chad: THey have the talent to do so, I think they just needed some chemistry to go along with the talent before they became a legitimate contender in the Western Conference, which they have now.

Should redshirt rookies be eligible to win the rookie of the year award such as Been Simmons is this year?

Todd: No I don’t think they should be able to. On the account of they have an advantage of sitting back and watching the game and getting stronger for a whole year. It is an unfair advantage to the rookies coming in, although Simmons seems to have slowed down a bit as he has fallen to thid in rookie scoring behind Donovan Mitchell and Kyle Kuzma.

rSteve: Sure why not? I mean if they are considered to be a rookie in the NBA by all standards then sure they should be eligible. Baseball has a similar rule that if they don’t play x number of games the year before then they are eligible for the Rookie of the Year award.

Chad: I have no problem, It’s still you’re first year of active participation in the league

The Houston rockets have lost 5 in a row including two horrible losses to both L.A. teams both at home. Why do you think Houston are on this losing streak?

Todd: Well I got the chance to watch the rockets a lot because the Lakers played the 3 times in the month of December. Yeah they started out red hot because they were making their threes and playing good defense. The Houston Rockets only shoot three pointers or layups. If they cant make their three pointers they are very beatable because their defense is very suspect at times. They are not like the Warriors. Like the other night the Lakers took them to double overtime when it shouldn’t have even went to overtime because the Lakers missed 8 free throws in regulation.

Steve: It’s hard to say, I mean they have all the talent in the world to be one of, if not the top team in the West. Maybe they over extended themselves to start the year and they are already wearing down. They are only about a seven or eight deep team, so the players are getting the miles racked up on their bodies.

Chad: I think it’s a case of Houston coming back down to earth a little bit from the hot start I still think with Paul and Harden they can still be a force in the Western Conference.

Are you surprised with the talent that the Philadelphia 76ers have that they are a sub .500 team at this point in the season?

Todd: I am some what surprised but I guess if you have a player such as Joel Embiid who is made of glass and is always hurt I guess I understand.

Steve: Not overly surprised, I mean yes they should be a little better than what they have shown so far, but you just have to trust the process. They are still trying to figure some things out, and are probably two or three years from really being a force in the East.

Chad: I’m not surprised because I feel like with Embiid’s playing schedule and the lack of experience amongst the other players there is just no chemistry amongst the team

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