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Lies, lies… we can’t believe a word he says…

Trumpty Dumpty recently tweeted out and implied that Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) was among other things a light weight do-nothing politician and a whore, when he said this in his tweet… “Lightweight Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a total flunky for Chuck Schumer and someone who would come to my office “begging” for campaign contributions not so long ago (and would do anything for them), is now in the ring fighting against Trump. Very disloyal to Bill & Crooked-USED!”

I do not care how anyone tries to color this, shade it, rearrange it, misappropriate it, analyses it, diagrams it, or even dissects or dices and slices and chops it up… all I’m saying is Trumpty Dumpty is a sexist, slandering, slob of a pig who is not fit to have his fat ass in the White House as the prez… even to wash and wax the floors with his tongue.

A recent USA Today’s Editorial ends… “A president who would all but call Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand a whore is not fit to clean the toilets in the Barack Obama Presidential Library or to shine the shoes of George W. Bush.

Or USA Today wrote in a scathing editorial.. A president who would all but call Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand a whore is not fit to clean the toilets in the Barack Obama Presidential Library or to shine the shoes of George W. Bush.

Damn… did anyone ever think we would yearn for the days when Georgie Porgie was our fearless leader again? As clueless as he could be, Georgie at least acted like a damn president and didn’t make slanderous statement and accusations … hell … outright lies about people he did not like or thought was an obstruction to his political agenda

Of course, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckleberry said Trumpty’s words were a misunderstanding because he used similar language about men.

Let’s take this on directly… as I have read elsewhere… and I agree with it… the identical words used about men and women are different… the words can mean distinctly different things.

For instance, when Trumpty once said that journalist Megyn Kelly (OK… no laughing… she is technically a journalist whether you think highly of her or not) was bleeding from her “wherever,” he didn’t exactly mean it was from her nose.

Let’s not pretend that Trumpty is ever vague. Whenever, Trumpty tweets he is very specific and direct… he does not mince his words. He says what he wants and then latter says I never said that. Or, has a flunky do the dirty deed. The words are out there, and for many, they believe the first thing they hear regardless of what comes after.  Something like… when a lawyer asks a witness a question in court… the other lawyer objects… the interrogating lawyer goes… “I withdraw the question.”

The idea has now been planted in the jury members’ heads. Some will disregard the question just as the judge will instruct, yet some will never get the idea of the question… the accusation or implication of the question… out of their heads and the interrogating lawyer will have done exactly what he intended.

Even if you are listening with one deaf ear… Trumpty he has done exactly what he desired… he has said his sexist lying word sand accused Gillibrand of being any run of the mill female who would do or say anything to get what she wants… even if it meant whoring herself out. I mean is there another way to understand Trumpty’s words… “and would do anything for them” … in the context of the ongoing discussion of sexual accusations?

But let me also present this…

In addition to Gillibrand there were three other senators… all male… who directly called either for Trumpty’s resignation or at the least an investigation opened regarding Trumpty and the 16 women who have come out and said he either directly sexually abused them or sexually harassed them.

There was Gillibrand who told CNN that “President Trump has committed assault, according to these women, and those are very credible allegations of misconduct and criminal activity, and he should be fully investigated and he should resign.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

There were also… Sen. Jeff Merkley, a donkey from Oregon, who said, “I want to be absolutely clear. Donald Trump should resign the presidency.” And, if Trumpty did not resign then, “I would like to see there be a hearing on Capitol Hill. If there’s not, if Republicans are unwilling to have this conversation about the President, then we should hold a shadow hearing with the Democratic caucus.”

Merkley added, “It’s fundamental accountability. that’s what it boils down to. There were over 40 senators who said it was the right thing for senator Franken to step down. But if you believe that that’s the case, wouldn’t you also believe that it’s the right thing for the president to step down, who has far more serious set of stories?”

Sen. Ron Wyden, another Oregon donkey senator, who said, “These women are right. If @realDonaldTrump won’t resign, Congress must investigate allegations by many, many women that he sexually assaulted and harassed them. No one is above the law.”

