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In today’s column there’s a lot of information and opinion about how congress uses our taxes and wants to tax we the people and those other people… the 1% or Big Everything That We Ain’t… but first…

Murder by illegal immigrants… unless it  isn’t

Buried deep inside the guts of the Friday (12/1) issue New York Daily News…OK maybe “deep inside the guts of” is a slight exaggeration… but it is on page 12; in a barely two-inch column, if that, and just 68 words…  is this tidbit… “Border agent death ‘accident’”

Now to be fair, there was a larger news report in Thursday’s online Daily News, but in my copy of the newspaper… yeah that thing that is usually about 30 to 40 pages with news covering local national and world events that is printed on rather cheap paper that is coincidentally labelled news print… but in my copy of the NYDN there was no mention of this report.

What, you may ask… what the hell is this dolt prattling on about?

Martinez’ body was found near the Mexican border. (Christian Torres/AP)

Remember back on November 18th, or thereabouts, when a U.S. border patrol agent, Rogelio Martinez, was found dead with traumatic head injuries and broken bones on the side of a busy road outside El Paso on Nov. 18?  Also found was the agent’s partner, who for whatever reason has not been identified, who himself had very serious injuries but survived and remains in a hospital.

Remember that?

Martinez, and his unidentified partner were sent to an unspecified incident near Interstate 10 and the Van Horn Station jurisdiction along the Mexico border and at some point after both agents were hurt his injured partner was able to call for assistance. Colleagues rushed to their assistance and you know enough of the rest.

Except maybe this…

Remember also at that time, needle nose the bug fucker with the little hands and smaller balls but big loud mouth and a bigger self-serving ego tweeted, “Border Patrol Officer killed at Southern Border, another badly hurt. We will seek out and bring to justice those responsible. We will, and must, build the Wall!”

Less than 24-hours after Agent Rogelio Martinez’ death Trumpty Dumpty, the mentally deficient leader of the so-called free world, was out and about sowing seeds of hate, racism, fear and division.

He wasn’t alone in his scare tactics though… shortly after Trumpty issued his tweet, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Greg Abbott, both elephants, also issued words that said the agent had been “killed.” Cruz emphasized the fact of Martinez’s death being murder most foul when he said, “a stark reminder of the ongoing threat that an unsecure border poses to the safety of our communities.”

In fact, it was Cruz who was the very first uninformed idiot (or informed idiot but purposefully negligent in his practice of fair play and justice… you pick) who was Johnny-on-the -spot and issued this “slightly” assumptive and prejudiced statement… “Our condolences and prayers go out to the family and friends of Border Patrol Agency Rogelio Martinez, who was killed this morning in the line of duty. We are also praying for the full recovery of his partner, who was also attacked.” (Italics are all mine.)

The National Border Patrol Council, which endorsed Trump’s presidential bid, added that the two border agents were attacked and struck with a rock, or rocks, by undocumented immigrants. In other words, they said the agents were stoned… one to death and the other seriously injured… by wetbacks.

FBI Posters asking for information

They didn’t say the word wetbacks but that was certainly being inferred.

Even the Department of Justice got into the act, albeit by couching their words, when they issued “wanted posters” that said they were seeking information on a “potential assault on an officer” and would give out “a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to the resolution of this case.”

Why I being so “untoward” toward these schmucks… ahem… people and the Council?

Because there was never any specific evidence an attack ever took place. Right from jump street… while no possibility was ever immediately ruled out… the incident was called in to the locals as a request to assist in an injury NOT as an assault.

And that has now been verified… after two weeks of no news, Culberson County Sheriff Oscar Carillo has now told the  Dallas Morning News, “From the beginning we were radioed to assist in the incident as an injury, not an assault. That’s the way it was communicated to us.”

And why would he be telling the News this?


