Pounding 7’s

Hey there Wrestling fans and welcome back to another countdown. This is Pounding 7’s. Moving on from our best and worst of factions. I am going to countdown the best members of the NWO. Who makes the list? Who gets left out? Let’s find out right now!

7. Scott Steiner

Okay so maybe not one of the premier NWO guys that put on the shirt. However, it was the way that Steiner joined the group. He turned on his own flesh and blood in a World Tag Team title defense against the Outsiders. If that does not get you into the countdown, I don’t know what does. Pure evil in the veins of Scott Steiner.

6. The Giant

The Giant was the first man from WCW to jump ship and join the NWO on an episode of Nitro. He was dominant as a member of the NWO stealing the United States Championship, and having a couple runs with the tag team belts as well.

5. Syxx 

How can we leave off the member of the Cliq? Syxx surprised everyone when he came over to WCW with the NWO, joining his buddies Hall and Nash to be a part of the massive stable. He held the Crusierweight Championship on a couple of occasions, and he too stole the US title from Eddie Guerrero. What is it with that US title? Did they really have to go and steal it twice?

4. Eric Bischoff

The WCW high executive was assaulted, and even power bombed off the stage when he confronted Hall and Nash shortly after their debut. He was about as critical of this group as anyone when he was doing broadcasting. So it came to a huge shock when he actually was the one calling the shots for the NWO, Bischoff had been the mastermind all along.

3. Hollywood Hogan

The third guy? Hogan came out during the six man tag team match between the Outsiders vs Sting. Luger and Savage. It had appeared as if Hogan was going to save the day, coming down wearing the Red and Yellow. That quickly changed when he dropped the leg on Savage, and joining Hall and Nash to officially form the NWO. Hogan was the wrestling leader of the group, holding the WCW/NWO Championship on several occasions.

2. Kevin Nash

Nash was the second man to arrive on scene joining his friend Scott Hall on Nitro. For many months, WCW thought that they were working for the WWE all along and simply invading. Nash took more money, when they did not have to pay him, and turned out to be part of the NWO for its entire existence. He also formed the Red and Black NWO called the Wolfpack, where there were seemingly three separate companies on one show. Nash also was the first to defeat Bill Goldberg to win the Heavyweight Championship at Starrcade, not even Hogan can say he did that.

1. Scott Hall

Scott Hall, or the cousin as David Snipes would like to say, was the first man to be seen in WCW even before the NWO was around. Like Nash, Hall was thought to have been working for the WWE, and he too was offered more money, which he took. While Hall never won the World Championship (crying shame), he was involved in a variety of main storylines, and along with Kevin Nash was a part of the NWO from its existence. He held the Tag team belts on a number of occasions, the United States Championship (officially, not stolen), and Television Championship. Hall would be the one to throw the TV title in the garbage saying the title was worthless, and basically seeing its demise.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the NWO countdown. Speaking of countdowns. Check out David’s new post on his Wrestling Top Ten video. on the top ten tag teams of the 80’s. It is basically a video segment of Pounding 7’s of the past. It is a good view, so check it out. See you next week.

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