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Happy Black Friday everyone and welcome to the Wrestling Roundtable. We at 7poundbag.com all hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and get ready for the holiday season. We don’t take a day off on the Roundtable, and this week we discuss the fallout of Survivor Series, Wargames, and NXT. We weigh in on all of this and much much more.

Here is the updated Bracket for our Singles Champions Tournament. A lot of huge upsets already in this tournament as we are in the Sweet 16. A number one is gone, A number two is gone. And two 11 seeds have made the Sweet 16. Who will advance to the Elite 8? It is entirely up to you.

Rowdy Roddy Piper
1 Arn Anderson
5 Kofi Kingston 4
The Honky Tonk Man
3 Greg Valentine 11 Magnum TA
2 Goldust 2
The British Bulldog
8 Val Venis 1 Razor Ramon
4 Dean Malenko 4 Paul Orndorff
3 William Regal 11 Bobby Eaton
15 The Hurricane 2 Mike Rotunda

1. Brock Lesnar

The beast proved how dominant he can be, even as a part timer after taking it to AJ Styles.

2. AJ Styles

After a beatdown by Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles now has to deal once again with the modern day maharaja. Will Styles be in any condition to face off again against Mahal?

3. Braun Strowman

Eliminated Orton, Roode, and Nakamura to lead Team Raw. There has not been a more dominating performance in quite some time in a Survivor Series match.

4. Charlotte Flair

A huge win over Raw women’s champion Alexa Bliss at Survivor Series. Flair proved that she is the leader of the women’s division on both Raw and Smackdown.

5. Roman Reigns

The Brand new Intercontinental Champion. Roman Reigns captured the one championship that has eluded him his entire career after defeating the Miz on Raw this past Monday.

At Wrestle War 1991, The Fabulous Freebirds defeated Doom to win their second WCW World Tag Team Championship. In a complete turn of events, the Freebirds would go on to lose the titles to the Steiners a couple weeks later. Due to weeks of television taping a, the Birds actually lost the titles a week before winning them though it was not aired on TV for a couple weeks after Wrestle War. They are the only team in history to have lost a championship before actually winning it.

Agree or Disagree: NXT needs another Men’s singles championship?

Steve: The fan in me would say yes. I think adding the World Television Championship to NXT would be a nice addition. Right now, there are so many superstars but just one championship to compete for. There have only been a handful of NXT Champions, and the runs seems to last a pretty good amount of time. So that limits what guys can do in a championship caliber environment. I would embrace another title for NXT.

Frosh: I would say absolutely.  This is a great opportunity to bring back an old, retired title, such as the European, or TV title, hey, even the Hardcore championship could have a place and be a draw for NXT.  It would give the new guys something to go for, to build into the main title.  Guys like Ty Dillenger could have had a title reign when you know he wasn’t going to beat the likes of Roode, Joe or Balor for the NXT title.

Chad: I wouldn’t mind a second belt…kind of seems they are going that way with UK belt being defended on TV.

What were your thoughts of Survivor Series this past Sunday?

Steve: Up until the Brock vs AJ match, it was alright. Nothing too spectacular, but was not too boring either. The New Day vs Shield match was off the charts, and the womens roster match was alright as well with the right person winning. The Bliss vs Charlotte match was okay, but I don’t feel like either one was at her best. After the match was over, because of that stupid counter at the bottom of the screen to keep score, you knew exactly what was going to happen in the AJ vs Brock match. Then the Raw vs Smackdown mens match was just stupid and confusing. Why did Triple H have to take away the momentum of Braun Strowman? He basically started two separate feuds in a matter of two minutes. It didnt make sense to me, and it didnt get any easier to understand on Monday either. Final grade for Survivor Series? D.

Frosh: I would say it was predictable, but entertaining.  Having the score counter at the bottom of the screen meant you knew who was going to win what matches.  Having Asuka as the sole survivor was the right move.  New Day vs. Shield stole the show. The booking was pretty good for the most part, until the final match….good lord, that final match…. There are so many things wrong here.  Roode and Nakamura did not need to be the first two eliminated.  I would have had Orton and Cena get eliminated first.  Roode and Nakamura need the status more.  Plus it would have given the feeling of hopelessness, that your two Superstars are gone.  On top of that, Cena just didn’t look like he belonged….it was weird, it was like he wasn’t built as a part to be in the match at all in the weeks approaching Survivor Series, and there was no personal connection to him being in the match…weird….The ending was ok-ish.  I would have had someone like Nakamura ELIMINATE Triple H.  Then have it end exactly as it did… Triple H comes back, knocks out Angle, has Shane pin him, and then feeds Shane to Strowman, making Strowman the sole survivor…same turn by Strowman, but it is a BETTER STORY…and leads to a strong set up for either Roode or Nakamura, whoever you want to do it, as the guy who beat the game.

Chad: Good show until the main event which I feel like the guys that should have been made to look were made to look terrible.

Wargames was featured at NXT Takeover on Saturday night after a 20 year absence. Would you like to see Wargames on at least an annual basis in the WWE?

Steve: I loved War Games, it was the highlight of my weekend, honestly. Not only did it steal the show at Takeover, it stole the weekend for WWE. Excellent execution, excellent spots, and the right team won this match. I was not sold on the match rules, I kinda liked how they did it before, but it grew on me. I would love to see this an an annual event for the WWE. It would be amazing to see what the main roster could do in this kind of match. Though Im not sure of the triple threat rules in the match for WWE. I’d like to see the five on five like in the past.

Frosh: I will be honest.  I have never seen a War Games match… so yes, I would like it to continue, on the main roster.  Then I will get to see what all the hubbub is about.

Chad: Yes War games stole the weekend and needs to be a staple of years to come.

Paige returned to the WWE this past Monday night, and immediately started something with Raw Womens Champion, Alexa Bliss. With Asuka also recently debuting, should the WWE run with Paige against Alexa, or keep building Asuka to take the championship away from the Goddess?

Steve: Nope. Build them both. You keep pushing Asuka as the female who cannot be beat. You give Paige a run with Alexa, but don’t have her win the title. Then by Wrestlemania, you put Alexa vs Asuka for the Raw Championship. Paige has been here before, and she has fallen by the way side before. I see that happening again with her after a couple of months.

Frosh: I just think delaying Asuka’s ascendancy is a mistake.  I would have had Asuka win the title from Bliss at the next PPV, and then have Paige and her cohorts debut and attack Asuka, now she has a team to deal with, not just a one on one, building into Paige vs Asuka at ‘Mania.

Chad: I think go with Paige now and have Asuka get more victories against the women’s division.

Was taking the Intercontinental Championship off of the Miz, and putting it on Roman Reigns a good booking decision for the WWE?

Steve: I’m not sure. I will give it some time to see where it goes. It so much appears as if the WWE is once again putting Roman Reigns down our throats again. But we will see where goes.

Frosh: It all depends on what they do with it.  Someone will have to beat Reigns for the title.  I hope it isn’t Jason Jordan….and I really don’t see ANYONE on the Raw roster who could have taken the title off of Miz.  If you really think about it, Reigns is just about the only guy this works with (except maybe Strowman, but he may take it off of Reigns)…If this leads to a super cocky Reigns, turning on his team and going heel…then yeah…all for it.

Chad: With Miz’s upcoming outside projects (hosting a Real World season and The Marine 6) the belt needed to come off him. I probably would be someone like or Balor or Joe but with Rollins and Ambrose being the tag team it only makes sense for Reigns to get gold and be a Grand Slam champ heading into Mania

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