U.S. Border Patrol Agents carry the body of fellow Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez to his final resting place

Sheriff Carillo, who was one of the first responders on the scene, is now saying that there have been a number of accidents on the heavily trafficked roadway…  I10…with truckers accidentally swerving out of their lanes because of heavy wind drafts. And, he now believes… not thinks or supposes… but the more definitive word believes…  a truck struck Agent Martinez and his partner.

Carillo also told the Dallas News, “If this was an assault, believe me, as sheriff, I’d be the first one out there emphasizing safety in our community and with our deputies, pairing them up. But from what I know and see, that was not the case here.”

Got all of that?

The U.S. border patrol agent whose death earlier was called by Trumpty Dumpty and other self-serving elephants who were spreading fear and hate and dissension regarding immigrants… the border agent  was accidentally hit by a truck which ultimately caused injuries that resulted in death. An accident. He was not attacked… not stoned…not murdered  by undocumented immigrants.

So why is this not more publicize? If not front page news at least page two or three?

Why haven’t Trumpty and his lackey press secretary issuing mea culpas, mea culpas, mea maximum culpas all over the damn universe? At the minimum a retraction of his racist words from November?

Because, he did what he intended to do.

He spread his lies, or at the very least his malicious and divisive words, thereby planting in many heads, especially his followers heads, the idea that undocumented migrants from Mexico… as well as other places… are causing a big part, if not all, of the woes that we the people are enduring these days… as well as committing major crimes against us all. They threaten our communities… they threaten our families… our women and children… they threaten all that is damn fucking holy in America and they need to be stopped once and for all.

Our woes will be fixed by building a damn wall and keeping those damn foreigners out of America. Not by any thing else… like better health care, better wages, better education, better whatever else is needed by we the people. Just stop them damn foreigner sons of bitches from coming in and ruining America the Beautiful.

Hitler once said “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. Here, as so often in this world, persistence is the first and most important requirement for success.” (volume 1, chapter 6 of Mein Kampf.)

The United States Office of Strategic Services in describing Hitler’s psychological profile said, His primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.

Remember that when Trumpty Dumpty and his minions speak their words of hate.

At least do your research… and then think for yourself… don’t just hear and then succumb and obey.

Trickle down…

It’s pretty much a forgone conclusion that the so-called Tax Reform bill being proposed by both houses of the elephant led Congress will mean more profits for many mega corporations. The fact is either version means more wealth in the form of earnings and profit after taxes will be realized by Big Business. The prevailing argument by most elephants is that this is good for all us working stiffs because Big Business will return that money into more jobs and better wages for employees thereby stimulating the economy. And that is a very good thing for America. All of America.

Here’s another clue for you all…

Both versions of the tax bill is bushwa. Complete bullshit.

Big Business peeps are letting it be known that any gains their companies make from corporate tax cuts proposed in the elephant’s tax plan will be pumped into providing more earnings for their shareholders. Proving one more time that the only stuff raining down upon we the working people from the elephants and their damn trickledown theory is unadulterated bushwa

According to a recent Bloomberg News report, after the White House released a paper in October arguing that a corporate tax cut would boost wages, chief executive of Amgen Inc., Robert Bradway said, that the company is “actively returning capital in the form of growing dividend and buyback.”

These comments were echoed by many other high-level executives including Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey, Pfizer Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Frank D’Amelio and Cisco CFO Kelly Kramer.

During an event for The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council an editor asked any CEOs in attendance to raise their hands: “If the tax-reform bill goes through, do you plan to increase investment… your company’s investment, capital investment?”

Very few raised their hand.

A Chief White House economic puke who was there asked, “Why aren’t the other hands up?”


Because Mr. Chief White House puke, your theory that if the corporate tax rate was cut, it would make it less expensive for companies to invest in capital assets such as machines, and that if more assets like machines were available then that would let workers produce more, and that with more production there would arguably be more sales and more profits thus letting Big Business give the workers higher wages is a complete crock… bushwa… in a word… FUCKING BULLSHIT.

