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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. The Memphis Grizzlies are now 1-7 since the firing of David Fizdale. This week we will discuss Stephp Curry’s injury and how it will affect the Warriors, Jahlil Okafor being trade to the Nets, and so much more on this edition of NBA RoundTable.

Lets get started:

Coming into the year Golden State was expected to be the best team in the NBA barring any major injury. Steph Curry went down with an ankle injury in the game against the New Orleans Pelicans and is expected to miss at least two weeks. Is this injury gonna hurt the Warriors?

Todd: I have been saying from the beginning that the Warriors are not as good as people make them out to be. They are for sure not a lock to go to the Finals. I don’t know how much this Curry ijury will hurt them, it all depends on who they play in between now and when he comes back. I will tell you one thing they better be ready to play December 18 because last time the Lakers gave them everything they could handle and even took them to overtime and this time Kobe Bryant’s numbers will be retired so they might be a bit hyped for that game.

Steve: The Golden State Warriors are a not as good as everyone thinks they are. Curry’s injury is going to hurt them, but I don’t think they fall too far out of it. Houston and San Antonio has a “Golden” opportunity to put some distance between themselves and the Warriors. It does not appear that the Warriors are on the same page as of late, and This could be disastrous for GSW.

Chad: No, They just completed a 6-0 road trip and the injury takes him out until possibly Jan 2018 at the worst. The Warriors are still the favorites to win the title

After the trade of Jahlil Okafor to the Nets, Brooklyn now has the 2015 number 2 and 3 picks in the draft. Can Okafor resurrect his career and help the Nets make a playoff run. (D’Angelo Russell was the number 2 pick)

Todd: I think he can be a very good player in this league. The knock on him is his defense. In the East they have a realistic chance to make the playoffs this year. I dont think the Nets will make a real run at the playoffs untill next year when Jeremy Lin comes back.

Steve: Can Okafor have a good career? Sure he can, he is going to be a 15-20 ppg player, but is he going to help the Nets to the playoffs? Not a chance. The Nets are awful, and are moons away from competing. The only thing they will be competing for is the worst record in the NBA.

Chad: I think Okafor can become a good player but the Nets I just don’t see as a playoff; even in the East where they have the Knicks and Sixers to contend with for the 8th spot as of right now.

There has been some talk in the past about adding a 3rd round to the NBA draft. Now that each team are allowed two 2-way contracts, do you think they should consider adding the 3rd round to the draft?

Todd: That would be a good thing. It would give more college players to make the NBA. There are always a select few that make it as undrafted free agents, so lets make it happen.

Steve: I have no problem with it. It would give some more college guys a chance to reach the NBA. I say go for it, you really dont have anything to lose here.

Chad: I would  have no problem with this to give some players a little more chance to make it to the NBA plus there is expanded Developmental system.

Last year every team won at least 20 games for the first time since the 2012-13 season. Will every team win at least 20 games this year? if not how many teams will miss the mark and which teams will they be?

Todd: The Hawks and Bulls are the obvious picks because they have the least amount of wins at 6.

Steve: When I first saw this, I thought the Bulls and maybe the Hawks would be under 20. I will say they have the best shot at it, but the Bulls have looked not to horrible as of late, so they may just sneak over the 20 mark. If I was a betting man, I would say one of them stays under 20 wins. More likely the Bulls because they are just a bad team.

Chad: Right now based on winning percentage and play I would say the 2 likely candidates to not win 20 would be the Hawks and Bulls.

Kevin durant has been ejected 3 times this year, Curry and Livingston has also been ejected from a game. Golden State as a team lead the NBA in technicals. Do you think the Warriors are feeling the pressure from all the off-season moves that was made to compete with them? (especially in the Western Conference)

Todd: Well here is the way I see it. I am tired of people saying that no one will beat Golden State and they will automatically go to the NBA Finals. We all know if Kawhi Leonard did not get hurt last year that series is completely changed and San Antonio for sure wins game 1 on the road. If you look at San Antonio this year they have played all year without Leonard and still only 3 games out of first place. They look at how well the Rockets are doing and I think they are worried even though I don’t think the Warriors can beat them.

Steve: I don’t think they are under any pressure, I mean what really do they have to prove? They have won two out of the last three championships. I think they are just going in a different direction, and starting to embrace the hate that some fans are throwing towards them now. They want to be like the Pistons of the 80’s.

Chad: That very well could be however , even with teams making moves and with them fully healthy I don’t see anyone beating them 4 out o 7 times in the West with 4 games in Oracle Arena.

Bonus Question

We have already seen two coaches get fired before the 20th game of the season Earl Watson of Phoenix and David Fizdale of Memphis. Do you think there are any other coaches on the hot seat?

Todd: I can see Doc Rivers getting the boot. The Clippers just need to change everything.

Steve: I think Doc Rivers may be on the outs. I don’t think he gets fired during the season. However, I think that the Clippers will go in another direction after the season and fire Rivers. The Bulls and Hawks are obvious choices to terminate their coaches, but honestly for those franchises it is not really the coaches fault. That is more of an upper management issue.

Chad: I would say if the Thunder don’t improve Billy Donovan could go; I think with 20 losses already Hoiberg and Budenholzer could feel their seats getting hot.

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