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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. This week we will discuss the Emergences of Victor Oladipo, LaVar Ball, and so much more on this edition of NBA RoundTable.

Lets get started:

Victor Oladipo was originally drafted 2nd overall in the 2013 draft by the Orlando Magic where he had 3 very good years. In 2016 he was traded to OKC where he had a lackluster year in the shadow of Westbrook. This past off-season he was traded to the Pacers that sent Paul George to the Thunder. Now he is playing out of his mind, where he is averaging 24.3 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 4.1 assists per game. Was this the best thing that could have happen to him?

Todd: He is definitley playing at an all star caliber level. It gives him a chance to be a leader of a team instead a follower.

Steve: Well it gives him a chance to become a leader on a playoff contending team, so I would say yeah it was the best thing that has happened to him. Orlando missed out in a way, because many think they were just a couple of players away from competing in the East for at the very least, a playoff spot. Oladipo could have been that guy, but we will never know. Now he is showing that he can lead an Indiana team, who many thought did not have a snowballs chance in hell to make the playoffs, and they are right in the thick of things.

Chad: A fresh start and being “the man” in a city in the same state where he played college ball. Yep, I think this was the perfect move for Oladipo.

LaVar Ball is in the news again. Recently the Lakers front office Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka had a meeting with LaVar to ask him to tone it down about hhis criticism against the Lakers coaches and players. Do you think the Lakers regret drafting Lonzo Ball strictly because of who his dad is?

Todd: I regret them drafting Ball because of his dad. I blame his dad for some of the losses. He is nothing but a distraction. Do the Lakers regret it. Probably not. Ball has talent don’t get me wrong but not the talent to be the number 2 pick.

Steve: Do they regret drafting Ball? I don’t think so, despite my personal feelings towards Lavar Ball, I won’t take anything away from his son, Lonzo. He has the ability to be a great player. I think he is trying too hard to meet the expectations from his father, and I think that the Lakers may have very well gotten to Lonzo saying to listen to the franchise, not his father. I don’t know, he is just a crazy fuck, and no one can stand him.

Chad: They should 6 months into regretting he is nothing but a distraction from the Lakers trying to improve as a franchise.

The Houston Rockets are playing great basketball and currently have the best record in the NBA at 23-4. Do you think they can Break Golden States record of a few years ago and win 74 games?

Todd: I will not say it is out of the question as the NBA season has not turned out like many have expected but it is highly unlikely they can reach the 74 mark.

Steve: No, they are not coming near that record. They may get to the high sixties, but 74 is out of the question, that means they can only lose four more games all year long, and I don’t think with the level of competition in the NBA right now, that is possible. They have a legitimate shot at the number one seed, and will compete for a championship, but not 74 wins.

Chad: While the Rockets are good right now I don’t see them going 50-5 or better to tie or break the Golden State win record.

Russell westbrook currently sits 4th with 88 triple doubles for his career. There is a chance by the end of the year that he can tie or move past Jason kidd who has 107. Do you think Westbrook will break Oscar Robertson record of 181 by end of his career? (Magic Johnson is 2nd with 138)

Todd: I think he is gonna shatter Oscar Robertson Record. He has 10 already and we are only a third a way through the season. He will probably catch Kidd this year, Johnson Next year and Robertson in the next 2 or 3 years.

Steve: I think we may see both happen. He is young enough where he has so many years ahead of him that breaking Robinson’s record is almost a sure bet. He needs 19 more this year to pass Kidd? Yeah, if Im a betting man, that is going to happen too.

Chad: Just turned 29 so I definitely think he can pass Magic at 138 which would 5 or so for 10 years if he plays that long. Oscar would be about 10 a year for 10 years so I  don’t think he gets there he would need a couple of years like last year where he had 42.

The Chicago Bulls are the first team in NBA history to win 5 games in a row immediately after coming off a double digit losing streak. They currently sit 14th in the East at 8-20 7 games back from the 8th spot in the playoffs. Do you think they can still make a playoff run?

Todd: Why not? Last year Miami started at 11-30 and then went 30-11 to finish at .500 and just missed the playoffs. The Bulls have now won 6 in a row.

Steve: Shit at this point, they may be competing for an NBA Championship. Before this winning streak, they looked like fish out of water, now they are playing like they want to compete for a playoff run. You never know what could happen. However, they need a lot to happen for that to happen. Again, if Im a betting man? No, they are not going to the playoffs, but it would not really stun me if they did.

Chad: If they are wanting to rebuild they shouldn’t I think they will end up trading either Mirotic or Portis at the deadline to really tear the thing down.

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