OK that is two words… but I hope ya’ll get the idea.

The elephants entire theory is predicated upon one assumption and fairy tale.

That if Big Businees is given more money, they will share it.

More money for Big Business has generally never meant more money for the workers. It simply has meant more for the owners… and the investors… of the Big Businesses.

It’s always been that way.

The only way Big Business has ever “willingly” gave workers more money… higher wages and/or benefits (such as health insurance) is if the workers organized… unions… and withhold their services… usually in the form of a strike or threat of a strike… and/or the federal or state government enacted laws… such as a minimum wage law.

No right-thinking capitalist would ever, just out of the kindness and goodness of their hearts, take money they suddenly found in their hands and just give it away in the form of higher wages to their workers, who to most capitalists are really nothing more than another asset in and of themselves just like any other asset they employ to help them make money. They would just pocket it as they have always done. How the hell do you think they became a rich money grubbing capitalist to begin with any way? Surely by not giving their profits away and that includes in investing any more of their money into assets like machines. Why would they? The machines they have sufficiently are used by the workers they employ to produce  enough to meet demand at a tidy profit already.

Next thing you’ll tell me is there won’t be no poverty in America either. That Big Business will make the entire 40 million listed by the census bureau as being actually under the poverty level erased because Big Business is writing a big check and creating factories and whatnot to give all them folks jobs with a living wage.

Crazy thinking huh?

Disgraced ex-congressman Eric Massa settled sexual harassment charges from a least two male staffers for an estimated $100,000 of Rax payers money.

Congress spent tax money on what?

News Item… Multiple sources have told ABC News that the Congressional Office of Compliance paid out settlements to at least two of disgraced New York donkey Eric Massa’s ex-staffers .. and there could be more… after he resigned in 2010 amid disturbing allegations that he had groped and sexually harassed young male coworkers.

The young men who accused Massa of sexual harassment were brought off with payments of nearly $100,000 in taxpayer money in exchange for their keeping mum on the subject.

When asked about the payments, a spokesperson for the Compliance Office said due to confidentially concerns they could not comment on the possible payments.

Massa, who represented the 29th Congressional district in upstate New York, resigned his congressional seat  while he was under a House Ethics Committee investigation. He eventually did admit that he had groped at least one male staff employee.

This news about Massa came out as information was discovered that over the past twenty years or so… since 1995… the Compliance Office has been able to take taxpayer dollars from the Treasury Department and has paid out more than $17 million of we the peoples’ money to hush people up about sexual harassment claims against Congress members.

California Rep. Jacki Speier first flagged the $17 million figure earlier this month and she, along with bipartisan support, has introduced a bill that would require Congress to divulge the names of representatives whose sexual harassment cases are settled by the Compliance Office.

OK. Stop right here…

I don’t give a good goddamn if it is an elephant… a donkey… a commie… a tea partier… a bother from another planet… whomever and of whichever political bent… WHY THE FUCK is congress paying off anyone to shut the fuck up about being sexually molested?  And, its damn right that each and every one of these creeps in Congress be exposed… stripped bare so to speak… to be revealed for the creeps that they are. No one has a right to sexually harass any one… male or female… with unwanted sexual innuendo or sexual acts, including touching or groping.

If, it takes a goddamn law to reveal this bullshit about the government using we the peoples’ taxes to pay hush money, then so be it. But all logic should have said from the get go, “Hell no, Mr. Congresspeep, we won’t pay for your bullshit.”

Logic… there I go again assuming congressional people can think in logical terms… but… logic should say that any congresspeep involved in sexual harassment should either admit what he… or she… did wrong and suffer the consequences… both in prestige and money or get yourself a lawyer and still suffer the consequences when all is said and done. At the least if any deal is made let it be after the public knows about any connection any congresspeep has had with harassment and let it be made with the congresspeep’s money.

At no point should our taxes be used to pay off victims of workplace harassment claims by congressional staff members.

