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Who’d thunk it…

Well, well, well… I’ll be damned. Who’d thunk it…

Another damn oil leak.

Back around last Thursday (11/16) it was reported that “a total of 210,000 gallons” of oil leaked from the Keystone Pipeline in Marshall County, South Dakota. That was according to the pipeline’s operator, TransCanada.

There have been other reports that say the spill could be smaller… and… it could be larger … some estimate maybe up to 400,000 barrels are possible.

Crews shut down the pipeline Thursday morning and officials are investigating the cause of the leak.

Aerial photo shows spills from TransCanada Corp.’s Keystone pipeline, taken on Friday, Nov. 17, 2017

Brian Walsh, a spokesman for the state’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources said it was  the largest Keystone oil spill to date in South Dakota.

Public Utilities Commissioner Gary Hanson is not happy about this leak specifically nor the other leaks that have occurred previously.

Hanson told media sources, “What I am extremely concerned about is that we’ve had three substantial leaks in or near South Dakota in what I would consider a very short portion of its lifetime.”

Besides this latest leak, there have been smaller spills near Freeman, South Dakota in 2016 and just north of the state line in southeast North Dakota in 2011.

TransCanada says the leak is under control and there is no significant environmental impact or threat to the public.

I say bullshit…

TransCanada has no real knowledge what the long-term ramifications of the spill will be… they don’t know what really seeped down into the ground and possible ground waters to drift along slowly polluting all that it touches.

Interestingly, this leak come just days before Nebraska regulators were to vote on Monday (11/20) on a proposed Keystone XL route, an expansion and short cut from its already existing lines that cut through two other Canadian provinces before extending down through the States. Those two provinces would be left untouched while Montana would be almost bisected with the pipeline before extending through a small part of North Dakota and then extending through South Dakota on down to its original route through most of Nebraska Steele City, Nebraska and then other states down to its end point in Louisiana.

Incredulously, the five-member Nebraska Public Service Commission… four elephants and one donkey… who will decide on the initial fate is forbidden by law from factoring pipeline safety or the risk of spills into its decision because pipeline safety is a federal responsibility.

SO… the spill 210,000 gallons of oil (or more) on the existing Keystone pipeline in South Dakota on Thursday didn’t happen as far as they are to be concerned.

No matter what the commission decides, any group that presented arguments at an August hearing could appeal the decision to a state district court. The case would likely end up before the Nebraska Supreme Court.

And of course…  from the AP… “Nebraska state regulators approved a new route for the Keystone XL oil pipeline across the state in a 3-2 vote on Monday (Nov. 20), removing the last permitting hurdle for the $8 billion project after nine years of controversy and delay. If completed, the Keystone XL would move oil-sands crude from Alberta, Canada, to southern Nebraska, where it would connect to existing Keystone pipelines. From there, the oil-sands crude would flow to refineries along the Texas Gulf coast.”

Before I comment… digest this… TransCanada has been operating the larger Keystone pipeline system since 2010. It spilled oil 35 times that year alone.

Got that?

35 times from day one, in year one, of when original Keystone pipeline had oil begin flowing through its pipelines.

35 times there were leaks.

And, to return to Commissioner Gary Hanson… “This is a relatively new pipeline. It is supposed to have an operating life of more than 100 years and it was supposed to be a state-of-the-art pipeline construction. It appears that it is not. We’ve had three fairly major leaks just on the border with North Dakota and two in South Dakota in a very short period of time. One might expect this to take place on a pipeline over a period of 30 or 40 years at the maximum, yet it’s been fewer than 10 years.”


In this time of where the almost entirety of the developed world is siding with the movement from oil to other means of energy that are decidedly cleaner and actually more readily available than the extracting of fossil fuels from the earth, why in holy hell are we still investing ourselves so deeply into this cursed pipeline that is most probably destined to be an albatross hung upon a huge part of this country’s environment and the people and the fauna and the flora that exist with in it?

