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A thought…

Just a random thought running round my heart and brain…

Should any politicians who would seriously benefit from the tax bill… like Ted Cruz or John Cornyn of Texas who own multimillion dollar stakes or master limited partnerships in fossil based fuel companies which will get a massive tax break  due to the bill… be required to recuse themselves because of a conflict of interest?

Seriously. Shouldn’t  they?

Be required to abstain from voting on the bill due to a conflict of interest?

In fact, almost every damn one of the Scrooges, or Mr. Potters, who voted for this fucked up tax bill has a damn conflict of interest, so shouldn’t almost every damn one of them be required to recuse themselves from any vote that would enhance their bank accounts? Some very significantly.

Earn more than $700,000 under Trump’s “pass-through” business plan? Congrats. Everyone else? Sorry.

Like say any congresspeep who has an interest in a business that is considered in financial circles as a “pass-through” company.

Never heard of this? Me either… until recently.

Economics and all its dirty intricacies ain’t exactly my biggest forte. I know the basics, but not any of the real nitty gritty finaglings of how high finance works in this cold, cruel, capitalist world we live.

A  “pass-through” company is one that “passes” profits directly from the business onto its owner, as opposed to going through shareholders or into a corporation. A lot of business are incorporated in this manner. And, the elephants specifically included new tax-breaks for “pass-through” owners at almost literally the last minute and they claim the tax breaks will mostly help the middle-class.

Which, as in most political bullshit circumstances, rarely is the truth and nothing but the truth.

Understand this first…

After both the House and Senate had voted on the tax bill the new provision regarding pass through businesses wasn’t included in either version of the bill that was passed. Instead, it was added during the reconciliation process. Under the new provision pass-through owners will be able to deduct 20 percent of their profits from their taxes so long as the company pulls in less than $315,000 annually. If, profits clear that threshold, owners can still deduct money, but the rules become far more complicated.

But… because the new language wasn’t in the bills passed by the House and Senate, the donkeys cannot offer a floor amendment to eliminate the provision, which financial experts say would reduce the amount of money that Trumpty Dumpty, Bob Corker and other wealthy lawmakers, or their immediate relatives like wives, owe to the IRS on their real-estate-related pass-through income.

Federal filings show that in 2016, Trumpty disclosed that he earned between $41 million and $68 million of rental income from 25 pass-through LLCs and LPs … most of which are invested in real estate. It is estimated that those properties are approximately worth between $525 million and $700 million per the federal paperwork filed.

FYI… Trumpty’s senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner also lists dozens of income-generating real estate pass-through entities on his financial disclosures. Just saying…

Way back on January 26th,  Trumpty said he would put his assets in a trust for the duration of his presidency. He, shortly after that announcement, released a summary of the trust. But, the full trust agreement has never been made public, and a ProPublica.org report in April reported that Alan Garten, one of Trumpty’s lawyers, confirmed that Trumpty could extract the dough re moolah from these businesses whenever he damn well pleases. Garten also said, Trumpty could (had?) withdraw money from the businesses since he was inaugurated on January 20th.  Although that “fact” was never included in the January 26th  summarization of his trust accounts. It was included in a February version… or is that a revision? … of the trust documentation.

Asked about the change, Garten said the Trump Organization prepares different versions of the summaries to “highlight different things for different people.”


So much for Trumpty and transparency in his financial dealings, or for that matter any objectivity and honesty, as the feckless leader of the damn so-called free world.

Senator Bob Corker… ya know the junior elephant senator from Tennessee… released a 2016 financial disclosure form that says he earned between $1.2 million and $7 million of annual rental income from real-estate related LLCs that year. Those properties are worth between $16 million and $35 million.

Senator Bob Corker

The value of Trumpty’s and Corker’s real-estate partnerships and rental income for 2017 has not been disclosed. But, let’s assume that it either went up, or if it declined, then it wasn’t exactly in bankruptcy or anything at all near a real financial hardship status. In fact, I doubt they had a loss at all.

As of 2015, Corker was the fourth-richest member of the Senate with a net worth of nearly $70 million. When some “fake news” source asked about the possibility of Corker possibly receiving a notable savings on his tax responsibility, Corker’s office said, “Senator Corker is not a member of the tax-writing committee and made no requests for specific provisions throughout this debate.” Corker’s communications director, Micah Johnson, has also told various outlets that the senator was unaware of the new real estate tax breaks.

