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This week’s questions and opinions…

1) The 49ers recently traded for Patriots backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo because their QB play has been sorrowful… 31st in completion percentage, 28th  in yards per pass completion, tied for last in TD passes, tied for 23rd  in INTs and their QB rating stood at 72.6.   

Before Sunday’s game versus the Giants, 49ers rookie QB C. J. Beathard did his fair share to add to that record… 50.9% completion percentage, only 2 TDs, 4 INTs, and a QB rating of 6237 in four career games. On Sunday, he completed 76% of his passes for 288 yards, 2 TDs 1 INT and ran for another TD and his QB rating was 123.4.

Prior to the Giant game Beathard’s time as starting QB was thought to be numbered because of Jimmy G being on the team. But, Garoppolo has been learning the offense and wasn’t scheduled to take over the team reins until the 49ers returned from their bye week next week.

In two weeks from this Sunday, who starts at QB for the 49ers and why?  

Jimmy Garoppolo

Chad: Garoppolo should start because the 49ers are out of it and you need to see what is there at QB to decide if he indeed is worth a long-term deal.

Joe: On one hand the 49ers made the trade for Garoppolo with what, I assume, was to have him start at QB because obviously their guys playing QB this year kind of sucked.

On the other hand suddenly Beathard looks not too shabby. So, maybe he should get one more shot at the QB job.

However, I have one word to share here: Giants. As in Beathard was QBing the 49ers against the NY Giants who have pretty much given up on the season and played like crap on defense all day long.

Start Garoppolo.

2) NFLRT hates to pick on the Giants, but the only reason the final score was “close” in their loss to the 49ers was that they scored a TD and made the two-point conversion with 1:09 left in the game. Eli played the entire game; no backup came in to see what they could in a real game…  no Geno, and Davis Webb was not even activated.

What are the odds that after this game, no one’s job is safe… player, coach or GM? And, will Ben McAdoo finish the season as HC?

Ben McAdoo

Chad: Everybody is at risk now for the Giants if they weren’t already after a beatdown at the hands of the 49ers.

I do think they allow McAdoo to finish the season.

Joe: I think the owners wait until after the season before they make any major moves and that includes letting McAdoo finish out the season. I also would be very surprised if, in the offseason, they don’t clean house… fire the GM, the coach and get rid of some deadwood starting with players like cornerback Janoris Jenkins who looked like he just didn’t give a damn on defense during the loss to the 49ers.

3) Martellus Bennett and the Packers have been at odds over what Bennett says was a shoulder injury that he wanted to have taken care of in October but that the Packers “pushed him to play through.” He claims he has a torn rotator cuff and a shoulder tear that will need surgery.

 Last Wednesday the Packers cut Bennett, for what the team claimed was for “a failure to disclose a medical condition designation.” They claim he never disclosed the injuries.

Four days after the he was cut, the Patriots scooped him up off waivers and two days later he was in the Pats’ SNF game and in limited time had 3 catches for 38 yards including a 27 yard catch and run for 27 yards on his first play in the game. Four plays later, he was on the receiving end of a 5-yard pass but was removed after that play; went to the medical tent and didn’t return to action until the second half on a limited basis.

In your best football opinion… what in blue blazes is going on here?

Martellus Bennett

Chad: Heck if I know.

I mean a torn rotator cuff usually would mean you can’t play. Maybe the Patriots are trying to fool everyone with letting him play a few snaps.

Joe: Having just gone through surgery for a torn rotator cuff, labrum and bicep… injuries which are very similar to what Bennett supposedly is afflicted… I can testify that, yes someone with those injuries could still do very physical activities in a very successful manner, yet at times it could be extremely painful to do so. Why do I say that? Because I put off my surgery for an extra month even though my surgeon wanted to operate as soon as possible, so I wouldn’t waste some very expensive baseball tickets that I had purchased in the winter. All during that time I still went to my job, worked in my garden, etc…

Therefore, someone who is a professional athlete… like Bennett…  and is accustomed to dealing with pain on a daily basis, and/or has access to some of the better doctors and trainers  as well as certain drugs would, in my opinion, be able to shunt off having surgery for awhile and”play through the pain” even though certain doctor’s opinion suggested he should get surgery as soon as possible to fix his physical problems.