Sen. Cory Booker (D-New Jersey) who said, “I just watched Sen. Al Franken do the honorable thing and resign from his office. My question is, why isn’t Donald Trump doing the same thing …- who has more serious allegations against him, with more women who have come forward? The fact pattern on him is far more damning than the fact pattern on Al Franken.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) who told CNN that, “Yes, I do think he should resign. You’ve got a president who has been accused by many, many women of harassment, to say the least. This is a guy who was on a tape seen by everybody in America essentially bragging about his sexual assault of women.”

There was also Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii who tweeted out, “.@realDonaldTrump is a misogynist, compulsive liar, and admitted sexual predator. Attacks on Kirsten are the latest example that no one is safe from this bully. He must resign.”

But, it was after Trumpty’s bullshit and sexist comments towards Gillibrand and in defense of Gillibrand but, yes, she did call for the Asshole in Chief to resign.

But out of the initial accusations there were a woman and three men.

How the hell come Trumpty Dumpty never said word boo to any of the three men? How come he distinctly and directly pointed out only what Gillibrand… the women of the group… said? How come he also accused her of doing anything … anything at all… to get what she wants as the lap dog of Schumer et al.? In the context “anything” is used are we supposed to believe “anything” does not include prostituting one’s self?

Vote as if your life depends on it.. Because it does…

That in and of itself is, as senator Hirono pointed out, the mark of a misogynist, compulsive liar, and admitted sexual predator.

And, I would add, a cowardly, power-hungry tyrant.

Get used to what I am going to say next… because you are going to hear it a lot for about the next eleven months or so…

If you value your freedom… if you value your life and the lives of your loved ones… as well as our so-called freedoms guaranteed under the constitution then vote as if they depended on it in 2018 mid-term elections.

Because… it does and they do.

Cracks in the wall?

Brick by brick the wall of the inane and inhuman elephants politics will slowly begin to see the mortar that holds it all together slowly erode into a decrepit and weakened mass that will disintegrtae and allow the wall  to slowly crumble and tumble down into oblivion.

We can only pray and hope it becomes a reality.

As certain people like Fox Business Network’s Trish Regan, who sees herself as a politically independent, and elephant party member Steve Schmidt begin to take the propaganda arms of the elephants… like Fox News… to the woodshed for their sad tower of babel talk and policy making, we can gain fervor that the fight of those who be most down trodden in America will not be in vain. We can gain hope that the fight to shed the leashes and the lashes of the elephant party as presently constituted will be strengthened as conservatives begin to speak out about the inhumanity their so-called party of Lincoln. A party who long ago ceased upholding any principles that old Honest Abe might have ever had.

Ms. Regan recently said that she doesn’t think it is “fair” for corporations to get a tax cut at the expense of individuals, especially since Trumpty Dumpty has said it is a tax cut for each and every one of we the people… rich poor and in-between.

Regan has said, “Effectively, individuals are carrying the water for these corporations. They get that great tax cut on the corporate side but people are not going to get it on the individual side and I just don’t think that’s fair.”

On her Fox show, “The Intelligence Report,” Regan played video of Trumpty claiming his tax plan was going to benefit all of we the people, especially one clip where he said the tax reform bill being prepared by the elephants would be a “big, beautiful Christmas present” for the American people.

Regan said, “I don’t think it’s going to be much of a present. It’s a little like getting coal in your stocking because your tax bill’s going to go up.”

GOP strategist Steve Schmidt recently appeared on MSNBC Live in his role as a contributing broadcast journalist and predicted a Democratic “tsunami” in 2018 due to Republican “hypocrisy and rot.” Schmidt said the party has “demonstrated a complete incapacity to govern” and showed its “meanness” and “cruelty” for among other things refusing to fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP.)

Schmidt says, “I’ve spent my life in the Republican party, it gives me no pleasure to say this. This party has demonstrated a complete incapacity to govern. Period. And I think that there will be a tsunami come 2018 that wipes it away.”

Stephanie Ruhle, the host of MSNBC Live and  who comes from the belly of the beast… Wall Street…

She was a big-time money manager and hedge fund manipulator.  Her background includes 14 years working in the finance industry… . an internship at Merrill Lynch… six years at Credit Suisse in hedge funds, where she eventually became a VP and the highest producing credit derivatives salesperson in the United States… then she went to  Deutsche Bank for eight years, first covering hedge funds until she ended her career there as a managing director in Global Markets Senior Relationship Management…

Now as a MSNBC broadcast journalist she asked Schmidt …  “I want to understand who is the body that’s saying this isn’t a good political move, we don’t have the money? They have the money when they want the money.”