STOP RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You believe that and I have bridges in Brooklyn, San Francisco and various other cities throughout the United States for sale that you can purchase dirt cheap. Imagine the revenue those brisges could generate for you in tolls alone.

Johnson also said, “His sole focus has been on making the bill more fiscally sound. At the end of the day, he supported the legislation because he believes our country will be better off with it than without it.”

As will his bank account.

When the Huffington Post asked Corker if the bill’s impact on his own finances had crossed his mind earlier in the week, he replied “Have I thought about it? Uh, no.”


Trump and Corker are not the only lawmakers who could get a new tax break on the type of income targeted by the new provision. There are various sources that say at least thirteen elephant lawmakers directly overseeing the tax bill … including U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan … who make up to $16 million a year from the kind of real-estate related pass-through entities that could benefit from the tax bill.

And just for the hell of it and to answer the unspoken question…

Mitch McConnell is worth $22.5 million an Paul Ryan is worth about $7 million…

Anyone who still believes the elephant fairy tale about his tax bill that Trumpty Dumpty quickly signed into law just before Christmas… last Friday… just before he slipped off to his exclusive Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach where he told rich bitch cronies at a dinner that night, “You all just got a lot richer.”

Put that in your damn pipe and puff hard on it for a while.

When you exhale and the smoke clears; tell how good this tax bill is for the middle class is…

… and try to do it with a straight face, OK?

Just so ya’ll know…

According to 24/7 Wall Street (247wallst.com) these are the twenty-five richest people in congress…


Before we look at the twenty-five just a little FYI…  Eighteen of the 25 are members of the House of Representatives and the rest are senators, and the wealthiest members of congress are fairly evenly split between the two major political parties. Thirteen are elephants, twelve are donkeys and the wealthiest person on this list is a donkey.

Tell me now, how the donkeys are the party of the working class. They throw morsels out here and there but pleeease… they don’t give a fuck about you until its election time again, baby. In between… like I said… they throw you a biscuit every now and then… more money for some inner-city food pantry… a little extra help for some lower income folks to help pay for their winter fuel costs or for their Medicare Part B or prescriptions…

Not that I… or most Americans… won’t take some of those morsels because some are bigger than others and every damn little bit helps to get the daily bread on the table… or reaffirm what should have been a given from the get go… like Civil Rights…

And, just so ya’ll know my home state… Connecticut… just slashed the shit out of funding that program that helps some of us lower income folks pay for Medicare and prescriptions and many lower income people are going to be kicked off that very needed program because of how they will reassess income and who is deserving or not deserving of this “extra help.”  The lawmakers … 79 donkeys to 72 elephants… did it so they could pass their damn budget. Connecticut is one of the highest taxed states in the country already. Number six at 10.23% for 2017. What the fuck do they do with all these taxes?

But I digress…

The twenty-five richest politicians in congress..

#1… U.S. Rep. Jared Polis… Estimated wealth: $476,151,998; Donkey representative from Colorado since 2009; Sector with highest investments is in finance, insurance & real estate: $108,266,000.

Darrell Issa

#2… U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa … Estimated wealth: $462,100,002; Elephant representative from California since 2001; Sector with highest investments is in finance, insurance & real estate: $106,500,000.

#3… U.S. Sen. Mark Warner… Estimated wealth: $386,632,000; Donkey senator from Virginia since 2009; Sector with highest investments is in finance, insurance & real estate: $50,000.

#4… U.S. Rep. John K. Delaney… Estimated wealth: $369,203,002; Donkey representative from Maryland since 2013; Sector with highest investments is in finance, insurance & real estate: $136,215,000.

#5… U.S. Rep. Dave Trott… Estimated wealth: $279,271,994; Elephant from Michigan since 2015; Sector with highest investments is in finance, insurance & real estate: $48,010,000.

#6… U.S. Rep. Vernon Buchanan… Estimated wealth: $204,242,989; Elephant representative from Florida since 2007; Sector with highest investments is in transportation; $101,000,001.

#7…. U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi… Estimated wealth: $191,930,988: Donkey representative from California since 1987; Sector with highest investments is in finance, insurance & real estate: $102,967,000.

Nancy Pelosi

#8… U.S. Rep. Diane Black… Estimated wealth: $125,680,005; elephant representative from Tennessee since 2011; Sector with highest investments is investments in finance, insurance & real estate: $5,100,000.

