Broadcasting icon Dick Enberg has died

I’m not a huge poster on here anymore but sometimes things happen that strike a chord inside you and motivate you to be inspired to post.

This is one of those times.

Dick Enberg died on Thursday at home from a heart attack. His bags were packed and he was getting ready to go to Boston for Christmas.

He was 82.

When I heard he passed it hit me hard. My mom passed this year. No, he wasn’t part of my fam, but being the major sports head I am (most reading this are the same way), he made you think you were part of his fam.

Vin and Chick are my fave announcers because of where I grew up but Enberg was an icon in his own right and more versatile than either of those other announcers. He did NBA, NFL, MLB, tennis, the Olympics, and when approached to do it by NBC’s Dick Ebersol….golf. Despite not knowing much about the sport. He did what a pro does, became educated about the sport so he could announce it with knowledge and intelligence.

In this day and age of ESPN and “broadcasting” where people yell and talk over people, Enberg was a classy, humble, and gracious person.

To quote another deceased broadcasting personality, Enberg was as cool as the other side of the pillow.

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