Schmidt responded, “They don’t care, period. The government is corrupted. It’s corrupted. It is not about regular people. It is not about that vulnerable child. This tax bill is a payoff corrupt from A to Z to the special interest constituencies.”

Then Schmidt, appearing on “Deadline: White House,” said that Fox News was guilty of “breathtaking dishonesty” over its hosts criticizing the FBI and Justice Department and “That (Fox) is no longer a news organization. That is what American state media looks like. That is what White House-controlled in-the-service-of-the-president misinformation looks like. That is indistinct from propaganda in authoritarian countries. It is aimed directly at weakening essential institutions and misinforming the American people. It is appalling.”

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, an elephant…


Nor do I cotton to much of what the donkey party does either.

They paint lipstick on piggie selves, as they give us a dribble of succor here and a drab of assistance there and pretend they care about us and all our troubles and woes. They suck us in and then bleed us as dry as the elephants do… kinda, sorta. They just do it a little more slowly and with a little more humanity. But, they too serve the corporate masters in the mega oligarchy that is the worldwide tyrannical ruler of the money purses and eventually of we the people getting anything of worth, which includes the pittance we get usually twice a month so we can receive our daily bread, take care of other expenses… like clothing, rent or mortgage, schooling, transportation, health needs… and on and on and on…

But as sometimes need be … we must take what we can… when we can… even if those in power are more like benevolent dictators than outright bastards who would steal the very bread and water from our children’s mouths.

If, there is ever to be any success in tearing down the walls of the tyrannical bastards who bleed us dry daily, then we must see a real and bonâ fide struggle commence within the beast itself. And, that begins with conservative independents… especially folks with financial backgrounds… and elephants themselves understanding and realizing how dreadfully wrong and inhumane the elephant party has become and presently is.

The more these people speak out against the Trumps, the McConnells, the Ryans and the other elephant asses, then the more they… the elephants… will become exposed and weakened. Even to the very people that have constantly and consistently been suckered into keeping them in power at the voting booths. Hopefully that support mechanism for their bullshit will be erased and the collapse of the Republican party will become a sad remnant of our American history books.

So… maybe when it all comes down to the truth of it, we all can grab the gist of Tom Joad’s last words in the movie version of The Grapes of Wrath and make it the truth for us all…

A fellow ain’t got a soul of his own, just little piece of a big soul, the one big soul that belongs to everybody, then…

Then it don’t matter. I’ll be all around in the dark… I’ll be everywhere. Wherever you can look… wherever there’s a fight, so hungry people can eat, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a cop beatin’ up a guy, I’ll be there. I’ll be in the way guys yell when they’re mad. I’ll be in the way kids laugh when they’re hungry and they know supper’s ready, and when the people are eatin’ the stuff they raise and livin’ in the houses they build … I’ll be there, too.

In news, you might have missed…

A union worker got his ass fired and the union leadership did nothing to save his job.

So much for the damn unions … Right?

File this under…

Until you hear the entire story, reserve your judgement.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the worker came to his company’s contracted work site armed with his trusty cooler full of lunch and the beverage of his choice… nonalcoholic presumably. One teensy weensy problem… he had the Stars and Bars, aka the confederate flag, and Ku Klux Klan stickers stuck to the side of the cooler.

American Sewer Services released a statement that said the stickers were a “disturbing display of hate speech. (And) It in no way represents the feelings of American Sewer Services nor our diverse group of employees.”

The statement concluded with… “The offending employee was immediately dismissed because of his inappropriate actions.”

A member of the Young Workers Committee of the Milwaukee Area Labor Council, told the Journal Sentinel that in any other situation he, and his brother and sister trade unionists, would be up in arms that another trade unionist got his ass kicked off a job… fired.  He said, “As trade unionists, we don’t usually like to see a union brother get fired. But, if you’re a Klansman and you’re a threat to our fellow workers… you’re not our union brother. That sticker represents 150 years of Klan terror.”

