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This week’s questions and discussion…

1) What is your take on the Eli Manning/Giants situation?

It’s been that kind of season for Eli Manning and the Giants.

Chad: It sucks, but with the season they are having and the age of Eli they had to see what was there behind him. I think McAdoo is a goof as a coach as he was already fired.

Joe: I know a lot of the peeps who are bitching about how Eli got benched and ya know what? They are a bunch of hypocrites. These are the same people who earlier in the year, as well as in years past that I heard saying “Eli needs to get sat down.” Or, “Webb needs to be activated and played.” Now, they decry and moan how terribly Eli has been treated and how disrespectful it was. to such a great QB. And, I am willing to bet that a lot of the moaning and groaning  and the gnashing of teeth over how Eli got benched is the same bunch of hypocritical bull from the many of the Giant ticket holders/faithful faithful, too.


Yes, Eli was ill-treated by the Giants not because he got benched but how it was done. He needed to be sat down. And, it should have been started back when Coughlin was the coach. When games were out of hand… either in a big win or a big loss, Eli should have been sat down and whoever the backup QB was should have been inserted to get game experience.  McAdoo continued to do just as Coughlin did. He never once sat Eli down and brought in the backup although there were countless times he could have down that.

That brings us to now… Suddenly he decides: Bench Eli. See what we got in Geno and maybe Webb, too.

The point is this…

The manner in which Eli was benched was wrong and done disrespectfully. The fact he needed to be benched to see what the Giants had potentially to replace Eli, especially with their possible position in the upcoming draft, was the right thing to do. It was in the execution of the deed that the Giants… McAdoo… screwed up, not in the deed itself.

2) Sticking with Eli Manning… 

Has Eli played his last game as a Giant? Why? 

And, if he has played his last game as a Giant, then where you do see him ending up… with another team still playing in the NFL or sitting home with Peyton munching on Papa Johns? 

Giants QBs Geno Smith (left), Davis Webb (center) and Eli Manning

Chad: Yes… he has.

I just don’t see him coming back after the benching or playing back up to the rookie. I think when they benched him,  it was an unofficial release.

I could see Eli doing what his bro did and going to Denver. I feel like the defense is there to make another run at it. Jacksonville would be another intriguing option.

Joe: Actually, I don’t think he has played his last game. And, I thought that despite the recent actions by Giants ownership in firing McAdoo and Reese… Ben and Jerry. Which I thought was only an ice cream company and not a comedy act that ran the Giants.

I think Eli sticks around starts a fair amount of games and also mentors whoever the team decides is his replacement.

While I have been a big Eli detractor in the past year or two, I also thought Eli was not the worst QB in the league either. It was just that he was not as great as many tried to make out to be. He ain’t Brady, not even Peyton or Brees or whoever. He was, and at times still is, a competent to very good QB, who now could help teach a young QB the ins and outs of the game.

3) With their 38-31 loss to the Jets on Sunday, the Chiefs have now lost four in a row. The Chiefs also have lost six of seven, including an OT loss to the totally inept NY Giants, and what was once an “insurmountable” lead in their division is now a virtual tie between KC, Oakland and The LA Chargers… 

Is AFC West race now ripe for the Chargers to take?

Who wins the division? Why? 

Chad: Based on the schedules on recent performance, I say it comes down to the end of year matchup between Oakland and LA in Week 17 to determine the Champion. Which I will go with the surging Chargers.

Joe: I am going with the Chargers.

I  have been on record the last few weeks saying I never thought the Chiefs were that good to begin with and this is the beginning  of the end for them. Chargers come on in the end to win the division.

4) Jimmy Garoppolo débuted at QB for the 49ers on Sunday and was 26/37 with one INT and 293 yards. The 49ers made it into the red zone five times, yet failed to score a TD, in fact they never scored TD in the game but still won the game 15-14 due to five FGs.  The 49ers dominated in total yards (388-147) and time of possession (38:47-21:13.)  They also committed eight penalties, several near the end zone which is a big part of why they failed to score in the red zone.

Garoppolo’s rookie contract is set to expire in March. If, the 49ers wait until he is a free agent he still can be franchised but for some serious dollars… about $22 million. 

Is it time for the 49ers to offer Jimmy G a contract now before he become a free agent and they might have to franchise him? Why or why not? 

Jimmy Garoppolo

Chad: His performance wasn’t amazing but the team did win…on the road no less so yes I do start trying to sign long-term to make the trade you made with NE worth it and have him stay a few years.

Joe: Garoppolo’s performance was not an outstanding one but  it was decent, and if his teammates could have been a little more disciplined, who knows, maybe some of them FGs are turned into TDs. Then we night be saying Jimmy G. did great instead of just OK.

I say work out a deal now, before he really does shine and it’s too late.

5) New Orleans Saints’ QB Drew Brees is 39.

Drew Brees

He presently stands third on the all-time passing yards list (Brady is fourth and more than 4,000 yards behind Brees) with 69,140 with a shot to pass the leader Peyton Manning (71,940) before he retires.  He is also leads all QBs with a 66.8% completion percentage… better than Peyton Manning (65.3%) and Tom Brady (64%) who are generally accepted as the benchmark QBs of this era.

The Saints are relatively healthy this year with a nice running back tandem of Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara.  Overall as a team they are second in total offense as a team. Even their defense is relatively decent… 13th overall.  

In your opinion, is this a do or die season for Drew Brees to win his second Super Bowl and putting an exclamation point on his Hall of Fame Career? 

Chad: It’s as good of a chance as he is going to have as you don’t run into this much good health very often in an NFL season so I  will say that they need to go for it and try to win him the second super bowl.

Joe: Who knows what is in the cards for the Saints next year. This just might be Brees’ last chance to play in the spotlight and get that second, and probably last, ring for his HOF career.


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