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Hey there wrestling fans and welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we say goodbye to one of our panelist. Tyler has decided to resign from the Roundtable. We thank him for his contributions to the site. This week however, we will reveal our Final Four for our Singles Championship tournament. When we made the brackets, I was so hoping to see one of these matches. It is a dream match of sorts. And I cannot wait to see who makes the finals. Plus over the next couple of weeks we will start our end of year awards, that you the fans will be able to vote for the finalists. Every single vote counts, and instead of the fact of the day, I will go with the certain categories for the end of the year awards. Then, later this year, I will reveal the Finalists for the awards in a special edition RT.

Let’s not waste anytime, here is the updated bracket. It “almost” went chalk to the Final Four

Rowdy Roddy Piper
1 Arn Anderson
3 William Regal 2 Tully Blanchard

1. AJ Styles

The WWE Champion is ready to defend his title at the Clash against Jinder Mahal. Can the Phenominal one come out of the match still the champ?

2. Braun Strowman

Kane claims to be the only monster in the WWE, but Braun Strowman appears to be much more dominant than the big red monster.

3. Charlotte Flair

The Smackdown womens champion continues her winning ways after her win over Tamina. Can she retain her title against Natalya at the Clash?

4. Roman Reigns

The IC champion had a hard fought match against Jason Jordan on Raw, while he was victorious, it looks like Samoa Joe is hot on his tracks.

5. Samoa Joe

The Samoan submission machine has his sites set on the Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns. Is there gold in the mindset of Joe?

As promised we will be handing out the end of the year awards. Let’s call them the “Baggies” Here is the deal, you all vote for up to three to five superstars or matches for each category. You can vote simply by responding below, emailing me swhall03@gmaill.com or send me a Tweet @StephanHall #ask7pound. Your votes will be tabulated and in a couple of weeks we will have our finalists that we will vote for. Here are the categories.

Wrestler of the Year

Female Wrestler of the Year

Tag Team of the Year

Match of the Year

Shocking moment of the Year

Comeback of the Year

Again vote for three to five in each category and let me know who you would pick to nominate for each award. Have fun

Ronda Rousey recently send a video of her training for wrestling. It would appear that she is about ready to join the WWE as an active competitor. If you are booking it, how do you bring in Ronda Rousey into the WWE?

Steve: I am torn here, I honestly don’t have that much interest in having Ronda Rousey compete in the WWE. I mean she lost her last UFC matches pretty handedly. If she had joined after Wrestlemania 32, when she hip tossed Triple H, and put Stephanie in the arm lock. I would have loved to see it because here you have a dominant fighter entering the WWE. Now, she is just another female wrestler, who used to fight in the UFC. I would book her as a top heel and immediately have her start feuding with Asuka. If you really want to build her up, you have Rousey be the first one to defeat Asuka in a one on one match. However, first, you have her coming in and taking out female superstar after female superstar backstage, and not knowing who is behind the attacks. Then she is revealed, the crowd goes nuts, and she declares the WWE to be her territory now.

Frosh: First off, she needs to go undefeated for a while.  I am talking Asuka length or longer.  Second, she needs to be on Smackdown, to not have her go against Asuka.  Have the Riot Squad lay out the women’s division, be unstoppable, maybe have a few more women join, then have Rousey be the one to take them down.

Chad: I think you have to have Ronda and her horsewomen jump Charlotte and/or Becky after a match to possibly an MMA Horeswomen vs NXT/WWE Horsewomen match at Wrestlemania.

The WWE recently released long time composer Jim Johnston from the company after over 30 years of being in the business. He composed music for the likes of the Undertaker, The Ultimate Warrior, and Bret Hart. He was one of the longest tenured WWE employees in the business. What, if anything does this tell you about the direction of the WWE?

Steve: This is sad, and it really does not mean much for the WWE as far as the direction goes. He has not done much as far as music for them in quite some time, so it was probably the right decision to benefit Johnston first. It also says that no matter your tenure, your job may not be safe if you work for the WWE. As far as direction goes, I don’t see any changes, as they have been going the CFO route in most entrances anyway.

Frosh: I think that this will not affect much.  Jim is great, and a classic composer, but most of the new music is being done by CFO$.  And they are doing a great job.  Johnston may also be ready to move on.  If he still wants to work, he will find work.  He doesn’t need WWE.