I have no problem believing he could play in the  game for the Patriots on SNF, I also am not surprised he spent some time in the medical tent getting treatment and wouldn’t be shocked if it came out that he got a shot of cortisone.

Let’s just say I tend to believe Bennett’s story more than I do the Packers story. Although, I would not be surprised if Bennett didn’t piss of some people on the coaching staff so that they would do exactly what they did… dump him.

4) The Baltimore Ravens haven’t looked like a playoff team for most of the season… in fact they have been kind of mediocre. The Ravens’ remaining seven opponents have combined for a 30-38 record (.441), which is one of the easiest schedules for the final two months of the regular season and according to ESPN Analytics they have a projected 50.5% chance of reaching the playoffs. Which brings us to QB Joe Flacco… Flacco in 10 games has 8 TDs, 10 INTs and 4 fumbles.

Can the Ravens make the playoffs with Flacco at QB? And, whether they do or don’t … is it time for the Ravens to seriously look for Flacco’s replacement in this year’s draft by maybe trading up?  

Joe Flacco

Chad: I think the hit in Miami really screwed Flacco up and if the Ravens cannot get the thing turned around, then it is time to look at a serious replacement for Flacco as his Super Bowl success is long behind him.

Joe: If, Flacco’s QB play doesn’t improve dramatically in the next seven games, then the Ravens should seriously think about trading up for a better draft position in order to get his future replacement.

5) The Compensation Committee, comprised of six owners and chaired by Arthur Blank, the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, is responsible to negotiate and finalize a new contract for Commissioner Roger Goodell, subject to the parameters approved unanimously by the full ownership in May.

At one-point Blank allowed Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys owner, to have a role and a voice in that process, as a non-voting ad hoc member of the committee. Some reports say Jones “muscled his way onto it via seniority and bullheadedness.”

According to the New York Times, “league sources” say Jones informed the committee that he would take legal action… he would sue the NFL and individual team owners… by Friday (11/11) unless the committee canceled   its plans to extend commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract beyond 2018-2019. The Times also says, per the sources, Jones no longer has a role, official or unofficial, on the NFL’s Compensation Committee.

Jones is saying Godsell is not the reason the NFL has enjoyed an overabundance of financial success … SportsBusiness Journal reports that the NFL expects to generate $14 billion in 2017..  rather the owners are, therefore Goodell doesn’t deserve a new contract. Jones has yet to actually file his lawsuit, which legal experts, as well as, say sounds like a pretty flimsy one to begin with.

The question… is Jones carrying on a personal vendetta against Goodell because of Ezekiel Elliot’s 6-game suspension which was recently upheld as well as the two having differences over the national anthem controversy?

Goodell (left) & Jones

Chad: This does sound like petty bickering between rich people that I don’t see ending well for anyone. I myself made an offer to the NFL on twitter to do be commissioner at 1% of Goodells new requested salary of 50 million.

Joe: Jones’s is full of crap because he was one of Goodell’s biggest supporters in allowing him to have unfettered disciplinary power in the Tom Brady deflategate situation. Now, when it’s his Cowboys who are having one his best players sat down for an extended period of time he gets his panties in a bunch and throws a hissy fit and threatens to sue everyone one and his brother connected to the NFL unless they do things his way.

He has pissed off the other owners so much that they in turn have threatened to sue his ass to take away the Cowboys.

I feel no sorrow or sympathy for Jones… he is a petulant billionaire punk. He always has been and it is coming out full force now. However, I do have to laugh as these billionaire owners are having a pissing contest about Elliott’s suspension based around Goodell and are risking upsetting their 15 billion dollar applecart.

Overtime question…

What is your opinion on GQ magazine naming Colin Kaepernick as their 2017 Citizen of the Year?

Chad:  I guess fighting for equality is a being a good citizen in the USA.

Joe: I have no problem with it.

Kaepernick besides starting his anthem protest to fight against police brutality and racial injustice has been a big supporter of various charitable causes using his own money. He is as good a choice for Citizen of the Year any other person they might have picked.


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