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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. This week we will discuss Cleveland’s short comings, Eric Bledsoe’s trade that, and so much more on this edition NBA RoundTable.

Lets get started:

So the Cleveland Cavaliers are picked to come out of the East but they are currently 5-7 and sitting at number 11 in the East, with losses against Indiana, New York, Brooklyn, and Atlanta. Why do you think they are having so many problems this early in the season?

Todd: Like I said they are not as good as everyone thinks they are. There are too many inconsistent players on that team. Plus they play no defense. They give up 114 points per game. No one can win when you give up that many points. Everyone says Isaiah Thomas is gonna make them better. What if he don’t back the same Isaiah Thomas? Plus he is not a defensive stopper. He might score 30 points a game but that is gonna take shots and minutes from someone else. Sure the Cavs are gonna make the playoffs, that would be crazy if they didn’t but I don’t expect them to get the number seed and this year it won’t be because they gave it away.

Steve: Is it overconfidence? Did they think they were just going to blow through the competition because the media said they would? It is pretty obvious to me that Kyrie Irving was the key factor in the Cavs play. He can do it all, offense and defense. He is leading HIS team, the Boston Celtics to the top of the conference. I don’t think the Cavs knew what they had. I don’t think Thomas is going to be quite the force that Irving was in Cleveland, if he can even come back to full strength at all. Cavs will be there in the end but I don’t think they are coming out of the East this year for a fourth straight year.

Chad: They buckled and panicked and traded Kyrie and now they have no clue how to operate their team on the court.

Dan: I think it has to do with them adjusting to life without Kyrie Irving leading the way, they did have D-Rose out for a couple of games and they just need to work on chemistry. I guess JR Smith and D-Wade haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye as in who is starting, since JR Smith doesn’t want to come off the bench. I think they’ll definitely figure it out and this slow start will be a thing of the past. But chemistry and just getting everything back on track will take a little bit of time. I wouldn’t worry or panic if I was a Cavalier fan.

The Phoenix Suns agreed to trade Eric Bledsoe to the Milwaukee Bucks for Greg Monroe and a 1st and 2nd round draft pick. The Suns originally wanted Malcolm Brogdon. Why do you think they lowered their asking price?

Todd: I don’t know.

Steve: Because they knew that Bledsoe was not coming back. And more importantly they put the cards in the hands of Milwaukee. They knew they could get Bledsoe for less as he was a sitting duck in Phoenix. Ultimately, The Suns just wanted to get him out of Phoenix, and Milwaukee was the first to jump.

Chad: Bledsoe was getting to be such a distraction for them they had to make a concession on the ready-made player they wanted to get back to get rid of him

Dan: I think because the Bucks weren’t going to give up Brogdon for Bledsoe as well as the fact that a lot of teams had a big red caution flag up  as he publicly made it known he didn’t want to be in Phoenix. The Suns sent him away and he wasn’t participating. This wasn’t a “we, as an organization, want to trade him” situation. This was a “we’re forced to trade him” situation and they took the best deal that was on the table. The Bucks probably let Phoenix know that this was their final offer. Take it or leave it. And the Suns took it. I think it was a very solid overall trade for both teams, especially the Bucks with how many clauses they have to get out of giving up certain draft picks.

Kristaps Porzingis is the first player in New York Knicks history to score 300 plus points in his first 10 games. How far can Porzingis take the Knicks?

Todd: They will make the playoffs possibly get past the first round depending on what seed they get. I think the East will be wide open this year.

Steve: Its hard to tell at this stage of the season. The fan in me thinks that New York will ultimately find a way to screw it all up, but the writer in me sees talent in the Knicks, and KP can take this squad, this year, to the playoffs.

Chad: I think Porzingis can get the Knicks into the Playoffs although I still feel there are better teams to beat them in the 1st round

Dan: I don’t think that Porzingis is going to take the Knicks to an Eastern Conference Final or the NBA Championship, but I definitely think that he has the ability to bring them to the playoffs. Do I think they have a shot at getting there this season? Yes, but that’s mainly because the East is significantly weaker than it has been in years past. But I don’t picture them going very far with just Porzingis.

What should the 76ers do with Jahlil Okafor?

Todd: I think Philadelphia wasted a talent here. I believe this guy has a lot of talent and now no one wants to give anything for him because they never played him. Trade him and let him showcase his talents on another team.

Steve: Keep him, play him, and see what you have with him. They have such a solid young core of players that could be on the verge of something special in Philadelphia if they can keep this core of players together for a few years. Let him see what he can do, you have already paid him so let him take the rock and shine.

Chad: I think eventually he gets released as I don’t see a trade partner willing to give up assets to make a move for Okafor.

Dan: Philadelphia needs to trade him as soon as possible. The situation with him and that organization isn’t good and the sooner they find a trade partner, the better for everybody. But they need to trade him.

Agree or Disagree. When Lonzo Ball came out of college and into the NBA several people compared his game to that of Jason Kidd’s game. Recently Jason Kidd was on First Take and he was ask about Lonzo Ball. He himself said that “it was a stretch to compare Lonzo to himself”.

Comparison through 12 games

Kidd                                                  Ball

9.6                Points                           8.9

6.3                Assists                          6.9

6.4                Rebounds                    6.4

35%              Field Goal %                29%

14%               3  point %                    22%

2.4                 Turnovers                    2.5

Todd: Well first of all these numbers don’t shit. I didn’t really follow Jason Kidd’s career because I have been a Lakers fan my whole life. Just because Jason Kidd started out with similar numbers and turned out to be a future hall of famer does not mean Lonzo is gonna do the same. Personally he has not shown me anything yet and has not even come close to living up to the hype. Sure he has made some good passes but when he doesn’t have the ball he stands around with his thumb stuck up his ass like he is lost. His defense is suspect. I see what he tries to to because of his height but you can’t do that in the NBA because the guys are faster. This reminds me of when Kobe came into the NBA and everyone started to compare him to Michael Jordan. We all know how Kobe turned out. He is a sure fire hall of famer. It is just too early to compare Lonzo Ball too anyone. Let him play!

Steve: *Sigh* When are we going to stop talking about Lonzo Ball. We should be talking about how his family is a bunch of criminals over in China, and his brother is facing some jail time in a foreign country. His stupid idiot of a father just says its no big deal. Anyway, as far as this question goes. There is no comparison to Ball to Jason Kidd. Kidd is a future Hall of Famer, and one of the best all around players to play the game. Ball is a rookie for christ sake, give him a couple years before you start comparing him to a Hall of Fame caliber players.

Chad: I have to disagree with Kidd; they’re games are very similar  as of now and I could see Ball with that kind of career projection.

Dan: Right now, I’ll disagree. While he’s very Jason Kidd-like in his first 12 games, I don’t think you can compare him to one of the all-time greats at the position just yet. This is his rookie season. He’s only played 12 games. Yes, he’s already had a triple-double against Milwaukee in their loss. But he could fail and he could do really well. Time will only tell. But I think that comparison is a stretch right now. Come back and talk to me at the end of the season, and I’ll let you know if the comparison should hold water or not.

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