Chad: Well with a lot of themes not being done by Johnston and WWE bringing in CFO as an in house band; I think of it as moer a of a cost cutting move as I can surmise that based on his success he was getting a nice payday. I think it’s way to trim costs and make the music more universal across the brand.

You have one…and only one person that you are able to induct into next years WWE Hall of Fame. I would like you to choose from guys who have thus far been alienated from the Hall of Fame, so guys like the Undertaker are disqualified from this discussion, as he will surely get in sooner rather than later. So lets go with wrestlers who have been retired for at least ten years. Kind of like a veterans committee. Who do you choose to get inducted and why?

Steve: This guy has won singles championships, Multiple tag team championships in both the NWA/WCW and the WWE. He took a gimmick that was supposed to go nowhere and made it one of the most talked about gimmicks in all of wrestling, even today. He fathered two current WWE superstars. He currently works backstage as a talent agent for the WWE, and has been involved in wrestling since the early 80’s. How can Mike Rotunda NOT be in the Hall of Fame? So many others have gone before him, and I would question the authenticity of their induction.. Koko B Ware? Snoop Dog? Come on, you are going to take a rapper, and a guy who never won a PPV match, and was pinned by Bobby Heenan at Wrestelemania before Mike Rotunda? It’s long overdue.

Frosh: Is there anyone else?  Mike Rotunda…How is I.R.S. not in the Hall of Fame?  But Koko B Ware is?  I am sure there are others, but this one really does stick out in my mind.

Chad: To me I  think the pick here is Vader he was a WCW Champion and WWF legend and I think it is long past time to get him in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Shane McMahon is set to be the guest referee for the tag team match between Owens/Zayn vs Orton and Nakamura. What will be the outcome of this match?

Steve: This is set up and all too predictable if you ask me. Shane is a McMahon, and McMahon’s screw people over (storyline wise).  Shane is going in with complete hatred towards Sami and Kevin Owens, so he is bound to screw them right? Nope, he is going to screw over Orton and Nakamura, and align himself with Owens and Zayn, turning heel in the process. This will cause a huge power struggle between Shane and Daniel Bryan. I think ultimately what will take place is that Shane McMahon fires Daniel Bryan as the GM. Bryan comes back and says “Okay, fine, if you are firing me as the GM, then I am going to challenge you to a match for complete control of Smackdown. Yes, Daniel Bryan will step foot in the ring one more time and face off against Shane McMahon.

Frosh: I am the first one to put my answer on this forum, so here it goes, PREDICTION TIME!  During the match, Shane will get knocked out, causing Daniel Bryan to come out and call the 1-2-3 with Owens and Zayn winning the match.  This will cause some kind of tension between Shane and Daniel, causing YET ANOTHER POWER STRUGGLE ANGLE, man, I can’t remember the last time we had one of those…wait, wasn’t that last year?…</start sarcasm> I just can’t get enough power struggle angles</end sarcasm>…..There is also the possibility of Shane turning heel. (Maybe an Owens/Zayn face turn?) So, YAY!  Not just a power struggle angle, but the HEEL AUTHORITY FIGURE ANGLE TOO!!!!  We just haven’t had enough of that!  Sigh….

Chad: This screams of Bryan either reversing the decision or the firing of the superstars in order to add more tension to the Bryan/McMahon relationship

Baron Corbin is set to defend the United States title against both Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler. Agree or Disagree? This will be the match of the night?

Steve: It is going to be a great match, however, I am going out on a limb here, and I think Jinder Mahal vs AJ Styles will be the match of the night. I think it has to be. It has been a while since the main event on a major event has been the best on the card. AJ, of course is arguably the best of the best, and Jinder Mahal can flat out work. They had a great match on Smackdown when Styles won the WWE Championship. I think this is going to top that and we are going to see a fantastic match. Don’t take anything away from the US title match, It has the athletes to make it top tier, but I have not been sold on the Ziggler vs Roode feud, and Corbin has been stiff as of late in the ring. I don’t see it carrying the show.

Frosh: It definitely has potential to be.  It is the most intriguing going in.  I hope they put the title on Roode.  The Owens/Zayn match is going to be predictable (See above), the Styles/Mahal match has potential too, and the tag match really doesn’t have any interest going into it.  The women’s title match will be a solid performance, but I am over Natalya/Charlotte, let’s move on….see a cash in, or get the Riot Squad in there.

Chad: Disagree, I think the 4 way Tag Title Match has a chance to really steal the show with all of the different elements in the match.

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