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This week’s questions and discussion…

1) With the firing last Monday of GM Jerry Reese and Ben McAdoo by the NY Giants, and now the firing of Browns’ GM Sashi Brown on Thursday, it could be called that the first of the “mighty” have fallen. 

In your opinion, who is the next GM or HC to get the axe? Why? 

Who will be the next NFL coach to be fired?

Chad: I don’t think that anyone will get fired now with 3 weeks but we are bound to see a bevy of coaches fired on Black Monday after the end of the year.

John Fox is all but gone from Chicago as they won’t fire him mid-season. Chuck Pagano would be another name I wouldn’t be surprised to see get fired.

David: It really depends. Some coaches that should be fired never seem to be  *coughMarvincough*  and some places should be cleared out for some reason doesn’t happen – Denver and Indy, for example.

I do think the Browns should have stayed the course, but that’s just me.

How about Washington?

Joe: Belichick…

OK… seriously… how about Pagano in Indianapolis. Three years ago they were  first in the AFC South (11-5) and a playoff team, then two years running a .500 team and now they are 3-10 heading into week 15.

Maybe, it’s time for a change?

2) On Wednesday (12/6), published a NFL MVP poll that had five QBs at the top of their list… The old GOAT, Tom Brady, Carson Wentz, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees and Case Keenum. 

In your opinion, who wins the award at the season’s end? Or, in your opinion, is there someone else more deserving of the MVP.

In either case… why?

Chad: Prior to being lost with a torn ACL, I would have put Carson Wentz for the way his leading the Eagles offense to an 11-2 record this year.

I think this year is almost like a year in the NBA, when nobody passes Lebron, and Tom Brady wins the MVP now. Definitely feel like Antonio Brown should be getting at least consideration.

David: Kinda have to go Brady, right?

Joe: Probably, Brady…

BUT… my dark horse pick? Antonio Brown.

He is on pace for 1,857 yards this year, which would be the third-best season by a wide receiver in NFL history. If, he can average about 165 yards per game over the final three weeks he would easily surpass 2,000 yards. A feat no receiver has ever done. If, Brown can achieve  that mark, he is in like Flynn. If, he gets close? Who knows.

I’d probably vote for him, if I had a vote, if for no other reason, just so a damn QB didn’t win the MVP.

3) If, Carson Wentz is lost for the rest of the season, can the Eagles still compete in the playoffs? Super Bowl compete? Why or why not? 

Can Eagles compete in the playoffs with Nick Foles at QB?

Chad: After Wentz you have Nick Foles, so my guess is that the Offense leans more on their 3 running backs of Ajayi, Blount and Clement. They still have Jeffery, Agholor, and Ertz, Celek, and Burton at TE to catch passes from Foles.

I think they can compete, but it could be very tough to get to the Super Bowl now.

David: Depends who they play and just how good a coach they have.

Right now, they are looking at the 3 NFC South Teams and the Seahawks coming over there. All with good/great QBs that can put up points. So, I don’t think they are toast if they can get decent play, but the O-Line is going to have to do work. Can they beat, say, the Panthers and Rams back to back? I’m not so sure.

Joe: Sure they can. Why? Because they have a team.

All they need their replacement QB to do is limit his mistakes. They still have very good receivers and a run offense that is second in the NFL.

On the defense side of the ball… they are fourth in total defense, first in defending the run and 13th in defending the pass. That does not change. Why? Because the QB doesn’t effect the defense as long as he… he limits his mistakes and allows the defense to not have to be on the filed for long periods of time.

4) Yes, it was the Texans, without Deshaun Watson, but, the 49ers won again with Jimmy Garoppolo at QB. Still… 

How bright is the 49ers future with Jimmy G. at the helm for the 49ers?

Will No. 10 be the franchise savior?

Chad: I think with the Defensive Draft Picks and Jimmy G; the 49ers stock is only climbing. Although, with the Rams emergence this year and Seattle’s consistency it could tough for them to get into the mix.

David: Depends on that O-Line.

Joe: Very bright in my opinion. I’m taking them again against the Titans, in fact. If, they strengthen their offensive line in the next draft and improve his targets that he can throw to, the 49ers might be back in the playoffs next year.

In my opinion Jimmy G. is the type of QB who can help a bad team get better and I think he has done exactly that already with the 49ers.

5) Yeah, another Giants’ QB question… 

Considering, Eli did not exactly light it up against the Cowboys… Giants could not even match the 17 points the Geno Smith led team had last week as they only scored 10 this week… is there any logical reason their third string QB Davis Webb still remained inactive (13th straight game to start his rookie year) and has yet to see any real action this year?  

Any logical reason Giants’ QB Davis Webb still remained inactive?

Chad: I really didn’t get going back to Eli after Geno last week. At this point McAdoo is gone and Eli won’t be back next year; you need to see what you have in Webb.

David: None.

And that is why everyone should have been fired and the interim coach should also be punted. I would never sign a backup QB unless I thought he could start for me, or was a basic coach in training. When I’m out of the playoff hunt – time to put the rookie-ish players in as my backup QB and move the middle guy to the emergency option.

Geno means nothing going forward, and at this rate, neither does Webb.

Joe: Been saying for the longest time… the problem with continually playing Eli all the time… when they are winning big or losing big… is that they never find out what they got in reserve and for the future.

So no, there is no damn logical reason behind why Webb has yet to be activated or see any action.





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