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Hey there Wrestling fans and welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we cap off a fantastic tournament to determine the best wrestler to hold a singles championship, but never the big one. We have the finals….. but do we have a twist? You, the fans voted, and it was all up to you. Plus a major Crusierweight suspended? What does this do to the division? We discuss Clash of the Champions and much more!

Here is the final match for our tournament. Now, I know that the Final Four matches were William Regal vs Roddy Piper, and Arn Anderson vs Tully Blanchard. However, because of the humongous support of one Razor Ramon. He actually go more votes that both Tully and Arn combined. So even though he was eliminated. Razor Ramon has petitioned to be back in the Final Match as Scott Hall, who of course was also a former champion in WCW, but never the World Champion. So we now have a Triple Threat match between

William Regal vs Tully Blanchard vs Scott Hall

Vote for one of these three please as I don’t have time for shenanigans… hahahaha.

1. AJ Styles

The Phenominal WWE Champion is set to defend against Jinder Mahal this Sunday. Will he walk out with the championship?

2. Braun Strowman

Strowman once again may have his chance at Universal Championship gold as he is seeking to face off against Brock Lesnar one more time at the Royal Rumble. Is a major championship heading the way of Braun Strowman, or will he be stuck with Kane as a dance partner?

3. Roman Reigns

A big win for the big dog on Raw over Cesaro in an instant classic match. Now he sets his sight on Samoa Joe.

4. Charlotte Flair

For those of you who missed Charlotte’s movie debut when she was on Psych the Movie, you missed her putting the Figure Eight on Roger Dorn (Corbin Bersen). Now, he was obviously screaming in pain, but can she lock it on Natalya at the Clash this Sunday and retain her title?

5. Cesaro

Despite a loss to Roman Reigns, Cesaro looked like he belongs among the top guys. He showed he could be ready for main event status.

There is a week left to nominate your picks for our Baggie Awards. Vote here on the comments section, email me at swhall03@gmail.com, or tweet me @StephanHall.

Wrestler of the Year

Female Wrestler of the Year

Tag Team of the Year

Match of the Year

Shocking moment of the Year

Comeback of the Year

Rookie of the Year

Again vote for three to five in each category and let me know who you would pick to nominate for each award. Have fun

Rich Swann was recently suspended by the WWE for domestic violence. What, if anything does this do to the Crusierweight division, as he was in line for a championship match against Enzo Amore?

Steve: So once again the Crusierweight division has disappointed. While I do like some of the things that they have done over the past couple of weeks, this is a major set back for the division. Not really for Rich Swann, as they can survive without him, but for the division itself. This gives it a bad reputation, and I think that we have seen the last of Rich Swann as it pertains to the WWE. Welcome to TNA Richie Rich!

Frosh: I think Rich’s WWE tenure is over.  He is not a main draw like Cena, or Orton where he can survive a mess up or two.  And a domestic violence charge is much more than a mess up.  The guy could get prison time, and would deserve it, if convicted.  I don’t think this changes the cruiserweight division that much, as like I said, he wasn’t a main guy.  If it happened to Enzo, that would be a bigger deal.  Someone else will challenge, after Raw, it looks like Cedric Alexander.  The cruiserweight division is mostly plug and play at this time as there are very few standouts.

Chad: Obviously major changes are needed to the planning I would not surprise me to see someone else plugged into that spot like a Cedric Alexander or the debuting Hideo Itami to that division

Freddy: After watching tonight’s raw I think we’re gonna see Drew Gulak take the win next week against Cedric Alexander and go on to face Enzo Amore for the cruiserweight championship.

Who has the best chance to walk away a new champion at Clash of the Champions?

Steve: Well, they did not book me and Frosh to compete for the tag team championship, so that isn’t going to happen…. or is it? Seriously though, I could see the United States title changing hands by either Roode or Ziggler. Corbin has not been a great champion, as I thought he could have been. Roode is ready for the next level, and I could see them putting the belt on Ziggler one more time. I also think we will finally see Carmella cash in her Money in the Bank and win the Smackdown womens title. It is a lumberjack match, and the writing is on the wall for a cash in.

Frosh: I think Roode wins the US belt.  He needs it the most to cement himself as a top level star (which we all know he is).  I would say a cash in would happen for the women’s money in the bank, but I mean there have been great opportunities before (Survivor Series?) and WWE has yet to pull the trigger.  I don’t think the WWE title leaves Styles’ hands, and the tag belts will likely stay on the Usos.

Chad: Based on the momentum I would say Bobby Roode has the best chance; if they were going back to Mahal (which they should not) they would have done it before the India tour.

