CONGRATULATIONS everybody! We only have until Thursday December 14th to fight the FCC & the repeal of #NetNeutrality! That’s the day they vote for this awful thing
Thanks to John Oliver there’s a SUPER easy way to do this
Do you enjoy Netflix? Do you find yourself spending too much time on FB? If net neutrality goes away, our Internet bills go up and we give power to companies like Comcast and Spectrum.
Here’s what you can do – takes less than a minute.
1. Go to
(the shortcut John Oliver made to the hard-to-find FCC comment page)
2. Click on the 17-108 link (Restoring Internet Freedom)
2. Click on “express”
3. Be sure to hit “ENTER” after you put in your name & info so it registers.
4. In the comment section write, “I strongly support net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs.”
5. Click to submit, done. – Make sure you hit submit at the end!

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  1. The threat of the loss of net neutrality is another slap at you and me — the common user. I urge people to make their negative feelings about this known, especially to the FCC.

    At one time I was a member of the Board of Directors and also Treasurer of CPSR (Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility). Alas, that organization is now moribund, but it would have had a major impact on this effort if it were still alive!

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