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This week’s questions and discussion…

1) Earl Thomas grew up in Orange, Texas, and starred as a college player at the University of Texas.

Earl Thomas to Cowboys: ‘If You Have a Chance to Get Me, Come Get Me’

After Seattle’s 21-12 win at AT&T Stadium, the defensive back met with the Cowboys coach Jason Garrett on his way to the locker room and said, “If you have a chance to get me, come get me.”

When asked about his request to Garrett, Thomas said, “I’ve always been a Cowboys fan growing up. The biggest thing, I don’t literally mean ‘come get me now.’ I’m still in the prime of my career, I still want to be here. But when Seattle kicks me to the curb, please, the Cowboys, come get me. That’s the only place I’d rather be if I get kicked to the curb.”

The 28-year-old’s current four-year, $40 million deal with the Seahawks ends after next season.

What is your opinion on Earl Thomas comments…

And do you really believe he wouldn’t seriously think about leaving the Seahawks a lot sooner than later of his “when Seattle kicks me to the curb” comment?

Pete Carroll Calls Earl Thomas’ ‘Come Get Me’ Remark to Cowboys ‘Unfortunate’

Chad: With the Rams as good as they are right now and the 49ers improving it does look like Seattle is on the downside of their run, so Thomas leaving soon probably isn’t such a crazy thought, and I think the Seahawks could start rebuilding.

David: Just a dumb statement all around. I get the feeling he is just unhappy in Seattle and wants to get off the sinking ship, and is hoping the Cowboys are dumb enough to give up enough to get him out of town due to his local ties. 10M a year for his talents is almost nothing, but unless they part with some picks, he’s not leaving Seattle anytime sooner than 2018.

Joe: Really stupid. But Thomas is not known as one to check his brain before he opens his mouth.

Just another case where a person should really learn to think before he engages his mouth to speak. Sure he can say what he wants, but really? He’s asking another team “to come get me”? When you have a contact with another team. Sure gonna be real popular  in the locker room with some of his teammates, I’m sure… not to mention the coaching staff.

2) On Sunday, the Cleveland Browns lost again and with that loss have clinched the first pick in the next NFL draft. Already there are rumblings that at least one college QB is thinking about not opting out of his college career… (see and Will Brinson’s 12/24 column where he reports that Josh Rosen is thinking exactly that scenario) …  and staying with his school instead of possibly being picked by the Browns.

What are the chances at least one, or more, of the  top college QBS would not opt out of playing for their school’s teams due to Cleveland having the first pick?

Chad: He make think like that, but it would be tough for him, or any player, to turn down top pick money just to avoid Cleveland.

David: I don’t read much into the posturing. Its happened, what, TWICE in my 40+ lifetime? Rosen is not exactly in the same class as Elway or as highly regarded as Eli. I do love players that get picked high – most teams get the top pick by sucking – and then wonder why they lose so much – yet RESIGN with the team. *coughLuckcough*.

The question is, can Kiser be a good QB?

Joe: Let’s see first it was Elway… then it was Eli… now, we gonna have another QB try and have a snit fit because he might get drafted by a team he doesn’t want to be singed by?

Didn’t like it when Elway or Eli did it and I hope Rosen rethinks this scenario fully out before he commits himself to it.

His only other option is to stay in school and play another year and hope Cleveland  doesn’t suck again. And, from what I hear  UCLA’s new coach Chip Kelly doesn’t exactly play a system that will utilize his skill set to his best advantage.

Poor baby. sign withe Browns, if they draft you, and count your millions and suck it up.

3) Right now, the New York Giants have the number two pick in the draft. The Indianapolis Colts are number three. In the final week, New York plays Washington and Indianapolis plays Houston.

When the dust settles after week 17, who is sitting in the number two seat in the 2018 NFL draft… the Giants or the Colts? Why?

No. 2 pick at stake for Giants in Week 17 of lost season.

Chad: The Giants because I expect both teams to lose to their opponents in Week 17.

David: The Giants might be the better team, but they are playing the better team. The Colts might be a great spot for Rosen to fall if he bypasses the Browns, and pick up a kings ransom in the process. I look to the Giants to get the number 2 pick, and that’s why Rosen is crying.

Joe: I believe Giants get beat by Washington; Colts probably beat Texans.

When the dust settles…  Giants picking number two in the draft.

4) Usually when an owner says he fully supports, or is at least happy with, a coach, it is generally seen as the kiss of death and ultimately that coach is fired or replaced.

Should Jason Garrett feel worried?

Jerry Jones recently gave Cowboys coach Jason Garrett his approval when he said, “I feel good about our head coach.”

Garret signed a five-year deal after guiding the Cowboys to a 12-4 record in 2014.

What are the chances Garrett gets fired this year? What are the chances he finishes that deal?

Chad: With the Elliott Distraction I feel Garrett is safe

David: Coach Clapper should have been fired already. Jones will stick with him.

Joe: In my humble opinion, Jason Garrett is the coach of the Cowboys because he does what Jones tells him to do for the most part.

He will not be fired before his contract expires, unless the Cowboys have a season like the Giants are having this year.

5) In his last five games Tom Brady has thrown six INTs. Is he throwing this year’s MVP award away? Why or why not?

Chad: I don’t know if he’s throwing it away, or Todd Gurley is catching it and could easily run away with it with his performance the last month.

David: Gurley takes the award.

MVP voters, by and large like to spread the love – reason why LeBron doesn’t have 10 MVPs and Brady doesn’t have a half dozen already.

Joe: Two weeks ago I thought Antonio Brown could sneak in there and steal the MVP away from Brady. Now, everyone has Todd Gurley on their lips. One problem… Gurley is scheduled to sit out the week 17 game.

So… in my opinion… the MVP is all Tom Brady’s UNLESS he completely has a for crap day on Sunday and the Jets win by sacking his butt multiple times and forcing fumbles and INTs.

Frankly, I don’t see  that happening. Brady has a field day. Wins his third regular season MVP.



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