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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday. This week we will discuss the Boston Celtics, Andre Drummond’s improved free throw shooting that, and so much more on this edition of NBA RoundTable.

Here are the questions:

Last Thursday night Boston beat Golden State 92-88 at home. Was this win enough to prove that they are the team to beat in the Eastern Conference? 

Todd: No not at all. Boston during the Win streak really hasn’t played anyone. The only legit team they played up to the Golden State game was San Antonio and they were without Kawhi Leonard. I hate to say this because I can’t stand LeBron James but until they beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs Cleveland will still be the team to beat. Like they say in the playoffs Boston did what they were supposed to do and they took care of home court. If they can go into Golden State and win then we might be talking about something.

Steve: You mean you don’t think they were not the team to beat even going into the game against Golden State? The Boston Celtics are far and away better than every other team in the Eastern Conference. It is proof that the addition of Kyrie Irving has paid off for the little fuckin leprechauns. Lebron better start eating his Lucky Charms if he wants to even think about reaching the Finals for the seventh straight year.

Chad: To me Yes it was to be able to hold Golden State under 90 at any point is enough to get my vote to win the East with Cleveland’s struggles

Andre Drummond has a career free throw shooting percentage of 39%. This year through 14 games he is shooting a career high 63.1% from the line. Is this stat alone enough to get Drummond the most improved player award?

Todd: I think it could. that is a huge improvement from his past. It shows he has been working on it and wants to be a part of the game at the end of games instead of on the bench because teams want to intentionally foul him.

Steve: No, because if you are not hitting your free throws, you should not be in the NBA period. Even Shaq could muster up over 50% but his inside presence far made up for his lack of free throws. So no, Drummond does not get the most improved player for that stat.

Chad: Yes because even at 63% percent he is more of a threat than at the 39 clip last season which equals more point for Drummond.

Kyrie Irving has played great through the first month of the season leading the Celtics to a 14-2 record including 14 in a row. Do you think Irving should be the front runner for the MVP?

Todd: There is no question Irving has been playing great during the Celtics now 15 game winning streak. He is making believers out of everyone. He absolutely should be the front runner for the MVP award.

Steve: Absolutely! Just look what he is doing with this team. He completely has made Boston a contender, not just for the Eastern Conference, but the NBA Championship. This is a no brainer.

Chad: At this point yes as he is the most valuable player on the team that could be struggling without him given Hayward’s injury

Joel Embiid is averaging 23 points, 11.2 rebounds,  3.5 assists, and 1.9 blocks per game in only 29 minutes a game. Is Embiid the best Center in the NBA?

Todd: He could be if he stays healthy. That is a big if. Embiid still has not been cleared for back to back games. Of course with today’s schedule I don’t see how someone couldn’t stay healthy. Some times you get 3 or 4 days off in a row and we still have players resting.

Steve: As long as he can stay healthy and put up these kind of numbers on a consistent basis, then yeah he is the best in the NBA.

Chad: At this point, Yes as there are not a lot of true centers in the league and he is the best of that bunch.

 The Thunder are off to a slow start, can they recover to become one of the top teams in the Western Conference?

Todd: I think they can if they get rid of Carmelo. I wasn’t a big fan of him going to the Thunder. I didn’t think it would work out and the couple games that he sat out the Thunder played better without him. Nothing against Anthony but I think he is a cancer no matter what team he goes to at this stage in his career.

Steve: Toughest question on this weeks RT. I want to say yes they can, because on paper they are one of the most talented teams in the NBA. Problem is, Westbrook is still trying to do things all by himself, and is not utilizing his other superstar players to his advantage. I think by mid-season, they will have things turned around, and will give either the Warriors or Rockets a series. I don’t think they are a contender for title though.

Chad: Going out on a limb, I don’t think they have enough to overcome the odds and the teams to be elite in the West.

Bonus question

A couple weeks a go UCLA basketball team traveled to China to play a game against Georgia Tech. While the team was over there three players from UCLA made a bad choice a tried shoplifting from three different stores. It took the President of the United States to get these three boys back home without serving any jail time. Upon returning home UCLA had a press conference and suspended them indefinitely. Does the punishment fit the crime?

Todd: My first thought, these three young men should be thrown off the team. They are old enough to know you shouldn’t try to steal from any where. Now maybe they tried it because they were in a different country and thought they wouldn’t get caught. That makes no difference what country you are in. When you are over in a different country you are representing the University, your family and more important the United States of America.

Steve: I mean they should have known the laws and regulations of the Chinese government. Do I agree they deserve 10 years in prison? No, but do I think the President should have gotten involved? No. I think UCLA did the right thing by suspending them, I think honestly they should be thrown off the team. They disgraced the university, and they disgraced their family… oh nevermind, Lavar has already done that!

Chad: No, not even close these 3 players should be not be allowed to represent the university as student-athletes. They can either be students or if someone would take them transfer but UCLA had the choice to take international incidents seriously and dropped the ball.

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