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WWE New Years Resolutions, Bold Predictions for 2018, and the XFL2?

Hey there Wrestling fans and welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, and are getting ready to close out 2017 with a bang. It’s all business though here at the Roundtable as we have a lot to discuss. Is Vince McMahon prepared to leave the WWE? What will become of Carmella and the Money in the Bank? Also, what are our bold predictions for 2018? We also give our winners for the Baggie awards decided by you, the fans. All this and much more!

1. Braun Strowman

Strowman is ready for battle for the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble. His beatdown of the Miztourage is a perfect example of what’s in store for Lesnar and Kane.

2. AJ Styles

AJ suffered a pinfall loss to KO this past Tuesday. Is the Phenomenal one in trouble, or will he rebound from this minor set back?

3. Kevin Owens

A pinfall victory over the WWE Champion on Smackdown now makes Kevin Owens the top contender for the championship.

4. Roman Reigns

A massive beatdown of Samoa Joe gets Roman Reigns back into the thick of things. Can Roman continue to extract revenge for Dean Ambrose?

5. The Usos

The Smackdown tag team champs were out of action but they have Gable and Benjamin on deck for next week on Smackdown.

Here are our winners for the End of the Year Baggie Awards

Wrestler of the Year

AJ Styles

Female Superstar of the Year

Alexa Bliss

Tag Team of the Year

The Usos

Match of the Year

NXT Wargames

Rookie of the Year


Comeback of the Year

The Hardy Boys

Shocking Moment of the Year

Jinder Mahal wins the WWE Championship

Recently, Vince McMahon sold $100 million in WWE shares to help fund the XFL version 2. After the complete disaster of the XFL fifteen plus years ago. The question has to be: What the hell is Vince McMahon thinking? Is Vince on to something, or has he taken to many shots to the head, that he has finally lost it?

Steve: I think Vince McMahon has absolutely lost his damn mind. He cannot leave well enough alone. I will say this though, now is as good of a time as any for this to take form, as the NFL is starting to lose ground, viewers, and respect. The penalties are ridiculous and the protection for some players are unheard of. So people may actually tune in, assuming they actually get some players that can actually play Football. I feel as if this is going to be another epic fail for the XFL.

Frosh: I think he is doing something that could work this time around.  With the contention around players kneeling, Vince might be sensing blood in the water for the NFL.  Will he ever really compete?  No….but could he get enough market share to be self sustaining?  Possibly.

Chad: He’s probably with everything going on with the NFL that it may be time to try an alternative for Football but it would have to be managed correctly.

What are your bold predictions for 2018?

Steve: I am counting on the fact that we will probably see a main event for the ages at Wrestlemania this year. Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns, only im lying. We are going to see AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship. I would not be that surprised if we see Nakamura win the championship before Mania, and AJ regaining it for his well deserved Wrestlemania moment. I think we will see Braun Strowman finally get over the hump and win the Universal Championship. I will even go on record to say that he may in fact win it at the Royal Rumble, but Brock will not be the one to take the pin. I think that is why Kane is in the match to begin with. The Undertaker will in fact have one more match at Wrestlemania as he will face off against John Cena.Speaking of Cena, he will win his 17th record breaking World Championship this year as well. Finally, 205 LIVE will go under as they will realize that the show and the division is crap.

Frosh: I am going to assume you mean 2018…..really, Steve? (corrected)  Anyway, 2018 will have a group of new champions.  Look for Asuka to be woman’s champion.  Look for Roode and Nakamura to get turns at the WWE championship, and hopefully we see the end of the Part Time Champion saga…

Chad: For 2018, Nakamura Wins a Major Title, Brock loses to Roman at Mania, Ambrose returns from his injury as a heel. Daniel Bryan eventually leaves as Smackdown GM.

Carmella has held on to her Money in the Bank briefcase for several months now, and really has never seriously challenged to cash it in. When should Carmella cash in, and do you think the lack of booking the Money in the Bank briefcase for Carmella has been a failure?

Steve: Two things could happen here with Carmella. 1) She will wait until Wrestlemania and cash in like Rollins did after a great match between Charlotte and maybe Ronda Rousey? More likely to happen is that Carmella will cash in at the Elimination Chamber as the Smackdown women will compete for the championship in the first ever Elimination Chamber match in February. That is where I could see Carmella cash in.

Frosh: She should have cashed it in at Survivor Series…that would have been a perfect time, and you would have had time to get it back onto Charlotte for ‘Mania.  That being said.  Charlotte will carry until ‘Mania, so we won’t see her cash in until after that.  Perhaps on Rhonda Rousey?  As far as being a failure?  Not really….She has all the way until next MiTB to cash in, so there is no rush.

Chad: I think it has been a mistake to not at least tease it more to at least the thought there. My gut tells me we will also see a Women’s Chamber Match this year and that is when the cash-in will happen.

It is a known fact that the WWE took a step back in revenue this past year, if you are the WWE upper management. What is your New Year’s Resolution going into 2018?

Steve: Hmmm a New Years Resolution? I would make my Resolution to listen to the fans, give the fans what they want. It will never happen, but also eliminate so many pay per view events. This way, you can generate strong storylines that actually make some sense, and not just throw something together at the spur of the moment. Simply put, the New Years Resolution should be to make the product better.

Frosh: I would start booking stories that make sense in the moment.  I would have patience with some up and coming talent.  I wouldn’t make changes at the jump of a hat.  In short, I would change the entire way that WWE creative does things.

Chad: Not to sound like the 76ers but trust the process with regards to NXT and Developmental and get those talents ready to come in and once promoted to the main roster make sure they don’t fall of the face of the earth.

A United States Championship tournament has started on Smackdown after Dolph Ziggler left the title in the ring. In hind sight does it make any sense at all to have him go over and win the title at Clash of the Champions?

Steve: It really does not make much sense in the fact that you had Baron Corbin drop the title to Ziggler only to hold a tournament to crown a new champion a week later. The only thing I could think of is that Ziggler’s contract was about up, and it was.. they gave him the title in an attempt to get him to re-sign, and he decided to walk away as the champion. I don’t think we have seen the last of Dolph Ziggler, but it will be some time before we see him in the WWE again.

Frosh: It really does make you scratch your head…. (unless Ziggler got injured and we didn’t realize it.)  But a story that could come out of this, whoever wins the tournament will be challenged by Ziggler, saying he never gave up the belt, blah blah blah (Same story as Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon that led to the ladder match.)

Chad: I think it does because I almost see a HBK WM 10 scenario where we will have to figure out who is the “Real” US Champion after the tournament probably at Wrestlemania.

Thanks for tuning in and Thanks to Frosh for my Christmas gift. The single greatest professional wrestler of all time!!!!

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