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This week’s questions…

1) The Eagles acquired Jay Ajayi before the trade deadline from the Dolphins for a fourth-round pick…

(a) What does getting Ajayi mean for the Eagles offense and the team as a whole?

(b) Is this trade an indication that the Dolphins have given up on the season?

Jay Ajayi does Superman dive for 46-yard touchdown on Philadelphia Eagles debut

Chad: A) It gives the the Eagles the prolific RB to give their offense the boost to the next level and be the Top dog in the NFC

B) Let’s face it, even with Cutler instead of Tannenhill, it was kind of lame duck year for Miami.

David: Blount has not performed up to his expectation, but this was more about getting a change of pace back. You can’t have too many good backs in today’s “speed” NFL. The Eagles are in a win-now mode, and this certainly helps.

I don’t think the Dolphins really know what they are doing. They could have rolled with anyone but Cutler and saw what they have, and they are headed for yet another 7-9 win season and another 13-15th overall pick. Enjoy the second best guard in the draft, Miami. 

Joe: A) Ajayi gives the Eagles an extra option/weapon in their offense as well as always having afresh back ready to go at any time with LeGarrette Blount and Ajayi both in the backfield. Might even help Wentz in not having to run with the ball as often a right now he is the second best rusher on the team with 211 yards.

B) Truthfully? I’m not sure what the Dolphins are doing by trading Ajayi.

2) 99.9% of the “experts” predicted that the Jets were going to “Suck for Sam” this season. Coming off of an upset of the Bills by a huge margin where the defense was at times dominating, they are now 4-5 and arguably could be 6-3 except for losses to Falcons and Dolphins due to poor fourth quarter play.

(a) Why did almost everyone misjudge this Jets team?

(b) And how good can this jets team be by the end of the season? Wild card good?

New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles has Jets exceeding expectations

Chad: A) I truly believe Josh McCown is partly responsible for the success as he is an overlooked serviceable QB in the league that is getting more out of the Offense then anyone predicted.

B) They can probably get 7-9 but certainly not the Playoffs.

David: Well, as one of the 99% (I know Joe loves that) I still can’t explain it. I don’t think the coach is the that good, and I know the Talent is not that good. Maybe they have a naked picture of Leon Hess they get to reveal with each win?

As for part 2, I have no clue how they are any good NOW. Who knows if they can maintain?

Joe: A) Everyone thought (including me) the Jets would have a hard time winning games because GM Mike Maccagnan looked like he was trading away any Jet who was any good. At least that’s my excuse for thinking the Jets were in tank mode. Who the hell knew Todd Bowles was this good of a coach and that his players would play this damn good?

B) I’ll say the Jets can be a .500 team this year and if they continue to outperform the expectations they might have an outside shot at a wild card. If hey had a QB they might even be competing for that wild card right now. In my opiniom they should be 6-3 and not 4-5. They sort of choked in the fourth quarter on offense in at least two games this year.

3) He is not the single one reason why the Giants’ season has bottomed out but… is it time to bench Eli  Manning to see what they have in Rookie QB Davis Webb? Why or why not?

Davis Webb (#5) and Eli Manning (#10)

Chad: I think it may time for the Giants to do something, as Sunday was about as low as it gets for that team and at some point you have to start finding someone to replace Eli which may be in the upcoming draft if their record holds up.

David: Eli should have been traded if they were really punting the season, or they think they can come back.

I was part of minority thinking that the Giants would suck. So, I made up for the Jets prediction there. I would put Webb in when the game is out of reach. Treat it like a preseason game. If it’s close keep Eli in there. 

Joe: They should have been at least giving Eli Manning some bench time to see what they had at QB back when Tom Coughlin was the coach. But Eli almost never came out of a game even in garbage time regardless if they were winning or losing. In fact, during Coughlin’s reign as coach (2004-2015) back up QBs had less than 90 passing attempts… that an average of less than 8 a year.   Since Coughlin’s been gone backup QBs have had just one passing attempt. In y  opinion that is just plain stupid.

So, hell yeah, give Davis Webb a shot if for no other reason than to find if he’s good enough to play or do they need to draft someone in the off-season.

4) After the Denver Broncos got clobbered by the Philadelphia Eagles 51-23, linebacker Von Miller said, “We are where we are right now. Right now… we’re not a good football team… We’re not a great football team right now, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a great football team within us. But, we’re not a good football team, offensively, defensively, special teams, whatever. We’re just not good right now.”

Von Miller

Do you agree, on any level, agree or disagree with Miller statement that the Broncos are not “right now” that good but can still rebound in the 2nd half of the season and why?

Chad: I disagree with Von Miller because I see no hope at QB for this team with Simean, Lynch, or Osweiler

David:  No. Miller was depressed and angry.

Win next week and he’ll be happy again. 

Joe: I say it is just a player being  frustrated  with seeing his team get its ass kicked and the defense… which is a part of…giving up 51-freaking-points.

5) The 49ers sent a 2018 second-round pick to the Patriots and in return got heretofore previously untouchable 26-year-old quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

(a) In your opinion why do you think Belichick seemingly suddenly switched gears and let Garoppolo go to the 49ers for a second-round pick?

(b) Is Garoppolo going to be the QB that finally gets them out of their NFL doldrums and back into the playoffs in the near future? Why or Why not? 

Jimmy Garoppolo

Chad: Next year he would end up getting paid, and Belichick feasts on 2nd round draft picks.

I don’t know if he is the answer just because we really have not gotten the “Regular Season” looks to make a fair determination.

David: I think it was because of Brady’s record this year. Brady is in a win-now mode, and so is the team.

I don’t think the Hoodie cares about the team post-Brady, and he is seeing just how little he is leaving behind. Jimmy G winning in 2020 doesn’t help him get a few rings before then, and if Jimmy G is Matt Cassell 2.0, no one wants that.

Is Jimmy G the answer? Who knows? Think all the backup QBs that look great post clip-board time. 

Joe: A) I have no idea why Belichick traded Garoppolo for a 2nd rounder when I thought he refused a 1st rounder for him in the off-season. Who knows what goes on in that dude’s head.

B) If Garoppolo can play as well as he did when Brady was suspended… 43 completions out of 63 attempts for 500-plus yards and 4 TDs with no INTs… then, hell, yeah.


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