Not ever!

Remember this…

It’s less than a year from the date of this column being published…

I don’t care who they are… what party they are from… vote all the damn liars out of office… vote all the damn sex abusers out of office… vote all the damn obstruction of justice assholes out of office… and finally vote out of office any damn fool congressperson who tried to bullshit America into thinking the elephant tax bill would be good for anyone except the 1%.

Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, far left, John McCain, R-Ariz., middle, and Susan Collins, R-Maine, right, all voted against the Senate repeal of ACA but now vote for Tax Bill

Especially, the damn lying elephants who tried to pull the wool over our eyes by voting against the elephants attempts… twice… to repeal the Affordable Care Act and then they go and vote for the Senate tax bill that has a bullshit clause in it that would end the individual health care mandate which requires all Americans to sign up for health care or be penalized by a penalty to be collected by the IRS… specifically that would include the elephant phonys… John McCain, (R-Ariz.), Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska).

It was these three elephants who voted no and defeated an Obamacare repeal bill.

Now,they are on board with passing an elephant Senate Tax Reform Bill that among other things includes a repeal of the individual mandate, essentially defeating the purpose of the Affordable Care Act which would effectively mean millions could lose their now “affordable” health care, as well as other specific clauses or amendments strewn throughout the bill that will be detrimental to the elderly, the poor, the working class and the middle class.

For instance…

Colossal Cuts to Health and Social Insurance Programs

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the passing of the tax package would cut as much as $25 million from the Medicare budget next year.

That means 59 million Americans 65 or older could … will probably…  see their benefits cut in some manner. These are people who have access to the least amount income and usually rely upon Medicare for their health needs.

The House version of the tax bill would result in $25 billion in cuts to Medicare in fiscal year 2018 and hundreds of billions of dollars… maybe $400 billion… of cuts to the program overall.

It is not melodramatic to say that some of these people may die because they will not have access to needed medical facilities, professionals or prescription medicines to keep them healthy and functioning.

The tax package also repeals the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act which requires most people to have some form of health insurance, or else pay a tax penalty.

If the mandate is repealed, about 13 million people could lose health care coverage and the cost of policies in the health insurance marketplace will increase by approximately 10 percent by 2027.

That may seem like a small amount, but when people’s pay checks have barely moved and the cost of living has risen tremendously, few people will be able to afford even that added cost and that will lead to many just dropping their healthcare insurance and cross their ever-loving fingers and hope they and their families somehow stay healthy. It will be a choice between paying the rent, buying food, putting clothes on their children’s bodies or shoes on their feet, or whatever other necessity people need to live from one day to the next.

All three of the above elephants were oh so concerned about the effect of repealing the Affordable Care Act when the elephants tried to repeal it not so long ago and voted “No.” But, now… they just don’t seem to give a fuck. Do they?

And, as if that isn’t enough, many elephants are starting to squeak and squawk that if they can pass this tax bill, then maybe they can make spending cuts in programs like Social Security also.

Allows Drilling for Oil on Protected Lands

Both the Senate and House tax bills include clauses that would Big Oil to drill into Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Established by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1960, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one of the world’s last wild places, spreading over nearly 20 million acres from Alaska’s coasts to mountain peaks.

Since then, the oil and gas industry has hankering to desecrate the land with their drilling machines so they can bore into the Arctic Refuge and cause untold upheaval to the environment as well as potential devastating oil spills.

Lisa Murkowski, Alaska’s elephant senator who has been an advocate for Big Oil and their desire to drill in the protected land, wrote a bill that allows Big Oil to have their wishes granted and that bill is attached onto the elephant’s so-called tax reform overhaul.

Makes College Education Less Affordable/Forces graduate students to pay taxes on waived tuition

The House-passed tax bill rescinds the interest deduction for student loans; eliminates the $2,500 tax credit available to parents; taxes on tuition waivers as income for graduate students; and places a tax on college endowments, reducing the funds more than 150 colleges across the country have for scholarships for students in need of financial aid.

