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Welcome to the final edition of NBA Roundtable of 2017. I hope everyone had a great christmas and wish everyone a happy new year. This week we will discuss Joel Embiid playing in a triple overtime game, Memphis Grizzlies downfall since the Fizdale firing that, and so much more on this final edition of NBA RoundTable.

Here are the questions:

On December 15th Joel embiid played in a triple overtime game against the Thunder where he played in all 15 minutes of the overtime. He hasn’t played a game since, sitting out with a sore back. With embiid not cleared to play back to backs yet, Was this a mistake by the 76ers given how cautious they were with him previously?

Todd: I think it was a huge mistake just because he missed the next 3 games I believe. I realize it is not every night that they are going to go into triple overtime but if he can’t play that many minutes and be ready to play the next game in my opinion he will never be a top star in this league. I mean they have not even cleared him to play back to back games and he was clearly hurting toward the end of this game. Philadelphhia is like 1-6 without him on the floor. They need him to play so it was a mistake in my opinion.

Steve: A mistake? No, I don’t think so, I mean they want to protect their high dollar investment. He came back to play on Christmas Day against the Knicks and started a bit rusty, but then started to come into his own in the second quarter. I think it was a smart move for Philadelphia to get him his rest, and heal accordingly and not risk future or permanent damage to a guy like Embiid who is one of the most talented players in the league.

Chad: It may have been been a mistake; he did end up playing Xmas Day and contributing nicely so I think they did over exert him in that instance but for the most part they have  done a good job in that aspect

The Memphis Grizzlies are 2-11 since the firing of David Fizdale. The two teams they beat were Minnesota and Atlanta. When Fizdale was coach they beat the Rockets and the Warriors, the top two teams in the NBA. Did Memphis make a mistake by firing Fizdale?

Todd: I said this from the start. I think the sole reason Fizdale was fired was because his fractured relationship with Marc Gasol. Since his firing they went from like the 10th or 11th seed in the West to one of the worst records in the NBA. I don’t know if the Grizzlies regret it but they should because at least they were beating someone, now they are not beating no one. Granted they still do not have Conley but they didn’t have Conley before the Fizdale firing.

Steve: I thought it was a mistake the day it happened. Too often the coach gets blamed for the teams failures, when the majority of the time is is the players who are not playing well, or not playing well with others that causes a rift with the team. I don’t htink Fizdale was the problem in Memphis, he was just the fall guy. The Grizzlies started off hot with wins over Houston and Golden State, and played well to start, but then Gasol got his panties in a bunch, and that is what started this downward spiral, the Grizzlies are not a good team right now, and I don’t think anyone could right the ship of the sinking Memphis Grizzlies.

Chad: I think they did , I think they were trigger happy and there was no rationale  behind it and I do believe the Grizzlies are regretting it.

LaVar Ball announced last week that he is going to create his own basketball league of 10 teams. This league is supposed to be for high school players who do not want to go to college. The players will be paid 3,000-10,000 dollars. Is this a good idea?

Todd: Well first of all, I thought this is the way the G-League was supposed to work. At least that was my understandin the G-League was also supposed to be for kids who chose not to go to college but were not quite good enough to go straight to the NBA. So if I am right, Why would anyone join this league that Ball is tryingto create? I don’t see this league succeeding just because of that fact.

Steve: Fuck Lavar Ball and the horse he rode in on. No this is a stupid idea, a stupid concept, from a stupid idiotic piece of shit known as Lavar Ball.

Chad: In theory it sounds intriguing but it has Lavar Ball attached to it is probably doomed to fail as I just do not see him being a successful owner of the league.

The Cavs say that Isaiah Thomas might return any where from this week to next month. How do you think he will fit in?

Todd: Everyone thinks he is gonna come back the same Isaiah Thomas he was last year before he got hurt. What if he doesn’t? Then the Cavs are in trouble. I am not sure how he will fit in. I guess it all depends on how he comes back and if he can come back the same player he was last year. Whatever happens, we will finally see who won the trade between Boston and Cleveland.

Steve: He can only make the Cavaliers better with his fast paced offense. He is going to be a guy that is going to give the current starters some rest. That being said, the Cavs are playing their best basketball of the season, and honestly I have Thomas coming off the bench for right now to get him back in the flow of things and not disrupt the team chemistry as they are playing so well together right now. If you put him in the starting lineup right off the bat, I would be afraid that he would not know his place on the team, and this could disrupt the core of the Cavs success.

Chad: Right now he has the starting PG of this team that can go get 15-20 PPG to help propel this team as far as they can go in the playoffs.

The Los Angeles Lakers retired both of Kobe Bryant’s Jerseys on December 18 number 8 and 24. Was this the right decision? Which jersey do you think he was better in? and can one argue he had two sepreate Hall of Fame careers?

Number 8                                    Number 24

Seasons: 10                                     10

Games: 707                                       639

Points: 16,866                                  16,777

Titles: 3                                              2

Finals MVP: 0                                   2

Points/game: 23.9                           26.3

Field Goal %: 45%                            44%

3 Point %: 34%                                  33%

Rebounds/game: 5.1                        5.3

Assists/Game: 4.5                             4.9

Todd: Well they should have retired number 24 and if he would not have had 3 season ending injuries in the back end of his career it wouldn’t even have been close. He would have played in just as many games if not more, he would have scored more points for sure and he might have caught Karl Malone for second on the all-time scoring list.

Steve: I have never been much of a proponent to seeing two jerseys of the same player being retired, especially with historic franchise like the Lakers. I think this opens the door for other superstar players to maybe take notice and want the same thing. Im not saying that will happen, but now a precedent has been set, and it may send the wrong message. That being said, I think his number 24 should be the one retired. As you can see it was pretty much dead even, except for Finals MVP awards wearing number 24, but that alone would not retire a jersey. 24 should be retired because that is the jersey that he retired in, plain and simple, to the point. If you were going to retire #8, you should have done it while he was still playing.

Chad: I think it was the right decision because of the almost identical stats in each jersey. Personally I think I will remember the man and not necessarily the jersey.

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