Freddy: Come clash of champions I think Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin have the best chance of walking out champs it’ll be an unexpected win and give Shelton Benjamin another tag title run before he retires.

Over the past year, we have seen the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell match, Women’s Money in the Bank match, and a host of matches that before only men competed in. It is now being discussed of a Woman’s Royal Rumble match, and even a Womens Elimination Chamber match. Would you like to see the girls compete in either the Rumble of their own, and or the Chamber?

Steve: Absolutely it should happen. The girls have proven that they can compete in these types of matches on a regular basis. They wanted to give divas a chance, and they have been taking the ball and running with it. I think as far as the Rumble goes, they should have two Rumble matches, one men, one women match, and the winner goes on to Wrestlemania to face the champion, whoever it may be. Elimination Chamber could be interesting to see these gals compete in a massive structure. It is a perfect way to show Nia Jax’s dominance.

Frosh: No doubt.  I have always been a proponent of giving the women better matches.  If they want the women’s division to continue to evolve, they have to have big time matches.  A Royal Rumble, could be good, but hopefully they keep the over the top rope aspect, and not just “through the ropes” as is the case with most women’s battle royals (Most of the ladies lake the height to make an over the top rope stipulation make sense).  An Elimination Chamber would be exceptional.  They need more danger matches, cages, cells, chambers, tables, ladders, etc.

Chad: A Rumble is a Rumble match men or women so I’m okay with that; The Chamber has so many elements to it that could present a challenge but Hell in a Cell got pulled off so why not have a Chamber.

Freddy: id like to see a women’s royal rumble it almost seems imminent for it not to be happening with the return of Paige and the start absolution and the call up of Ruby riot and the riot squad.

Six months ago, I asked this panel who was currently the top dog in the WWE? It was nearly a consensus that AJ Styles was that guy. Fast Forward six months later. Has your position changed on who the top guy in the WWE is?

Steve: The top guy in the business have to have what it takes to compete every night at a top level, and be able to talk on the microphone. AJ Styles is absolutely the top guy in the business. Roman Reigns is starting to come into his own and be a top guy, and the fans are starting to embrace him. Vince is jumping for joy on this one, but yeah AJ is still the top guy right now, and I don’t think its close.

Frosh: Still, hands down AJ Styles.  Lesnar and Cena aren’t around as much.  Orton is just treading water.  Reigns just isn’t ready yet.  Styles has in ring ability, is awesome on the mic, and is a top level champion.  There is no question.

Chad: Honestly, no it hasn’t because he has been the guy WWE has called and said we need you for a match against Finn Balor at TLC and flies 20 hours from South America to have the match which was one of the best of the night, He’s the guy the had beat Mahal for the title, and face Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series in again arguably the match of the night.

Freddy: I think the top guy in the WWE right now is still AJ Styles. He does what a champion is suppose to do and that’s defend his championship. They don’t call him the phenomenal one for no reason.

Second part to the last question: Who would you build starting right now to develop into the top guy one year from now?

Steve: Call me crazy here, but I start developing Bobby Roode right now as someone who can be the top guy in the business in one year. He has charisma, he can flat out work, he is over with the fans with his Glorious persona, and he can talk. He has been a World Champion before in TNA, where he had a fantastic run. He could be groomed as one of the best in the business. Honorable mention here would be Braun Strowman, but I think he is a lot closer than a year away.

Frosh: The answer a lot of people will give is guys like Roode, Joe, Balor, etc.  But those guys are in their 30’s, or in Roode’s case, 40’s, and not someone I would think needs groomed.  You want someone to be your top guy, Bray Wyatt.  He is a legacy, WWE loyal, has mic skills, in ring ability and a great character.  He can and should be the top guy, similar to the Undertaker.  Strowman hasn’t shown me mic skills yet, so he needs a lot of work.  Another guy that it could be, Elias.  He is pretty good as a heel, and I think with a character tweak (similar to HHH going from the Connecticut Blueblood to DX), he could be a top guy.

Chad: To me it’s Seth Rollins as he is the youngest of the contenders that came to mind (Ambrose, Reigns, Nakamura, Joe, Balor, Roode, Strowman) and has the ability to go in the ring with anyone. Yes, the injuries are a concern but like people have said this isn’t Ballet

Freddy: If I could make anyone in the WWE the top guy it would be Aleister Black I think he could definitely do something on the main roster his wrestling style is incredible he also portrays his character really as well I’d put him in the main roster against barin Corbin for the United States championship

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