Pounding 7’s

Wrestling fans, welcome back to Pounding 7’s! The only countdown around the internet sure to create controversy. This week I don’t really know what to call this. But it is essentially the top 7 wrestlers who had gimmicks you may not have known of. Who will make the cut? Who did I leave out? Let me know by sending me an email swhall03@gmail.com or send me a tweet @StephanHall. Here we go with this weeks countdown.

7. Mortis

When Mortis debuted in WCW around 1995, this mysterious masked man wreaked havoc on his opponents. Underneath the mask is a wrestler that almost everyone knows. Former US Champion, and tag team champion, Kanyon.

6. Leif Cassady

Leif Cassady joined Marty Jannetty as part of the New Rockers in 1996. He would later become a hardcore legend and multiple time Hardcore Champion, Al Snow.

5. Max Moon

Konnan is a name familiar to many, as he was a part of the NWO, and currently involved in TNA. Before all of this, he was underneath the mask of Max Moon, a comic book type character created by Vince McMahon. It didnt last very long.

4. Badstreet

The Fabulous Freebirds debuted this masked superstar, Badstreet. They held the six man tag team championship, and he was a thorn in the side of many of the Freebirds opponents. Underneath this mask was none other than popular WCW superstar, Brad Armstrong.

3. Black Blood

Black Blood was a part of Kevin Sullivan’s stable in WCW in 1991, he was considered to be an Executioner of sorts for Sullivan. What you may not know is that Black Blood wrestled Shawn Michaels in his first match, and also competed at Wrestlemania III under his more known name, Billy Jack Haynes.

2. Aldo Montoya

The Portugese Man O War, or Jock Strap head is what I liked to call him. Aldo Montoya was a high flying star in 1995 and 1996 for WWF. While he was regulated to the lower mid card, he would become a World Champion in ECW, and a pretty big star in WWE in the early 2000’s, Justin Credible.

1. Big Josh

Big Josh was a Lumberjack, who came to the ring wearing flannel shirts and jean sorts to wrestle in. He even came to the ring with real life Grizzly Bears. However, interesting enough, Big Josh competed against Ricky Steamboat at Wrestlemania I, under his real name Matt Bourne. What is even more interesting, is that it would not be his last Wrestlemania. He would be the one who was behind the gimmick Doink the Clown as well. Hmmm…Small world.

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