Movie Review: Land of the Dead

I have a massive problem with who is the good guy. Think about the thousands of people that were in Fiddlers Green. Because Hopper was a prick, they all die. I mean they ALL DIE. The zombies have invaded, and since no one gets weapons in the Green, they are all screwed.
Leguizamo is a prick, and is the main reason that everyone dies. I can see Romero wants to say something here, but lets be frank, Leguizamo just lets an entire city of survivors die because he can’t stay at the Pittsburgh version on Trump Tower.
I mean THOUSANDS die here and the Mentalist is just, OK, peace out, going to Canada.
What is Hopper’s goal here? His own security is inept, having Leguizamo around and making him head of security inside would solve two problems, he has a bad ass to get all the people that die in the building, since Zombies are going to popup when normal people die, and he makes him happy. Of course, we need a number 3 now since both leaders are gone, but still.

How do people here live? What are they doing day to day? I would think you would spend time building traps and barriers, but nope, lets just have a fence and move along. I would think I’d ring the city with shipping crates and have a ramp(s) as the only way in or out, and some claymores, but thats just me.

But think about it. You have cheap labor, you clear out a pretty good sized city, and you have unlimited weapons and training, and yet we have a simple fence to hold them all back? We only have one truck? The main objective is to hold up on a high-rise?

Final question for those of you thinking about the two sides of the river being a good enough defense because we don’t know they can swim yet.

Don’t rivers freeze?

This week’s questions…
Joe Girardi out as New York Yankees manager after 10 seasons

1) The New York Yankees have decided to move on from Joe Girardi as their manager. His contract expired at the end of this month and they announced they will not resign him to another contract.

(a) What is your opinion of this move by the Yankees to move on from Girardi?

(b) Do you think Girardi will manage again, and if so, where will he wind up?

In your opinion, who is more important to the game being played on the field… the GM or the field manager?

3) On Monday, an sportswriter wrote, “Sunday night at Minute Maid Park, the Astros came from behind three times — three times! — to beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in 10 innings in Game 5 of the World Series (Houston 13-Dodgers 12)) to take a 3-2 series lead. The title of his article was “Dodgers-Astros Game 5: What to know about maybe the best World Series game ever.”

In your opinion was it the greatest WS game ever or close to it? Why or why not?

Did Manfred get the suspension of Gurriel right or did he whiff on a chance to make a bigger statement about how MLB would treat anyone involved with any racially wrong or inappropriate behavior, especially on the field of play?

In your opinion is this a real and serious issue that MLB needs to deal with or just some sour grapes from pitchers who are being battered upon by some very good HR hitters?

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