Pounding 7’s

Happy Monday everyone, welcome to another countdown. This is Pounding 7’s and I am your host and moderator Steve Hall @StephanHall. Today we will be counting down the top seven retired championships. We have had many championships over the years, some like the United States championship have come and gone, and then come back, and some have just come and gone, never to be heard from again. I will countdown those championships right here, right now. Let’s now waste any more time. Let’s get to the countdown!

7. Divas Championship

So yeah never really a fan of this title, so Im glad they made this change to the womens championship. However, it still got the womens revolution off to a good start. The championship was at times a tribute to the best female athlete on the roster, when it was held by the right person. However, it became a symbol of who the best looking chic was on the roster, and that met its demise.

6. Six Man Tag Team Championship

The World Six Man tag team championship was a title in NWA/WCW off and on in the 80’s and made a return in the early nineties, but never heard from again. Its most famous holders were the Freebirds, and the Road Warriors.

5. Light Heavyweight Championship

Sure, the WWE now has the Cruiserweight title, but the Light Heavyweight title was first debuted in 1998 when Taka Michinoku, and later won by Christian. Its best title holder was by Gillberg (Dwayne Gill), and he would hold the title for nearly two years before dropping it to Essa Rios (along side Hall of Famer Lita). The Light Heavyweight title would soon be retired and came back off and on as the Cruiserweight championship.

4. European Championship

The European title was debuted in 1997 and won by the British Bulldog after defeating his Brother in Law Owen Hart in a tournament Final. It was a title that at one time held a lot of prestige. However, the title fell off the map as it was more of a hot potato in its final months.

3. United States Tag Team Championship

One of my personal favorite championships on this list. The US tag team titles. It was of course the secondary tag title to the NWA/WCW World Tag Team Championships. It was held by many Hall of Fame caliber teams like the Freebirds, The Steiners, and the Midnight Express. The last title holders were Dick Slater and the Barbarian, so that should tell you where the prominence of the titles became.

2. Hardcore Championship

The Hardcore championship in WWE was first given to Mankind by Vince McMahon as a token of his appreciation for what he had done for him. It was soon given a monkier of the 24/7 rule, where the title could be defended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere, any time. Its most prominent and memorable holder was that of Crash Holly, who claimed to tip the scales at over 400 pounds. He would even carry a scale to the ring. The Hardcore title would soon lose it core and would fall out of existence.

1. Television Championship

The World Television Championship was a historical championship in the NWA and World Championship Wrestling from the seventies, and all the way until WCW was bought out by Vince McMahon, and the WWE. It was held by many wrestling greats such as Ricky Steamboat, Steve Austin, Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson, just to name a few. The TV title was last held by Hacksaw Jim Duggan when he found the title in the garbage can, and thats where it eventually would end up when WCW was bought out.

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