2017 Season Predictions Results! AFC West

So lets take a look at how I did in predicting the NFL season. As always, I give myself 2 games +/- on the win/loss record, and I’ll copy over the jest of what I thought was going to happen. Sadly I didn’t hit all 32 teams in the same depth, so some of these are deeper than others.

Denver Broncos

What I Said: I have to think eventually Lynch does become the starter as he does have the better arm. First rounder Garrett Bolles is expected to take a tackle spot quickly.The secondary is one of the best in the NFL, as Chris Harris and Aqib Talib are #1 corners on almost any team. Brendan Langley was added in the third round to add depth. This unit can cover for almost any mistake.  9-7.

What happened:Lynch was the starter for the most part, so I got that one right. Bolles did start at left tackle, but did struggle at times. Denver’s secondary was 9th in the NFL so I got that one right.  But the Broncos ended up 5-11.


What I Said: I hate to say it, but it comes down to how Andy Reid calls the plays, and how well Alex Smith plays. The defense doesn’t have a major weak spot as a group, and the offense needs to have a guy that can take over the running back position and run the ball. Alex Smith cannot lead a playoff team in rushing TDs. Tyreek Hill should be an All-Pro by the time Mahomes takes over. 8-8

What happened:Well, yeah. Hill was an All-Pro when Mahomes got a start, but it was week 17, but Smith didn’t lead the team in rushing TDs. 10-6 was a really good record, but I didn’t see this defense coming in at 18th overall.


LA Chargers

What I Said: Bottom line, if you told me that the Chargers were going to lose 0 starters due to injury, they could complete with the Raiders for a bye during the playoffs, but with a 36 year old QB playing behind a suspect line . . .
I simply think age, issues with the old line, and the move is going to cause issues all season long, and I can’t see much of a homefield advantage for them. 7-9

What happened:Other than Hunter Henry, the Chargers didn’t have a major injury to deal with, and Rivers did play all 16 games, and went 9-7. I’ll take the win on the win/loss record, but a miss on the team. With this health, I thought they would be better. This is a record they should have if Rivers was hurt for 5 games. I was right the crowd would suck, but thats like predicting the Pats would compete in the AFC East.



What I Said: The Raiders have a video game offense, and should have no problems making Al Davis smile no matter where he is. The defense has problems, and I wonder how much can be laid at the feet of the coaches. Mack can start anywhere in the NFL, and Bruce Irvin is rock solid, but of the other 5, who starts in Denver or Baltimore? The MLB position will get me nasty emails from DJ, I’m sure. 10-6

What happened: The Raiders ended up 26th in defense, 23rd on offense stinking up the place and going 6-10, so yeah, MAJOR miss here for me. Marquel Lee was the MLB, and he got no fumbles and no picks. Played 13 games and 25 tackles with 0 sacks? Oakland was 13th in the NFL anyway though.


Overall 7-5 on the Team, 2-2 on picking the record, nailed 0.

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