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The top seven BEST members of the Four Horsemen

Last week, I sat at my computer pondering on if I should actually post the top seven worst members of the Four Horsemen in fear that I would lose my job here with adding Tully Blanchard. I think I made a pretty damn good argument. Never the less, I am back again this week, and I will reverse the fortune and countdown the top seven BEST members of the Four Horsemen. This list was a tad easier to come up with than last week, and I don’t feel like my job would be in jeopardy for this one. So let’s get to it.

7. Lex Luger

Luger joined the Horsemen in 1987, as a rookie in the business. He had the look, and talent to be one of the best in the business. However, his goals overshadowed what he could have been as part of the Horsemen, as he was kicked out of the group when he did not agree with the direction of the faction. He would go on to feud with the Horsemen for nearly his entire NWA/WCW career, but would never get the best of them. His great run as United States Champion in 1987, made Luger a solid member of the group, and one can only wonder what could have been, had he stayed?

6. Chris Benoit

Uh Oh… I said his name. So with that, I will never be hired by the WWE for virtually anything moving forward. You cannot argue with this selection though. Chris Benoit had the technical ability to be one of the best. He was a lot like the Tully Blanchard of the group with his different arsenal of moves. He was arguably the best wrestler on the Horsemen during the mid to late 90’s. He held the US, TV, and even the WCW World Heavyweight Championship during his career. While you can pretend that he never existed, you cannot deny his talent.

5. Ole Anderson

The Boss as he was referred to to many members of the Horsemen. Ole Anderson was considered the patriarch of the Horsemen. He was a member of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew along with Arn Anderson, and then essentially managed the group in 1989 and 1990, all while still actively wrestling for the group. Anderson, was the one who delivered the news to Sting when he was kicked out of the group in 1990.

4. Tully Blanchard

Wait What? Tully Blanchard? Wasnt he on the worst Horsemen list last week? Yeah he sure was, but let’s be fair and real here, the only reason he was on that list was because of Paul Roma. Blanchard talked the talk, walked the walk, and was really the profile of what a Horsemen should be. US Champion, TV Champion, Tag Team Champion. Blanchard did it all. Had he not left the NWA in 1989, he could have been in the top three.

3. Barry Windham

Barry Windham joined the Horsemen in 1988, after he turned on his tag team partner Lex Luger in a tag team championship match. He immediately made a name for himself and changed his identity. He became one of the best Horsemen to ever lace up the boots, as he was the NWA United States Champion for nearly a year as a member of the Horsemen. His contributions were so good, he was one of the five that were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

2. Arn Anderson

No one took more pride to be a member of the Horsemen than the Enforcer Arn Anderson. Anderson, along side Flair was a senior member of the faction from its start, and was a member all the way until he retired from the ring as a whole. Anderson was a multiple time Television champion, and Multiple time tag team champion with multiple members of the Horsemen, even Paul freakin Roma. Yeah Anderson carried that team, but it shows you the pride he took in being a member, as he was one of the best.

1. Nature Boy Ric Flair

Could there be another? Ric Flair is one of just two, along side Arn Anderson to have been a member of the Horsemen from its start back in the early 80’s, and all the way until the late 90’s. Flair as we all know was a multiple time World Champion, and United States Champion, all while being the leader of the Four Horsemen for so many years. You cannot say the name Four Horsemen without saying the name Ric Flair… WHOOOOOO!!!!

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