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This week’s questions and discussion…

1) Reigning NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton is owed $295 million from 2018-27,- and removing that from the books would help the Miami Marlins’ new ownership group get back into the black. Stanton also has a no-trade clause in his contract but as of last Monday (11/27) it was made known that he has given the Marlins a list of teams that he would waive his no trade clause and accept a trade. Twitter-land is filled with rumors that say “… teams pursuing Giancarlo Stanton believe #Dodgers are his first choice, and that he will be reluctant to approve other destinations until there is clarity with LA.” 

IF, the Dodgers could work a deal with the Marlins for Stanton would that make the Dodgers the overwhelming “way too early” choice to win the World Series?

Giancarlo Stanton watches his 56th home run of the season. (Photo by Joe Skipper/Getty Images)

Joe: From what I have been reading and hearing, it doesn’t seem as if the Dodgers are even making any overtures to the Marlins about Stanton. I mean, who knows what is going on behind the scenes but usually if a team is interested in another team’s player in these days and times there is some type of leak/rumor being released somewhere.

Having said that, if Stanton is traded to the Dodgers,  then yes, that, in my mind, would make them at at least one of two or three of the teams in MLB that have a clear shot at going to the World Series in all of MLB, if not the number one team.

Steve: I honestly think the Dodgers are going to be the favorites without Stanton, so absolutely, they will be the odds on favorites to win the World Series next year with him. He would add to an already killer offense.

I do think the Dodgers need to focus on another top tier pitcher to compliment Kershaw.

2) Another Stanton rumor…

It is being reported that Stanton, or his reps, have met with both the Giants and the Cardinals and that the frame work is in place for a trade to be made from the Marlins upon Stanton’s acceptance. 

Let’s assume for the moment that these are the only two teams Stanton is willing to be traded… In your opinion which team would be the better team to be traded? Why?

Joe: I am going to make this short and sweet…

In my opinion, I do not see any way Stanton will go to any team NOT on the West Coast. He would go to the Giants in this scenario.

Steve: I would prefer it that he does not choose either of these teams. However, if I had to pick, I think the Giants are more suited for him.

They need an outfielder, and they have a hitter friendly ball park, he could regularly hit 50 HR a season at ATT park. 

3) According to, “The Babe Ruth of Japan,” Shohei Otani, will not be playing in the city where Ruth became a legend. Nor will he play where the Babe began his career.

The GMs of both teams say that they have been told by Otani’s representatives that their teams will not be invited to meet with the starter/slugger face-to-face. 

In fact, multiple reports, say the Twins, Athletics, Brewers, Pirates, Blue Jays, D’backs, White Sox, Mets and the Rays have all been told they are out. 

Brian Cashman, says that Otani seems to be leaning toward West Coast teams in smaller markets.

According to other reports, among them Ken Rosenthal of, seven teams are on Otani’s acceptable list… Dodgers, Giants, Padres, Angels, Mariners, Rangers and Cubs. 

Simply put, it is anyone’s guess what Otani is really looking. 

In your opinion, is this a smart move by Otani and his representatives?

Shohei Otani

Joe: You know, the question actually nails it at one point when it says, “…it is anyone’s guess what Otani is really looking.”

Because, he obviously is not looking for money… at least not immediately… or he would have waited until he was 25-years-old so he could be a full free agent, instead of being under some limited rookie rules or whatever the hell rule MLB has concocted to limit what some international players and domestic players can earn.

And, coming out with his “list” also is drastically restricting some of his possible markets where, if he has the instant success some folks are prediction for him, he could really go big time doing all sorts of paid promotional work… cities like NY or Boston or even Miami.

Added to this most of his cities are on the West Coast EXCEPT for the Rangers and Cubs… so, go figure there.. why the Rangers and Cubs?

So, overall I say no it’s not a smart move at all. But hell, who knows what this kid wants… but… if I was placing a bet on where he goes, I would pick either the Angels or the Mariners. Both teams have some decent or very good players, both teams need help and both teams would give him the opportunity to appeal to a wide established market  as close to Japan as could be.

Steve: I’m not sure.

I mean on one hand, eliminating teams can hurt your stock, and less teams are going to bid for you. However, by naming teams that are still in the hunt, that could make the bidding go freakin’ crazy, and they may fight that much harder to get him.

It could work either way I think. I could see it hurting and helping him at the same time.

4) The scuttlebutt is that GM Brain Cashman has recommended to Hal Steinbrenner that the Yankees hire Aaron Boone as the next manager of the team and that it’s all but a done deal already. (It’s now a done deal as of Wednesday when he was presented to the media as the manager.)  

While Hal is nothing like his father, is Boone under the gun to win the World Series or get canned? 

And if so, what time frame… how many years… does he have to complete the job?

New York Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner, left, GM Brian Cashman, center, present Aaron Boone as new manager (Mary Altaffer /AP photo)

Joe: Anyone taking the job to be the manager of the New York Yankees is under some sort of gun to win the World Series. Frankly, I am surprised that Girardi lasted as long as he did without bringing more than the one World Series title that he did in his ten years as the manager. But, it’s true… Hal is not George. (Thank the gods!)

BUT, now? With the very good nucleus… the very young and good nucleus… they have, with more coming up from the minors… I give Boone no more than the length of his contract to get to the World Series and probably having to win it , too. And, that is three years.

Steve: It’s hard to tell. I cannot imagine Boone getting a long leash. I mean, if you are going to basically fire a top five manager of the year candidate, and a guy who took your team to Game 7 of the ALCS, then I cant imagine anyone is safe for the Yankees.

I think ,they are back to the mentality World Series or bust. I give Boone three years to win the World Series or he will be on the outs.

5) It’s been a slow off-season so far as we noted in last week’s MLBRT… in your opinion, once the Stanton and Otani shoes drop do you think the free agent floodgates will be bursting open with a great movement of signings? 

Joe: I think since Otani gave out his list and there is a rumor that Stanton gave out a list to the Marlins that he would accept being traded to, there are already cracks in the dam and teams are starting to maneuver to sign players.

Once it appears as if these two players are off the market for good…

Watch out!

Steve: I think the clubs are waiting to see who is available after two teams are going to spend an astronomical amount of money on either Stanton or Otani. They may be holding out for one of these two.

So yes, once they are signed, then the floodgates will open, and those top free agents are going to get signed and fast.

Lou Gehrig delivered his famed “Luckiest Man” speech in front of a sold out crowd in Yankee Stadium, On July 4, 1939

Extra Innings…

Today in Baseball History…

December 7th, 1939…

Lou Gehrig, who played in his last major league game on June 30th this season, is elected to the Hall of Fame.

The five-year waiting rule is waived because of the Yankees first baseman’s diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).



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