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The Career of Magnum TA

Whats up Wrestling fans, and welcome to another edition of Pounding 7’s. This week I am going to change things up just a bit. As I was involved in a pretty in depth conversation with 7poundbag.com founder David Snipes on a certain wrestling legend, Magnum TA. For those who don’t know Magnum, especially you younger generation fans. Magnum was a up and coming superstar, former United States Champion, and on his way to the World Heavyweight Championship before a motorcycle accident ended his in ring career. He would still be around the business as a commentator, but there were plans on having him hold the NWA World Championship belt. David and I were talking about some “What if’s” on the career of Magnum TA, and I am going to countdown the top 7 What if situations as it pertains to Magnum TA. I am certain that David will disagree with me on some, and he will probably have  a video of his opinion for his top ten. So let’s get to the Magnum Countdown.

7. Impact on Lex Luger

Lex Luger began his career with the Four Horsemen, this after Magnum suffered his accident. He went on to become the United States Champion after defeating Nikita Koloff. Luger’s run with the Four Horsemen was short lived, as he left the group, became a face, and started feuding with the Horsemen. I honestly think that Luger’s career was nearly what was supposed to be that of Magnum TA, with a few tweaks here and there. Had Magnum TA been around, Luger would have stayed with the Four Horsemen, and have some great matches with Magnum for the US Championship, and would ultimately try to protect Flair from losing his championship. I don’t think Luger’s career would have taken off as it did in the late 80’s, as there just was not enough room for another babyface, had Terry Allen been around the business wrestling.

6. The Horsemen Affect

The feud between Magnum and the Horsemen would have been epic, and I think it would have lasted throughout the late 1980’s. What does this mean for the Horsemen? I don’t think we see too many variations of the Horsemen. I think we see Luger still as a member. I don’t think we see Barry Windham join the group when he did, as Windham would turn on Luger to join the group in 1988. I think he would be an ally for Magnum TA to try to defeat the Horsemen during the 80’s. I also dont think that Arn and Tully jump ship to Vince McMahon and the WWE. I think they stay put and the Horseman plus Luger as pictured above would still be the most dominant faction in the business.

5. NWA vs WCCW vs UWF

I still think that the NWA would still be a global giant in years to come. I still think that the UWF and NWA end of merging together, and WCCW still stays in the Texas area, only to fold. So even though Magnum is still wrestling, I don’t really see any changes to the outcome of the territories.

4. What do they do with Sting?

Sting would not have gotten the push that he did in 1988 when he had that epic match up against Ric Flair at the first ever Clash of the Champions. I think he joins Magnum in his fight against the Four Horsemen, but because of his lack of push, and main event status. He would test the waters and sign with Vince McMahon and the WWE in the late 1980’s. I do think he would ultimately return to WCW in the early 1990’s as Hulk Hogan would find a way to bury him. I could see him teaming up with the Warrior for a few months like they did as the Blade Runners. I think Sting still has a Hall of Fame caliber career, but we see him in the WWE before we actually did, and his first World title would come much later than it did in 1990.

3. Dusty Rhodes

As most wrestling fans know, Dusty Rhodes was a massive fan of Magnum TA, and he was the most heartbroken of them all, maybe even above Magnum himself, when the accident occurred. Dusty was the head booker in the NWA at this time, and his plans to push Magnum to the next level were basically squashed, and Rhodes himself started losing some steam in the front office, as he was on the tail end of his wrestling career. So what if Magnum did not get hurt? Well, its pretty simple, Dusty would have booked Magnum to win the title, take off where he left off with Flair, and Dusty would remain in the front office, and would have never dawned the polkadots in WWE. He would have been the American Dream, not the AMEEEEEEEE REEEEE COOOOOOON DREEEEEEEEEAM.

2. Would Flair still be the Greatest of All Time?

Ric Flair would ultimately still be the greatest of all time. Though I don’t think he starts a feud with Sting, or Lex Luger like he did in the 80’s and 90’s. I think he finishes up with Magnum TA for the rest of the 1980’s, and the two would trade off the NWA Championship over the course of the next couple of years. Flair would still be the best in the business and would get over when it is all said and done. I honestly think he would have a couple of more championship reigns under his belt. Assuming Magnum TA is feuding with Flair for a few years, it is very possible that we do not get the Ricky Steamboat matches in 1989 that we all so well enjoyed. I just don’t think that Flair loses his ora of being the best in the business, even if he was trading championship reigns with Magnum.

1. What would Magnum TA have done in his career?

Obviously as we have discussed earlier, Magnum TA would have been a multiple time World Heavyweight Championship. It was said that he was to defeat Flair at Starrcade 1986, just a few months after his tragic accident that cut his carrer short. I think he wins the championship, and holds it until Starrcade 87, where Flair would eventually get it back. Then they would have some epic battles in 1988 where the two would trade off with the championship off and on for all of 1988. Magnum again wins the championship and holds it all the way up until the Great American Bash 1990. There, I think he would be starting a program with Lex Luger, who would be the United States Champion. Magnum and Luger would have some great championship matches, and would culminate with Luger winning the Heavyweight Championship from Magnum at the tail end of Magnum’s career. I think he would hang up the tights in 1991 sometime, and he would have one last match up with Ric Flair possibly at Starrcade and he would ride into the sunset. He would have had a great career, and would have been the top face in the business for many years. He would then be recognized as the wrestler he was, and would currently be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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