And ya know what?


Good for this union and the fact it did not “protect” this worker.

Why? Why is this old leftist and avowed old trade unionists saying “good?”

Because for too long… organizations like unions… and other social groups, government agencies, the courts, etc…  have defended the so-called “individual’s rights” to the detriment of the groups rights. Or in this case… the overall membership of the trade union.

I have voiced long ago… and I continue to voice it now… that union leadership that protects a member of the union who is grievously in the wrong and is causing harm to the union membership by the wrong they do, are abdicating their responsibility to the overall union membership. In fact, the express purposes and responsibilities of that leadership is to do no harm to the union, or support any one person or any one thing, that would, or could, cause harm to the union membership at large.

If, by protecting a single members so-called rights to freedom of expression…

(… let’s forget for the moment that WTF strongly feels certain hate groups… nazis, white supremacists, KKK, etc… should have no rights and believes that their “rights’ of so-called free speech is not a right at all if that speech spews out hatred to, and threatens lives of, society at large… )

… union leadership would cause harm to the union, or its membership, then they MUST protect the union first.

Many moons ago I once wrote a six part series for a now defunct sports site called Informative Sports. The series was called “Steroids, the needle and the damage done… ” And, in “PART 4: THE UNION LEADERSHIP AND THEIR COMPLICITY: PERPETRATING THE DIRTY LITTLE SECRET” of that series of articles, I wrote this about the MLBPA.. or the MLB players union leadership…

Donald Fehr

“(MLBPA President Donald) Fehr never addressed the players who were not using PEDs, but felt pressured to do them so that they could just keep up with the competition for jobs. Fehr, and Orza, also, were so busy protecting the rights of the wrongdoers they left behind the right-doers. This created a form of alienation in the ranks.”


“The American Bar Association (ABA) GP/Solo online magazine provides a rather clear definition: “When a lawyer is representing an organization, the general rule is that the client is the organization itself…. It is apparent that from the beginning of the representation, the needs and interests of the organization are defined and communicated to the lawyer by one or more individuals acting on behalf of the entity. Although this may seem obvious in theory, the line between the organization and the individuals can sometimes be easily blurred in practice. Even when the… employee shares common interests with the entity at the outset of the representation, these interests may not stay aligned throughout the representation. In fact, what began as common interests may develop into conflicting ones as the representation continues… it is the lawyer’s responsibility to put the client’s [Players Association as a whole] interests first, even when it means taking actions that are not in the interest of the individuals…”

Since it is obvious that steroids, human growth hormone, and many other performance enhancers are illegal for the most part — and it makes no difference whether MLB banned their use or not because the fact is they were illegal — it was and is the responsibility of Fehr and Orza as attorneys (aka union leadership) to protect the overriding economic interests of those members of the Players Association who did not use illegal performance enhancers, including steroids, HGH, etc….

It appears for all the good Miller, Fehr and Orza did and still do, they are failing in their duties regarding one very important overriding factor — to protect the MLBPA as an entity and not just those whose rights might be “violated” because they purposefully broke the law and cheated the ideal of fair play in the workplace as well as on the field of play. It is a fact that players need to take responsibility for their own actions. And the players that either cheat and get caught or who eventually own up to their cheating, on their own, deserve not one bit of anyone’s sympathy. For the most part, they did what they did with eyes wide open. They knew what they were doing and why they were doing it.”

The Milwaukee Area Labor Council, and the immediate union at large that protects the workers of American Sewer Services, by refusing to protect an avowed racist… and, please, someone who goes around pasting fucking stickers/symbols of the very racist confederacy (its flag), and the similarly very racist organization the Ku Klux Klan, is an avowed racist or very, very, very purposefully stupid or both…. any way…. by refusing to protect this racist, and as one union member already has said “(a) threat to fellow workers”, the leadership is actually fulfilling their responsibility to these trade unionists… they are protecting and keeping solid the purpose of the union… which is to protect the workers.

I agree in a “normal” situation if a worker gets fired the union leadership should be up front and in somebody’s face about why that worker got fired… but…

When you go carrying pictures of hate, then brother you ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow and if you have a mind that advocates hate, then all I can tell you is you gonna have to wait…

Another thousand words…


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