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Hey there wrestling fans and welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we begin yet another fantastic tournament. This tournament features wrestlers who have won singles championships but never the big prize. Now, to be fair we have omitted championship reigns from TNA and AWA. So sadly, Mr Perfect is not on this list.

In other news this week, we will discuss a couple of developments on the main event at Survivor Series. Are we fond of having a special referee? And is there friction backstage on who should win? All this and much more!

Here is the opening round bracket for our singles championship no world championship tournament. If anyone can think of a good name for this. Please let me know.

Rowdy Roddy Piper
1 Arn Anderson
16 Alex Wright 16 Spike Dudley
8 Lance Storm 8
Baron Von Rashke
9 Road Dogg 9 Cesaro
Shelton Benjamin
The Honky Tonk Man
13 Disco Inferno 13
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
5 Kofi Kingston 5 Don Murocco
12 D-Lo Brown 12 Rusev
6 Curtis Axel 6 Wade Barrett
11 The Godfather 11 Magnum TA
3 Greg Valentine 3 Mike Rotunda
14 Ryback 14 Santino Marella
7 Umaga 7 Billy Gunn
10 Ahmed Johnson 10 Dick Slater
2 Goldust 2
The British Bulldog
15 Perry Saturn 15 Tajiri
1 Pat Patterson 1 Razor Ramon
16 David Flair 16 Marty Janetty
8 Val Venis 8 Test
9 Big E Langston 9 Rikishi
4 Dean Malenko 4 Paul Orndorff
The Ultimo Dragon
13 Z-Man
5 Ken Shamrock 5 Johnny B Badd
12 Kanyon 12 Luke Harper
6 Rick Steiner 6 X-Pac
11 Chyna 11 Bobby Eaton
3 William Regal 3 Tito Santana
14 Findlay 14 Kalisto
7 Ken Patera 7 The Mountie
10 Nikita Koloff 10 Jimmy Snuka

2 Owen Hart 2 Tully Blanchard
15 The Hurricane 15 Zack Ryder

1. AJ Styles

The brand new WWE Champion won the title from Jinder Mahal on Smackdown to make himself a two time WWE Champion. Now he is headed to Survivor Series to face off against a beast in Brock Lesnar.

2. Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman is headed to Survivor Series as part of Team Raw, but he still has his sights set on the Miz, and maybe even Kane.

3. Alexa Bliss

The WWE Raw womens champion is probably hotter than any female on the women’s roster right now. Can she take over and become the most dominant wrestler on both Raw and Smackdown?

4. Jinder Mahal

Despite losing the championship, I still think Mahal is going to be back in the championship picture sooner rather than later.

5. The Miz

The Miz had quite the scare against Braun Strowman on Raw, but who will he be facing off against at Survivor Series. Baron Corbin? Sin Cara? We will find out next week.

Brock Lesnar won the WWE Undisputed Championship over the Rock at Summerslam all the way back in 2002. During his run, he was undefeated on TV, and did not sustain his first loss until Survivor Series, when the Big Show defeated him for the championship after Paul Heyman turned on him. On the same topic of Brock Lesnar. Lesnar has never been pinned or been made to submit on Monday night Raw in his entire career.

John Cena is set to be the special referee in the Lesnar vs Styles match at Survivor Series. Are you interested at all with this?

Steve: The only question I have on this is Why? It really does not make any sense to me why Cena is going to be the guest referee. It may have made sense if it was Mahal and Lesnar got the victory, then set up a feud between Cena and Mahal where he could get his record breaking championship reign beating Mahal for the title. Now it just doesn’t make any sense to me why there is a guest referee.

Frosh: Special guest referees are great if they serve a point, whether to further an existing storyline or set up a new one.  With the results of Smackdown, the purpose of this move is questionable.   WWE could just be trying to get a quick grab at ratings, with a proven draw like Cena, although that would be more effective if you had him actually wrestle and set up a story and motivation.  But we are dealing with WWE creative, they can’t be bothered with the small stuff like story and motivation….They  are too busy throwing darts at the “Dartboard of booking” to figure out who will win their big matches (hint: Roman Reigns takes up half the dartboard).  This could work if Cena does something, that they will never let him do…turn heel in the match, and actively cost styles the match.

Chad: I think as a special ref at this point would be pointless as I think a Lesnar/Styles can sell itself.