One answer… greed.

And it is spelled… M… O… N… E… Y…

…. for the oligarchy that actually is ruling this country.

No Moore…

Senator Al Franken… a big time donkey liberal recently said “I’m sorry” after Leeann Tweeden said that he forcibly kissed her and groped her during a 2006 USO tour in the Middle East.

Senator Al Franken

Her first-person piece for KABC included a photo of the future senator, elected in 2008, holding his hands on her chest as she was sleeping.

Trumpty Dumpty immediately, if not sooner, jumped all over the chance to tweetley-dee his ass off and did so with… “The Al Frankenstien picture is really bad, speaks a thousand words. Where do his hands go in pictures 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 while she sleeps? …..”

He added in another tweet… “And to think that just last week he was lecturing anyone who would listen about sexual harassment and respect for women. Lesley Stahl tape?”

That reference was about a 1995 New York magazine article where the then professional comedian, as a writer for SNL, said that he had worked on a sketch where he would drug and rape CBS reporter Lesley Stahl.

He also apologized for that incident that by saying…  “(I’ve) told and written a lot of jokes that I once thought were funny but later came to realize were just plain offensive.”

I mean not to belittle or make light of any time some one is accused of sexual molestation or harassment, and in this specific case actual admits it happened, but I find it ironically hilarious in an absurd way that this supposed good Christian… one Donald John Trump the el presidente of America… has the audacity to say what he has regarding Franken, when he himself has been accused and/or sued no less than 16 damn times for sexually abusing or harassing women, including several allegations of groping.

“Well he denies it, look he denies it.”

Then on top of that Trumpty had the balls to say anything at all about the Stahl revelation after his own presidential campaign was almost derailed by an Access Hollywood recording where he was heard saying that he could grab women “by the pussy” because of his fame.

And, now the news is out that Trumpty Dumpty is all but officially supporting the elephant candidate, Roy Moore, in a special election for a vacant Alabama Senator’s seat who has been accused of multiple occasions of sexual molestation or harassment of young women in his past including underage teens. In fact he has hinted he may go down and beat the bushes for Moore in Alabama.

He recently released a statement that said, “He denies it. Look, he denies it. If you look at all the things that have happened over the last 48 hours. He totally denies it. He says it didn’t happen. And look, you have to look at him also.”

And, why now does the Trumpty come out with this?

Because… “We don’t need a liberal person in there, a Democrat, Jones. I’ve looked at his record. It’s terrible on crime. It’s terrible on the border. It’s terrible on military. I can tell you for a fact we do not need somebody who’s going to be bad on crime, bad on borders, bad for the military, bad for the Second Amendment.”

And also, bad for his “Tax Reform Bill” getting passed.

That goes along with Kay Ivey, the governor of Alabama, who also recently said, that despite her belief there is no reason to doubt the disturbing allegations against elephant Senate candidate Roy Moore she was still going to cast her ballot in his favor.


Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey

Because she says, “I believe in the Republican Party, what we stand for, and most important, we need to have a Republican in the United States Senate to vote on things like the Supreme Court justices, other appointments the Senate has to confirm and make major decisions. So that’s what I plan to do, vote for Republican nominee Roy Moore.”


Why, in the name of all that is right and just, would anyone… Prez or governor or whoever… want to put into a seat of power someone who has an obvious need to misuse that power to get whatever he wants from people who can be easily manipulated because of their lack of access to power?

Anyone got an answer to that?

We have become, in this day and age, so oblivious to justice and doing what is right that it no longer matters if a person has done immoral and unethical acts against defenseless others as long as they vote a certain way?

Sorry, that is wrong and quite possibly a criminal act in my mind.

Please… all people from Alabama…

… just say “No Moore!

A last thought…

Keeping it short this week… got pies to cook, rooms to clean, plus I’m fighting a nasty ass damn cold…

Happy Thanksgiving, and please, share what you can…


Another thousand words…


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