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What our our thoughts on Survivor Series? Was AJ vs Balor the match of the night at TLC?

Well hello there wrestling fans, we are back again for another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. Short week I guess we could say as we did a little impromptu session on Sunday for TLC after all the changes. We are back on track and ready to break down the current happenings around the world of wrestling. TLC was last Sunday, and the hoopla that surrounded the event, even before the event happened was enough to make a head spin. We will discuss if the WWE made the right choices in the substitutions.

We have now made it to the finals of the Bobby the Brain Heenan Memorial Tournament. This tournament as you know was to crown the best manager in all of wrestling. For the most part, this tournament was pretty much chalk all the way to the Final Four. Not too many major upsets, and the tournament went according to plan…until now. Here we have our first MAJOR upset in my opinion and it happened in the Final Four.

The Finals

#2 Paul Bearer vs #1 Paul Heyman

Paul Bearer with the massive upset over the identity of this tournament, Bobby the Brain Heenan. Honestly, the vote was really not even close. On the other side of the coin, Heyman defeated Jim Cornette by four votes, a very very close match up. So this brings us to the finals. Paul Bearer vs Paul Heyman. What you may not know about this match is that it actually is symbolic of sorts. Did you know that when the Undertaker was in WCW, he was managed by none other than Paul Heyman? And we all know about Bearers relationship with the Undertaker in the nineties. So this is a intriguing match between two of the greatest managers of all time. Bearer, who was under the ring name Percival Pringle, was a mainstay in the AWA and WCCW, and Heyman, of course was the leader of the Dangerous Alliance in WCW, and ultimately the entire roster in ECW. So who wins? You the fans will decide who the greatest manager of all time is. Vote for your winner, and the results will be revealed right here next week.

1.Jinder Mahal

Still WWE Champion, but many feel that Mahal is in well over his head against Brock Lesnar.

2. The Shield

A huge win at TLC for the Shield, with honorary member Kurt Angle, then another big win on Raw. The Shield may be on top of the WWE at this point.

3. Finn Balor

In what was perhaps the match of the night, Finn Balor defeated AJ Styles on Raw. Despite losing to Kane on Raw, Balor get his nod in the Power Rankings.

4. Alexa Bliss

The womens champion retained over Mickie James, now its on to Survivor Series in a champion vs champion match against Natalya

5. The Miz

The Intercontinental Champion had a rough week, and drops a few spots. I think still the Miz is going to rebound very soon, perhaps at Survivor Series.

Jake the Snake Roberts was set to have a major feud for the World Wrestling Federation Championship in 1986, and was slated to face off against Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 2. It would have been Jake’s first main event run. Hogan squashed this, saying that the two would not draw, and the fans do not want to see it. So the match was scrapped and King Kong Bundy was inserted into the main event spotlight. Two things came out of this. Hogan and Bundy had an awful match, where the two did not draw well, and Jake the Snake Roberts would never get a chance at the main event scene in his entire career. It’s nice to know how Hogan can crush a superstar.

With Survivor Series taking form. Are you at all intrigued that we will see an all Raw vs Smackdown show, and all the title holders will face off against each other in champion vs champion matches?

Steve: The biggest thing in my opinion that was wrong with TLC, was the fact that there was only one championship match, no major title match other than the womens championship match. Survivor Series will feature no, none, squat, zip ziltch championship matches. As a fan, I love watching title matches, and this also will be the second straight event where the World/Universal championship will not be defended. Not a good move. So no Im not intrigued in the slightest bit.

Frosh: I like it, it gives some fantasy aspect to the whole show.  But it would have been better to have known this ahead of time, and USED it on a previous PPV….If Baron Corbin wins this match, not only does he get the US championship, but he will represent Smackdown at Survivor Series….would have been some good storylines….but alas, WWE creative doesn’t see good ideas very often, unless a virus strikes the locker room.

Chad: I’m really not because I think that this turning more into the old what they wanted with the Bragging Rights PPV idea; I’m a traditionalist and like the idea of having interbrand 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 matches that intertwines rivalries from both brands, you could even add in NXT stars. I’m thinking along the lines of 2006-about 2010 when Raw, Smackdown, end ECW stars made up teams.

Tyler: Very much so, as it gives some weight to the brand split other than “we did it just because” and makes for some interesting matchups.

Agree or Disagree: Asuka’s debut not only at TLC, but on Raw, was disappointing?