The Survivor Series has already taken a turn with new World Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Sheamus, and of course AJ Styles winning the title over Jinder Mahal to take his place in the match. Some say that the changes are caused because management was not sold on the show as it was booked. What are your thoughts on the show as of now?

Steve: It proves to me that the writers and the upper management exactly did not like the direction of Survivor Series. We may not be done with the changes as we have two championship matches next week on Smackdown. I would love to see Charlotte win the title and face Alexa Bliss. Talk about an awesome match. I am excited to see an AJ vs Brock match, it has so much more intrigue than a Lesnar vs Mahal match up. I am interested to see what the final card will be after next week.

Frosh: I do not like the changes so far.  Cesaro and Sheamus vs the Usos is far less interesting than Shield vs. the Usos.  And I was just really buying into Mahal vs. Lesnar.  They spent SO MUCH TIME building this match, implating the thought of “Could Mahal really win this?”  And then just swerve like that….it makes NO SENSE, and seems to be a knee-jerk, panic type reaction to the survivor series card, which almost NEVER works out.  That being said, all along I have predicted that AJ would be the one to dethrone Mahal, I just did not see it coming this soon.  I think AJ vs Lesnar can be a great match, but it should really be a squash victory for Lesnar, unless as stated above, they plan on doing something they will never do.

Chad: I like the new Lesnar/Styles match; the Cesaro/Sheamus vs Usos could steal the show; and then those changes can allow for teh New Day vs Shield to be added. I think the show becomes stronger.

As of right now, Kurt Angle is set to compete against Triple H at Wrestlemania 34. Is this a good match for Wrestlemania? And if so, how do you book it starting right now just a few months before Mania?

Steve: I could care less seeing two 40 plus year olds go at it. However you book it by Angle defying Stephanie as the GM vs Commish, Triple H gets involved and sets up the match. If Angle wins, Steph is out as commissioner. If Triple H wins, Angle is out as Raw GM. ITs really pretty simple.

Frosh: I need to see more of Angle in the ring to make an educated answer here.  He looked out of place in the TLC match, but then he never was a hardcore legend, and started looking better once he got to suplexing people and not using ladders, and it was his first match back.  If he does well at survivor series and looks more at home, then yeah, I can definitely get behind this idea.  Both are legends at in-ring work, and will put on a clinic – something they can just show at the performance center, as an educational video – “this is how you put on a match.”  I would be less interested about the inevitable “power control” storyline, as I feel that is way overdone and I could go a decade without seeing it again, versus the actual match itself.

Chad: I think the obvious plan is to have Jordan turn on Team Raw saying it was an elaborate plan by HHH/Stephanie to take Kurt down and Kurt comes back for revenge.

Which team do you think has the advantage at Survivor Series. Team Angle or Team Shane?

Steve: Who knows? I am not sold that there are not going to be any more changes. Right now it would appear than Team Raw has the advantage just because of Braun Strowman. I will reserve comment until after I see the final card.

Frosh: As of right now, team RAW, because they have Strowman…how do you book him getting pinned in this match (or even more unlikely, submit)?  Even by a star like Randy Orton?  You could do the double elimination with a member of Team Shane, or have Kane interfere, but that is kind of overdone.  The only way Smackdown gets the upper hand, is if next week, Shane announces who the last member of team Smackdown is, and you hear “Ride of the Valkyries” and out comes Daniel Bryan…but WWE doesn’t want their GM to die, so that probably won’t happen.

Chad: I say Smackdown is better positioned with perhaps the best Survivor Series match performer of all time in Randy Orton who I think has been the survivor 5 times and been the last eliminated another 2-3 times.

Who are your early favorites to make next years WWE Hall of Fame?

Steve: I think Owen Hart is long overdue. Obviously you all know my regards for Mike Rotunda. You have the greatest performer of all time, Crash Holly.  I do think the Rock gets in next year as the main inductee for the Hall of Fame.

Frosh: If it is not the Undertaker, something is wrong with the world.  He is a first time ballot Hall of Famer.  There are rumors that he will wrestle again at ‘Mania, and Lord, I hope not.  It is clear that he is not capable of putting on the matches that he would want to put on anymore, and another loss at ‘Mania would really crush the legacy of the Undertaker. He gets into the HoF.  There are a few folks who are overdue, Rock, Rotunda (there ya go Steve), Owen Hart, Mickie James could be up for induction, depending on if she still wants to continue wrestling.

Chad: Some random thoughts on possible inductees; Batista, RVD, Midnight Express; Cornette maybe?

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