Proceeds from college endowments support students from lower-income families, which allows students from all backgrounds to graduate with less debt… rather than adding to the already large enough amount they are already ladened down with when they graduate from most institutions of higher learning.  Any eliminations or added taxes will limit the number of students colleges can subsidize, creating an educational disparity between people of working class and middle calls backgrounds and those of the more wealthy backgrounds… i.e. the upper class.

Amanda M. Grannas, a professor of chemistry at Villanova University, said in a U.S. News op-ed, “This change to the tax code will decimate U.S. graduate education and could make U.S. progress in STEM fields in particular grind to a halt”

Other realities about the elephant tax reform…

Gives most of the tax cuts to the richest 1%. The share of tax cuts going to the richest 1% is 62% in 2027, up from 18% in 2019. Their tax cut will be $33,000 in 2027, on average. (Tax Policy Center (TPC))

Raises taxes on 87 million middle-class families by 2027 to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations. That is one-half of all households making less than $200,000 a year. 67 million households making less than $100,000 a year would also pay more in taxes after the temporary tax cuts for individuals expire. (TPC )

Income Range # of Taxpayers Pct w Tax Increase # With Tax Increase Avg. Tax Increase
Less than $10,000 11,720,000 5.8% 679,760 $30
$10,000-$20,000 19,720,000 37.1% 7,316,120 $60
$20,000-$30,000 23,050,000 44.5% 10,257,250 $120
$30,000-$40,000 17,940,000 52.6% 9,436,440 $140
$40,000-$50,000 13,980,000 60.2% 8,415,960 $140
$50,000-$75,000 28,590,000 66.1% 18,897,990 $140
$75,000-$100,000 18,870,000 63.1% 11,906,970 $140
$100,000-$200,000 35,420,000 57.6% 20,401,920 $200
$200,000-$500,000 13,520,000 43.4% 5,867,680 $440
$500,000-$1 million 1,580,000 26.7% 421,860 $810
More than $1 million 1,070,000 15.2% 162,640 $1,010
All 186,640,000 50.3% 93,879,920 $170
Less than $100,000 133,870,000 50% 66,910,490 $127
Less than $200,000 169,290,000 52% 87,312,410 $144
Source: Tax Policy Center, Table T-17-0278, Nov. 20, 2017

Makes corporate tax cuts permanent, but makes tax cuts for individuals and families temporary. All the tax cuts that benefit the middle-class will expire after 2025, while the corporate tax cuts are permanent. The plan makes permanent changes to the way tax brackets are adjusted for inflation, resulting in a growing tax increase over time. (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP))

Lets many wealthy heirs avoid paying the estate tax. The estate tax is substantially weakened, losing $83 billion and allowing more rich families to inherit wealth tax-free. The tax now only applies to estates worth over $5.5 million per person or $11 million per couple—about 5,500 estates. Under the bill, only estates worth at least $11 million per person or $22 million per couple (about 1,800 estates) would pay the tax. (Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT), TPC, CBPP)

Helps Donald Trump pay much less in taxes. The plan repeals the alternative minimum tax (AMT), losing $770 billion. Without the AMT, Trump would have paid just a 4% tax rate on $153 million in income one year. But thanks to the AMT, he paid $38 million for a tax rate of 25%. The Trump family also benefits handsomely from the pass-through loophole and the estate tax cuts. [JCT and New York Times)

Hands a $565 billion tax cut to offshore tax dodgers. American corporations have $2.6 trillion in profits stashed offshore on which they owe $750 billion in U.S. taxes. Rather than make them pay what they owe, like all the rest of us do, the tax plan will charge them only $185 billion—over a half-trillion-dollar discount. (Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) and JCT)

Need I keep going?

The elephants are out to fuck the poor and the working and middle classes…

Vote in 2018 if you value your life. 

Another thousand words…

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