Steve: It was “BLAH” I mean there was nothing really exciting about it. She was facing Emma, and honestly did not look that good. It was better for Emma as she looked really good in a loss to Asuka. So I guess you could say it was disappointing.

Frosh: Agree.  Her matches with Emma should have been squash victories.  If she has that trouble with Emma, how will she fare against the women’s champion?  I will say this though.  The cross-face chicken wing has never looked better.  Sorry Mr. Backlund.

Chad: Agree, for being a dominant force it seemed to take forever for her to beat Emma

Tyler: Agree.  They should have kept booking her as the unstoppable force.  While having her debut matches be with Emma was still the best idea as for as first opponents were concerned, given they’ve worked together in the past, have Asuka barely squeak out a win does nothing for her in ring persona.

The ending of Raw showed Smackdown destroying the Raw locker room. Then on Smackdown, in what should have been expected,  Raw did not retaliate on Smackdown. Is this a good way to start the Raw vs Smackdown feud off?

Steve: As much as I don’t really like the head to head, it really was interesting. It made me tune into Smackdown, which I usually catch on the DVR, but I watched it LIVE to see if Raw would retaliate. I like the move not having them do it, but maybe lying in wait to keep Smackdown guessing. Nice little storyline, and keeps it at least entertaining.

Frosh: That is not how I would have booked it.  I would have booked it to look like Shane wasn’t worried at all, and RAW invades at the end of his show as he is getting ready to announce his team (same way Smackdown did), but instead of RAW running rampant, I would have had Shane tell Kurt: “Did you think I would not be ready for this?  I am a McMahon.” and the Smackdown locker room comes down and surrounds the RAW superstars, and Smackdown gets the upper hand a second night in a row.  Shane just ends the show with…. “You’re gonna have to step up your game, Kurt.”  That would have really built up some heat with the crowd, and been awesome.

Chad: First, I don’t like that it is the same Raw vs Smackdown rivalry but I am OK with a non retaliation as the PPV is not until Nov 19 so there is time to have a counter-strike.

Tyler: I think so.  I builds tension so then when the Raw roster does retaliate it would have more impact.

Agree or Disagree: Outside of AJ Styles vs Finn Balor; TLC was a failure of a show?

Steve: Im kinda neutral on this. The main event was alright, I thought Angle looked out of place in that style of match, but it was a decent match. I liked how they turned on Strowman and threw him in the dumpster. Now he is probably going to come back as a face, or face-ish, to feud with Kane. If they go that route, it will be great. The other matches were just sub-par, I did not really pay much attention to it outside of the Balor vs AJ and Main event match.

Frosh: I don’t know if I would say failure, but it really didn’t give me anything as far as excitement, up till the Balor Styles match and the main event.  I mean there was only one match invovling tables, ladders and chairs, on a PPV named for it….to me, that is a problem.  Why couldn’t the women’s match have been a ladder match?  Or the cruiserweight match been a chairs match?  That could have been how Enzo won, a Jawdonzo with a chair on Kalisto’s chin….How hard is it to write this stuff?  I am an overweight nobody from the internet, and I can write stories and PPV arcs better than anyone in creative.

Chad: Agree, for a TLC there is real lack of Tables, Ladders, and Chairs used as I was used to at least a Table match, Ladder Match, Chair Match and a TLC match but to only have the TLC which was hot grabage, god bless them for trying but we had to reuse the “killing Braun Strowman” thing from Great Balls of Fire and the injured star comes back and whips ass thing Brock LEsnar did at Summerslam. Was that the worst main event in PPV history?

Tyler: Disagree: I wouldn’t say it was a failure, it just didn’t live up to the hype.

Agree or Disagree: The Fashion Files is the best segment on either Raw or Smackdown right now?

Steve: It is hilarious, and a good way to break up the action on Smackdown. Fandango and Breeze are terrific in this role, and it gives the Ascension some personality as well. I don’t know if it is the best segment, but I will say that it is probably the most entertaining. I’ll agree just for shits and giggles.

Frosh: Agree.  It continuously makes me laugh.  I mean there can be matches that win the night, but this is by far the funniest.  But it needs to end with Breezango winning the tag belts, and having them on the Fashion Files.

Chad: Agree, it is consistently great programming where as something like MizTV can be very hit or miss.

Tyler: Agree, surprisingly.  Breezango has come into their own as a comedy due, and it’s been giving The Ascension something to do as well as show their comedic chops too.

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