Pounding 7’s

Hello there Wrestling fans and Merry Christmas to you all. I hope Santa brought you everything you asked for this Christmas. This week I will countdown the top seven wrestling grinches, or the top seven heels in the business today. My original list had a few that Frosh said were not complete heels like Enzo Amore or Cody Rhodes, and because he is the true heel of this website, I will take his word for it.  Who will make the naughty list? Find out right now.

7. Alexis Bliss

While little miss Bliss has shown signs that she is becoming more and more popular with the fans, especially with her run on Total Divas where she is a complete sweetheart. Bliss comes into the ring and she can appear to be Little Miss Bitch at times. So it is not hard to put her on the naughty list. Besides, anytime I can share a picture of Alexa Bliss is a good day.

6. Samoa Joe

If anyone deserves to be on this list, it is Samoa Joe. Joe comes around and just beats the ever living hell out of anyone who stands in his way whether they deserve it or not. He always goes around with an evil scowl on his face, and can back it up in the ring.

5. Bray Wyatt

This is a tough one because I really like Bray Wyatt. However, you cannot deny the pure evil that Wyatt possesses. While his character is borderline demonic, Wyatt portrays it very well.

4. Stephanie McMahon and HHH

The Authority if you would say, Triple H proved at Survivor Series what kind of heel he can be, and can destroy other peoples dreams. Stephanie on the other hand can show signs of kindness as she is revolutionized the womens division. I still think deep down she is a cold hearted bitch, and will find a way to screw them.

3. Kevin Owens

Grinch? Nah, I would call Kevin Owens a bonafied ass hole. He has no care in the world for wrestling fans (kayfabe) or any other superstar in the locker room. Again there is proof in the pudding as he, along side Sami Zayn screwed over their own show at Survivor Series, and Owens even attacked the boss Vince McMahon. I think Owens would beat his own mothers ass if provoked.

2. Jinder Mahal

The modern day Maharaja has to be on this list as during his WWE title run, he along side the Singh brothers kept the title with shenanigans, and rarely had a win where he was on his own. His attitude towards others, puts Jinder Mahal on the naughty list.

1. The Miz

Again, this was a Frosh move as I originally had the Miz at number three. He convinced me, well he actually threatened me, but never the less, he is right, the Miz has been the top heel in the business with his amazing promos. His program with John Cena where he and Maryse made fun of Cena and Nikki Bella, was one for the ages. He also put over some stars like Cesaro, Sheamus, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel. He was such a heel that he even had Braun Strowman thrown in a dumpster. A mistake that nearly cost him his life. There is no better Scrooge than Mike the Miz Mizanin. Still, you gotta love him.

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