#9… U.S. Rep. Scott Peters… Estimated wealth: $118,322,000; Donkey representative from California since 2013; Sector with highest investments is in finance, insurance & real estate: $53,250,001.

#10… U.S. Sen. Bob Corker… Estimated wealth: $117,787,999; elephant senator from Tennessee since 2007; Sector with highest investments is in finance, insurance & real estate: $11,015,000.

#11… U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein… Estimated wealth: $110,424,025; Donkey senator from California since 1992; Sector with highest investments is in miscellaneous business: $28,347,001.

#12… U.S. Rep. Chris Collins… Estimated wealth: $108,645,000; Elephant representatives from New York since 2013; Sector with highest investments is in health: $31,000,000.

#13… U.S. Rep. Thomas MacArthur… Estimated wealth: $106,740,997; Elephant representative from New Jersey since 2015; Sector with highest investment is in insurance & real estate: $31,526,000.

#14… U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal… Estimated wealth: $98,106,040; Donkey senator from Connecticut since 2011; Sector with highest investment is in finance, insurance & real estate: $5,060,000

#15… U.S. Rep. Suzan DelBene… Estimated wealth: $97,305,000; Donkey representative from Washington since 2012; Sector with highest investment is in finance, insurance & real estate: $33,250,000

James Risch

#16… U.S. Sen. James E. Risch… Estimated wealth: $89,159,000; Elephant senator from Idaho; Sector with highest investment is in finance, insurance & real estate: $83,780,000

#17… U.S. Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen… Estimated wealth: $83,737,000; Elephant representative from New Jersey since 1995; Sector with highest investment is in miscellaneous business:  $34,815,000.

#18… U.S. Rep. Don Beyer… Estimated wealth: $79,872,996; Donkey representative from Virginia since 2015; Sector with highest investment is in finance, insurance & real estate: $32,495,000.

# 19… U.S. Sen. John Hoeven… Estimated wealth: $73,886,000; Elephant senator from North Dakota since 2011; Sector with highest investment is in finance, insurance & real estate: $31,851,000.

#20… U.S. Rep. Roger Williams… Estimated wealth: $71,496,993; Elephant representative from Texas since 2013; Sector with highest investment is in finance, insurance & real estate: $61,781,000.

#21… U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill… Estimated wealth: $71,253,033; Donkey senator from Missouri since 2006; Legislative title: Democratic Sen. from MO since 2006; Sector with highest investment is in finance, insurance & real estate: $31,069,014.

#22… U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy III… Estimated wealth: $66,495,000; Donkey representative from Massachusetts since 2013; Sector with highest investment is in communications/electronics: $3,690,000

#23… U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson… Estimated wealth: $59,965,000; Elephant senator from Wisconsin since 2011; Sector with highest investment is in finance, insurance & real estate: $50,350,000

# 24… U.S. Rep. Trent Franks… Estimated wealth: $55,250,000; Elephant representative from Arizona since 2003; Sector with highest investment is in energy & natural resources: $55,000,000

#25… U.S. Rep. Nita Lowey… Estimated wealth: $54,065,000; Donkey representative from New York since 1988; Sector with highest investment is in finance, insurance & real estate: $27,000,000.

All told, thirteen lawmakers have net worths greater than $100 million. And all of these lawmakers on this top twenty-five list have done very well for themselves since being elected and should do very well for themselves after the new tax bill goes into effect… while many Americans lost jobs… or saw their income from their jobs stagnant… or saw their savings… their home’s value… go to shit in a handbasket.

Many of them have seen profits come from their investments in companies that got federal bailouts… Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America.

Many have shares in companies like General Electric, Wells Fargo (don’t even get me started on that for shit company… they should be banned for all eternity from ever dealing with the public and their chief officers should burn in hell), Microsoft, Apple, Proctor and Gamble, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase…

One other issue… notice that nineteen of these congresspeeps have their highest investments in finance, insurance and real estate? Sectors that will benefit the most from the new tax bill recently passed by Congress and signed by Trumpty Dumpty.

One more time… whose interests do you think they have when they create a new tax bill? I mean really?

The answer is blowin’ in the wind…

When AA… Alcoholics Anonymous… first began what now seems like eons ago, there was a saying that went around the rooms whenever many newcomers came to the meetings that kinda, sorta went like this … “You haven’t been hurt enough.”

Followed quickly with some version of this… “You ain’t reached your bottom, yet. You need to go out and get hurt some more.”

