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Hey there Wrestling Fans, welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. This week, we are in the Elite 8 of the Singles Champions tournament. Will there be any more upsets? How far can the 11 seeds go?

Here is the updated bracket for the Elite 8 of our Singles Championship Tournament.

Rowdy Roddy Piper
1 Arn Anderson
2 Goldust 11 Magnum TA
8 Val Venis 1 Razor Ramon
3 William Regal 2 Tully Blanchard

1. AJ Styles

The WWE Champion rebounds and regains the number one spot. Jinder Mahal is waiting for him though for the Clash of Champions.

2. Braun Strowman

After a beatdown against Kane last week on Raw, Strowman looks unstoppable once again.

3. Brock Lesnar

Maybe someone should let the Universal Champion know that you need to at least appear if you want to keep your top spot on these Power Rankings. Yes, Im sure he is at home reading this right now making his plans to appear on Raw.

4. Charlotte Flair

The Smackdown women’s champion looks good with the gold around her waste. She has some stiff competition ahead of her.

5. Kevin Owens

The former Universal Champion just missed being fired a week ago, but rebounded nicely with a win over 12 time World Champion Randy Orton

The first ever WarGames was held at the Great American Bash 1987, which was not on a pay per view, but was in fact released on video cassette. The match featured The Road Warriors, Paul Ellering, Dusty Rhodes, and Nikita Koloff vs The Four Horsemen and JJ Dillon. The Road Warriors and company won the match after they forced JJ Dillon to submit after he nearly broke his arm in the match. The match was essentially created for the Four Horsemen, and thought up by Dusty Rhodes. This match was one of two in the month of July 1987, as they had a rematch called War Games 2. Same teams, except the Horsemen would have a man called War Machine, who replaced JJ Dillon. The War Machine was none other than the Big Boss Man. Same result, the good guys one as they forced the War Machine to submit.

So far, as it pertains to ratings and views, 205 LIVE has not been a success. What should the WWE do in order to garner more attention for the Cruiserweights?

Steve: Cancel it. Seriously, I have no desire to see the Cruiserweights. I have never liked the Cruiserweight division, even in WCW or in the early 2000’s for WWE. It is nothing special anymore. There is a reason that is is not drawing, and that is because it sucks. Enzo is alright, but outside of him, there is nothing special.

Frosh: I don’t think the cruiserweights need their own show.  With a 3 hour RAW, that is more than enough time to give some spotlight to the cruiserweight division.  Maybe bring back a show like Superstars or Heat, or something, give some of the lower card something to do.  I have said it before, the cruiserweights used to be unique. But now you have main eventers like AJ Styles and Finn Balor doing the same moves the cruiserweights can do.  They need something to set them apart.

Chad: I think you did get more compelling stories and different stars in even if for a week to garner attention to the program

Last weekend, the WWE brought back Starrcade, a former WCW major pay per view event. This was not shown on the WWE network, but was well hyped. Was this a mistake to not air Starrcade?

Steve: I was freakin stoked when I heard that Starrcade was going to be a part of the WWE, then they dropped the hammer and said “Nah we aint gonna let anyone else watch it unless you are a part of the LIVE crowd.” Awful decision WWE, this is a history making type event, you had legends appear, and you missed a great opportunity to get some of your old school fans back to be a part of the current product. It also could have give the younger generation a history lesson on what wrestling once was.

Frosh: I have no idea why you would not air it.  How else can you build hype for it? Maybe build into something like being a post WrestleMania big time PPV in the May or June slot.  It is a similar issue I had with WarGames only being on the NXT roster.  You won’t get the casual WWE fan to experience it and is hard to build up the hype.

Chad: I think so, I know the network has shown house shows like in MSG or the one in Tokyo but  was surprised they made this big a deal about it and had the special apperances and not air seemed really weird.

Agree or Disagree: The Braun Strowman vs Kane feud is going to be great?

Steve: It is setting up to be great. I like how they have closed Raw the last two weeks literally killing each other. I feel though that the feud will be over hyped and people will get bored with it really fast. I like how it has started, and will anticipate where they go with it. Strowman better go over in this feud though because if a fifty year old Kane gets the best of Strowman, then Strowman might as well pack it up and go to TNA.

Frosh: It could be really good, but I don’t know about great.  I think it is obvious that Strowman goes over.  Kane still has it in him to give really strong matches.  Strowman is a strong up and coming contender for top guy.  I just feel like we have seen Giant vs Giant, or Monster vs Monster before, in various forms involving Undertaker, Kane, Big Show, Lesnar, etc.

Chad: No,, Kane just doesn’t look the same as we have seen in the past because he is older and I think he still in good running for Mayor of Knox County.

Agree or Disagree: Jinder Mahal will beat AJ Styles and regain the WWE Championship?

Steve: I could agree with this just for Mahal being the champion going into the India tour. However, if he does win it back, it will be short lived, as I think the WWE is setting up for AJ vs Nakamura at Wrestlemania. As a fan standpoint, I would hope that the Mahal project is over. It was a nice change, and he did a very good job as champion, but I feel like he will ultimately get relegated back to mid card status.

Frosh: I want to agree.  I would like to see Mahal back as champion.  But I think they are going to move forward from that.  I don’t think Mahal will be back to the bottom of the card by any means, but will be stuck in some mid card feuds, maybe take the US title off of Roode after Roode wins it from Corbin.  That would be amusing to see Mahal with the US title.

Chad: Disagree, just because I want to see Styles/Nakamura for the Belt at Wrestlemania which they pretty much teased at Money in the Bank.

You get to run WWE for a moment. Your job is to turn two wrestlers face and two wrestlers heel. Who do you pick and why?

Steve: The two heels have to be Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. They turn on Rollins as a form of payback for when Rollins turned on them several years ago. They will join forces and call it the three or four year revenge. As for the two faces, I would like to see what Alexa Bliss could do as a face. She is legitimately a nice person backstage, and with her role on Total Divas now, I think she would flourish as a face. I think I would also turn Braun Strowman as a face. He is already super over with the fans, and they have already teased the turn. He could really give Lesnar another serious run for the championship.

Frosh: Heel turns – John Cena and Roman Reigns.  WWE just needs to pull the trigger on these.  With John being a part timer, it is a perfect opportunity to have him come back as a heel and join the Authority.  Reigns needs to as well.  The fans already boo him, at least if he is a heel it will be because they are supposed to boo him.

Face Turns – Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt – Alexa could do awesome as a face.  Her work on total divas, especially talking about her eating disorder issues is inspiring.  As for Wyatt, he needs a change.  Undertaker was heel for a while but really took off as a face when he joined the All Americans at Survivor Series ’93, which led to his great feud with Yokozuna.  The same could happen to Wyatt.  Turn him face, have him start a great feud with a certain Samoan Monster…just sayin’.

Chad: Heel- Jason Jordan, I think It’s coming just to go against his father for the predicaments he’s had lately with Kane and Braun Strowman.

    Heel- Dean Ambrose- Eventually I’d like to see a Heel Lunatic Fringe running rampant all by himself and we’ve only seen him heel in the Shield when it first debuted
   Face- Anderson & Gallows- To Join forces with Finn Balor and form the Club to rampant on Raw in place of disbanded Shield.

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