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The top seven WORST members of the Four Horsemen

This week’s countdown, may get me banned from the site as I will countdown the Top 7 WORST members of the most famous faction in the world of wrestling. The Four Horsemen. this list was not easy to come by, but I have gone through every major member of the Horsemen, and found the worst members of all time. So let’s not waste any time. Let’s get to the countdown!

7. Tully Blanchard

Okay okay okay, before you get your panties in a bunch, let me explain here. Tully is without a doubt one of the best Horsemen that ever laced up the boots. He was a champion, he was a great worker, great talker, and looked the part. However, why does Tully Blanchard get on the worst list. It is very simple. When he was set to rejoin the Horsemen in 1993, he failed a drug test, and he was not allowed back into WCW. What we got for his replacement, is the number one worst member of the Four Horsemen of all time. So on talent, he is the best, but on stupidity he is the worst that gave us the worst.

6. Sid Vicious

Alright, Sid was not THAT bad, but he just didnt fit the part of what a member of the Four Horsement should be. He was huge, he was a bully, he was more or less a mercanary for the Horsemen. He never really did too much as a member of the Horsemen either, so he has to be on this list, even though he was in the World title picture during his short run with the group.

5. Brian Pillman

Brian Pillman could be higher up on this list. Just like Sid, Pillman just did not fit in with the aura of what the Horsemen were about. He was a loose cannon, he never dressed the part, and he was all over the place with his Loose Cannon persona. It is no surprise that Pillman makes this list as of of the worst Horsemen.

4. Curt Hennig

When Hennig arrived in WCW, he was given the spot of Arn Anderson on the Horsemen. It was a huge honor for anyone to take his spot, as he would make a list as one of the best Horsemen of all time. It backfired though, as Hennig only joined the Four Horsemen to turn on Ric Flair, and that is exactly what he did during War Games, as he slammed Flair’s head into the door of the massive cage.

3. Steve McMichael

I really don’t need to explain myself here. Sure, Mongo won the United States Championship while a member of the Horsemen, but his in ring style was less than bad. This guy just could not work, speak, or do much of anything. He just did not fit in a member of the stable. Again had it not be for these next two guys, he could be even higher up on the list.

2. Sting

Sting? Really? Sting is on a list as a worst? Many don’t remember that Sting was actually a member of the Four Horsemen, only for a little over a month. He joined the group in January of 1990, and was exiled from the group a month later, as he signed to face the leader Ric Flair for the NWA World Championship. Ric Flair and company quickly removed Sting from the group as they attacked him at Clash of Champions X.

1. Paul Roma

Not even close here. Paul Roma, who was the replacement for Tully Blanchard. Tully fucking Blanchard (Sorry Tully, I know you are a devoted Christian now), but still Paul Roma over Tully? You could not have gotten ANYONE else to replace Blanchard in 1993? Roma made no sense and looked about as far out of place as one could be in the Four Horsemen. Worst Horsemen ever? Yep, has to be Paul Roma.

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