Today you probably won’t hear many… if any… people say that in any AA… or NA… or whatever A meeting.  And, that’s sad. Because today a lot of people who come to those meetings don’t need their hand held as much as they need some hard, cold truth. Some confrontation with the truth about their addiction and themselves. With being gob smacked straight in the face with who they are and what their addiction is. Because truthfully there are a lot of what are called dry drunks… or dry addicts… roaming around in these meetings as well as in the world… still doing a lot of the bullshit they did when they were rip roaring and consuming alcoholics or drug users or whatever else addiction they might have had… just waiting for a possible crashing resumption of a real full-blown addiction around the corner.

But that not what I am here to talk about today…

What I really want to talk about is this…

Like an old alcoholic looking for some answers… or relief… about his alcoholism who came into some of those old-timer meetings lo those many years past… todays America obviously has not been hurt enough yet. They need to, unfortunately, go back out and get hurt some more. After all look who got elected in the 2016 election… a shitload of elephants headed by the biggest shitload elephant of them all… Donald J. Trump or better known here at WTF as Trumpty Dumpty.

Understand that the one percent has done their job well. Real damn well. In fact, since civilization began… hell, since man began as a thinking animal… the one percent has always been running their game… their royal scam… all over us commoners. Us underdogs… us have nots…

And, after all these years have passed and where have we gotten to? This reality? This life… sorry this is not life that people who think and live and breathe should have to endure. Yet here we all the fuck are.

So yeah, I reckon we all need to go out and get hurt some more because we obviously have yet to hit the bottom that will be the lynchpin that sets us all off to throwing away the bullshit that the one percent stuff down our throats as the way things are and the ways things have to be.

One last word… in 2018 there are 435 seats in the House up for election… every seat is up for grabs. There are another 33 seats in the Senate up for election. Stop being taken in by the 1 per cent of the 1 percent…

Vote as if your life depended on it… because it does.

Am I surprised?

Recently an article in various prominent newspapers said a while back…  June… Trumpty Dumpty… aka President Trump… entered into an Oval office meeting regarding immigration in a rather pissed off mood and “exploded with vitriolic and racist comments…  saying all Haitians have AIDS and mocking Nigerians.”

According to sources who spoke to The New York Times Trump said “… he looked like a fool as the number climbed and he failed to make good on his promise to curtail the number of foreigners coming to America.”

He reportedly read from a list of immigration statistics and as he did so he  complained to his staff  that 15,000 immigrants arrived from Haiti and they “all have AIDS.”

Then he bitched that 40,000 people had come from Nigeria, and that they would never “go back to their huts” in Africa.

The White House has not denied the incident took place or that Trumpty was in a heated tizzy with his panties in a wad either but they did say never used any references to ”AIDS” or “huts.”

Frank Sharry, the executive director of America’s Voice, a pro-immigration group, told the Times that “(Trump is) basically saying, ‘You people of color coming to America seeking the American dream are a threat to the white people.’”

Trumpty Dumpty treats America as if it were his plantation and we are just being allowed to exist here through the beneficent of his good graces. And, in his demented asinine way he also wants the rest of the world to be treated as if it too were part of his imagined plantation. But, when the plantation owner can’t get his way he turns into his own version of Simon but instead of a whip and the use of savage and sadistic physical punishments, Trumpty uses his fucking sad, racist, misogynistic, chauvinist words to try and bully everyone to capitulate to his wishes, his wants and his desires.

And this nothing new for Trumpty. The fuck has been this way for forever.

Since, the days when his father tried to block blacks renting housing from his buildings in New York.

Since the time Trumpty paid for a notice in New York newspapers to throw the book at the “animals” who raped and nearly beat to death a woman jogger in Central Park…  aka the Central Park Five. Who after being jailed for that crime were then many years later, when they were grown men and still in prison, found totally innocent of the crime…of any crimes at all in fact, and were completely and totally exonerated… Yet never once did Trumpty ever say he was wrong or even simply just say “Sorry.”

Since relatively recently, when he reminded us all how utterly sexist he is when he infamously let the world know that he thinks it is simply OK if he walks up to any female he chooses and grabs them by their pussy.

The jackass believes the world to be his servant and is here to please him and him alone.

I am not surprised at all… not in the least… that he “allegedly” said the word that he did in that June meeting in the Oval Office about immigrants.

Nope, not even a small surprise.

It is what I would expect from this inhuman piece of racist drek.

Another thousand words…


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