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Good day to all you wrestling fanatics out there. Welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. Survivor Series is this Sunday LIVE on the WWE Network. We give our bold predictions on the event, and we give our holy shit prediction for Survivor Series. All this and much more.

Here is the updated bracket for our Champions (but not World Champions) tournament.

Rowdy Roddy Piper
1 Arn Anderson
8 Lance Storm 9 Cesaro
Shelton Benjamin
The Honky Tonk Man
5 Kofi Kingston 5 Don Murocco
11 The Godfather 11 Magnum TA
3 Greg Valentine 3 Mike Rotunda
7 Umaga 7 Billy Gunn
2 Goldust 2
The British Bulldog
1 Pat Patterson 1 Razor Ramon
8 Val Venis 8 Test
4 Dean Malenko 4 Paul Orndorff
5 Ken Shamrock 12 Luke Harper
6 Rick Steiner 11 Bobby Eaton
3 William Regal 3 Tito Santana
10 Nikita Koloff 7 The Mountie
15 The Hurricane 2 Tully Blanchard

1. AJ Styles

The WWE Champ has a new “advocate” and seems ready to conquer the Beast! However, he has Jinder Mahal waiting for him to get his rematch for that championship.

2. Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman looks to lead his team at Survivor Series for team Raw. Then looks for the Miz to extract some more revenge.

3. Alexa Bliss

The Raw womens champ only has a few days to prepare for her new opponent, Charlotte. Can Little Miss Bliss be the top female competitor on Raw AND Smackdown?

4. The Miz

Honestly, Miz stays on by default because I could not think of anyone else to put on there, and quite frankly he just deserves to be here, that is until he faces Braun.

5. Charlotte Flair

WHOOOOOOO! The Nature Girl captured her first Smackdown Womens title on Tuesday, now the queen has her sites set on a goddess.

Ric Flair’s most prominent World Championship win came in 1983 when he defeated Harley Race at Starrcade 83. However, this was Flair’s third reign as champion. His first reign came after he defeated Dusty Rhodes to win the championship in 1978. Flair would go on to many championship reigns in the 80’s, and would be named the Wrestler of the Decade in 1989 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

What are you bold predictions for Survivor Series?

Steve: I think that AJ and Brock Lesnar will have a heck of a match. I think Alexa and Charlotte will steal the show and undoubtably have the best match that anyone has ever seen in the female division. Ultimately, I think Team Raw will prevail overall with it being tied up then Lesnar will beat Styles, not in a squash, but a very hard fought match up. I would even go as far to say Lesnar and AJ will shake hands at the end of the match as a show of respect, and the crowd will eat it up alive.

Frosh: I think you will see a title change hands.  I think Carmella will cash in her money in the bank briefcase on Charlotte after a great match with the goddess.  That is the boldest prediction that I can think of.  Lesnar will beat Styles, and it should be a squash.  Look.  I like Styles too, but you can’t have someone like him hang with Lesnar….that is the biggest problem with having a part time champ like Brock, WHO WILL BEAT HIM!!!??!???  The guy kicked out of 3 Braun Strowman finishers…..And we will be expected to believe a forearm will do him in?

Tyler: AJ and Lesner will steal the show definitely.

Survivor Series has been home to many crazy swerves. Vince turning on Bret in the Screwjob, to Heyman turning on Brock Lesnar. What do you think could be the biggest swerve of the night this Sunday?

Steve: It is totally set up to have Jason Jordan turn on Kurt Angle, and join Triple H and Stephanie. This will set up a feud between Angle and Triple H in preparation for Wrestlemania. There is bound to be someone on either Team Raw or Smackdown that turns on someone. I just cannot pin point who it will be.

Frosh: See above.  Also, I think you will undoubtedly see some backstabbing in the main event 5 man match.  Look for Angle to turn on HHH, or Jordan to come out and turn on Angle, or Owens and Zayne to turn on team Blue…

Tyler: I can see them trying a heel turn for Shane, but who knows?

If you watched it: What did you think of the Ric Flair 30 for 30 on ESPN last week?

Steve: Unlike my counterparts on this Roundtable. I did watch the 30 for 30 special on Ric Flair. It was absolutely amazing and put together very well. We learn things about Ric Flair that you may not have known. I didnt know he was adopted. It really put you through his entire life and career both in and out of the ring.

Frosh: I have yet to watch it.

Tyler: Haven’t watched it.

Agree or Disagree: Adding Triple H to the match for Team Raw, and replacing Jason Jordan was the best option for ratings?

Steve: Agree to a standpoint that now it seems all too predictable on what is going to happen. I don’t like the fact that Triple H is still even competing in a ring, and should be just working backstage. I don’t like Authority angles at all, and I feel like we are headed for one after Survivor Series.

Frosh: For ratings, yes, absolutely agree…just listen to the crowd as Bray was injuring Jordan, “Thank you Wyatt!” echoed through the arena….Story wise, I think we could have delayed starting the Angle/HHH rivalry, and let Jordan turn on angle during the match.

Tyler: Absolutely.  The RAW crowd is simply not buying Jason Jordan right now, so adding Triple H to balance out having John Cena on the other side makes the best sense.

Agree or Disagree: Tuesday’s go home show on Smackdown was a great way to enter into Survivor Series?

Steve: It was ok, I mean they could have done a lot better with how they booked it, but for the most part I have no problem with how they ended it. Raw got revenge on Smackdown, and we got a hell of a match with Charlotte vs Alexa Bliss. I was not looking forward to seeing Natalya vs Alexa. Now we get Charlotte and Alexa? Major Upgrade. The only two females to win both the Raw and Smackdown titles? Great story, great match. So in that respect I agree.

Frosh: Disagree-ish….I would have liked to see Smackdown get the upper hand again, really make you think Angle’s job would be in jeopardy.  Also, why not have Lesnar and Styles face off in the ring at the end of the show?  THAT would have been iconic.  The only way I like this ending is if it ends up removing Shane from the match due to injury, and his replacement is Daniel Bryan.  But that won’t happen because WWE doesn’t want Daniel to die.  Although, think of the story arc that could lead to…  Braun Strowman, the man who murdered Daniel Bryan in the ring….

Tyler: Agree.  We had a feel good moment with Charlotte winning the women’s title and Ric Flair coming back, and team RAW got their revenge

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