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This week’s questions and opiions…

1) What is your opinion of Houston Texans’ owner Bob McNair’s statement, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison.”?

Texans owner Bob McNair

Chad: In the time that we live in, to say something along those line is completely ignorant of the situation.

David: First off, Good Job on whomever in Blowing all semblance of being able to speak in private- how have we gotten in a society where every utterance is ran to media? I mean Geez.

That being said. How stupid can you be?

But lets also be fair. He looks at the players as employees. Inmates running the asylum has been a term used for decades when a boss does not want to be dictated too by the rank and file. I think it was a stupid statement, but not a racist one.

Joe: This what I rote in my Wednesday opinion column WTF …

“He really said this!!!!!?????

To use that analogy is beyond the pale, in my opinion. and speaks volumes of how the owners look at their players/employees… many, if not most, who are Black…”

I said a lot more (Life and Justice @ WTF 11/1)   but that more or less is the gist of how I feel about McNair’s stupid, elitist and discriminatory, and quite possibly  racist comment. 

2) In a breakout game, JuJu Smith-Schuster exploded for 193 yards on 7 receptions, including a pitch and catch for a team record 97-yard TD in the Steelers 20-15 win over the Lions. 

How good is Smith-Schuster? Is this a star in the making?

JuJu Smith-Schuster breaks out vs. Lions

Chad: Smith-Schuster is turning into a serious threat to go with Antonio Brown and Leveon Bell for Pittsburgh’s Offense.

David: Let’s pump the breaks a second. He’s got 24 catches on the year. He didn’t crack 40 yards vs the Bengals or the Chefs, his two previous games. Not saying he’s a star- but Lets just say I wasn’t in line to add him to fantasy.

But he was a second round pick, so the talent is there.

Joe: I think he is a budding star, but let’s see what he does for a whole season before we begin calling him the next Jerry Rice.

3) Deshaun Watson threw for over 400 yards and four TDs in a shootout game in Seattle that the Seahawks won 41-38 because Russell Wilson, who also threw for over 400 yards and four TDs, got the ball last and tossed a TD pass with 21 seconds left on the clock.

Watson’s four TDs now gives him 19 in his first seven games which is an NFL record and is tied with Carson Wentz for the league lead. 

If, Watson keeps up this level of play, he will probably be a shoo-in to win the Offensive Rookie of the Year, but would he also be a legitimate MVP candidate?

Deshaun Watson reportedly tore his ACL and is done for the season

Chad: In my mind he is the Offensive Rookie of the Year; but with the play of Alex Smith and Carson Wentz I can’t say he would be the MVP.

David:  First off, WTF coach?

Second off, I do believe I told everyone Watson was the real deal.

Legit candidate? Good question. I think he is, but his team may hurt him. I can’t see a rookie passer get MVP with a 9-7 record. 11-5? maybe 12-4? All Day.

Joe: This is now a moot question… 

From Deshaun Watson done for season after suffering torn ACL in Texans practice. The Rookie of the Year favorite suffered an ACL tear at practice on Thursday.

But, yeah, if he had not got injured and kept up his present pace, he would have been in the conversation fo MVP.

4) Last season the Atlanta Falcons averaged about 34 points per game on their way to a regular season record and first place in the NFC South. This season the Falcons are averaging just under 22 points per game.

Is it just the simple fact that Kyle Shanahan is no longer the offensive coordinator for the Falcons for this disparity in points scored from 2016 to 2017? Or, is there some other reasons(s) for the Falcons inability to put up points on the board?  

Kyle Shanahan

Chad: I think it’s combination of the Super Bowl hangover and the departure of Kyle Shanahan as equal factors for the Falcons struggles.

David: Superbowl Hangover is real. Lets also keep in mind, everyone is a year older. There are no real impacting rookies on the offensive side of the ball, and Matty Ice has never been a game to game master of the world.

Joe: Simply put, it;s real damn hard to repeat as the winner of your division, then win the conference and then return to the Super Bowl but for Atlanta to be this sad and have such a big drop off from the Offensive juggernaut they were in 2016 is perplexing to say the least. 

I guess Shanahan might have been more important to the offense than I had realized but there has to be more to it than just the loss of a coach. What it is I can’t quite put my finger on it, but for the team to just go from super-duper offense to meh offense is very strange.

5) If the Cleveland Browns continue on their present pace they it will be their 10th consecutive season where they will be have won 5 or less games, except for 2014 when they were 7-9.

In your opinion what do the Browns need to do to right the ship? Blow up the entire front office… again… or what?

Browns owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam

Chad: At this point it is safe to ask… If the ship is capable of being righted?

They really have not done anything since they were brought back. You almost start to wonder if they’re cursed.

David: Sit down with your offensive leaders, your defensive leaders. Joe Thomas, Myles etc, and ask them if they trust the office. If they say yes, then sit down with the front office and the coaching staff and tell them you have 3 years to get the Browns to the playoffs. If not, everyone gets fired. Every Single Person. If we make the playoffs, then I’ll give everyone a bonus equal to a years salary. Then I leave, and I make that public. If I’m a coach- then I’ll take that bet, because I’m that good. As an owner, I’m putting my total trust and control in my people and my money where my mouth is.

Joe: First, they passed on two QBs in the last two drafts who are playing great football in Deshaun Watson (yeah, he’s hurt but that makes no nevermind) and Carson Wentz. I know they have had some bad luck drafting a QB but they need a Franchise QB and the front office needs to do their homework much better than they have.

Second, they… the front office peeps… gone and made the Browns’ owners… Dee and Jimmy Haslam…real pissed off when they had a trade in place with the Bengals… they get QB AJ McCarron for a second-and third-round pick. But somehow, the proper paperwork was never submitted to the NFL before the Trade deadline.Flag on the play. No trade and some very angry owners because someone(s) did not do the job they were hired to do.

So, in my opinion… yeah, they need to, at the minimum, fire the GM. I would also think the HC. should go because, please… how many times must they dwell in the dungeon of suck and with the first pick in the draft? How many more times can they flirt with zero to maybe only one or two wins?

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