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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Well we had a sad and gruesome start to the season when Gordon Hayward went down with a season ending injury. Jeremy Lin also had a knee injury that ended his season in Brooklyn. I wish them both a speedy recovery. Chris Paul is considered week to week with a knee injury that happened during the preseason. Well any ways lets get stated. This week we will discuss Hayward’s injury, Joel Embiid’s supposed minute restriction that, and so much more on this edition of NBA RoundTable

Here are the Questions:

Gordon Hayward is unlikely to return this season. How does his injury Change the way the Eastern Conference shapes out this year?

Todd: Well,as I watch Cleveland play I am going to say the same thing about them as I am saying about Golden State. The Cavaliers are not going to be as good as everyone thinks they are going to be. The only difference is that they are in the weaker Conference so they will probably win the Eastern conference by default by I don’t think they are a shoe in by no means. I think the Gordon injury moves Boston to at least the 4 seed behind Washington and Toronto.

Steve: I don’t think it changes a thing. I think the Cavs are so loaded and talented, that they were destined to win the Eastern Conference for a fourth straight year. I think the only thing that it may change, is gives a team like Toronto, or Washington a chance to climb up to the number two spot in the East, and have a better chance at reaching the Conference Finals.

Chad: It goes back to the status quo of Cleveland and the Field in my opinion.

at the beginning of the season the 76ers said Joel Embiid would be on a minute restriction of 16-20 minutes a game. Well that went out the window the very first game when he played nearly 27 minutes and his second game he played almost 29 minutes. Embiid still is not clear to play in back to backs though. Are the 76ers being too cautious?

Todd: Well, with the damn contract he just signed he should play every damn game. I dont care if he has a broken leg that is what crutches are for. 2 broken legs, that is why they have wheelchairs. These guys make too much money to sit out when they can play.

Steve: Not at all, they just invested a shit ton of cash in Joel Embiid, and they need to protect their investment. He has never played a full season, and they are doing the right thing by easing him back into a full time schedule. With back to backs not happening as much as it used to, this is not a problem at all for Philadelphia.

Chad: I think for the beginning of the season its not a bad idea just due to the fact you wan to get him going and in game shape. The restrictions may change wants the Playoffs come into more focus.

We have just seen a small sample size from the Clippers with them playing the Lakers and the Suns,which neither will be playoff teams this year. Are the Clippers a better team without Chris Paul?

Todd: Are you kidding me? This is a stupid question. The Clippers have to play an NBA team before we can see how good they really are.

Steve: Its the Lakers and the Suns. My high school basketball team could look good against these two teams.

Chad: I still say no that can change if they are able to acquire the recently made available Eric Bledsoe. The real test comes in a week against the Warriors.

Last week Chicago Bulls Nikola Mirotic was put in the hospital when Bobby Portis punched him in the face breaking several bones. Mirotic is projected to miss 4-6 weeks. The Bulls ended up suspending Portis for 8 games. Did the Bulls handle this properly?

Todd: In my opinion Portis shouldn’t be able to play until Mirotic is able to play again. 8 games is only about 2 weeks and Mirotic is projected to be ot 4-6 weeks. So Portis should be suspended 4-6 weeks.

Steve: No they handled it the right way. It was an internal issue, and they handled it internally. Why get the league involved when it happened in your own house. I think that his punishment should be a little more severe because you just cant go an punch one of your teammates in the face. Even though from all accords, he had it coming for a long time.

Chad: Like everything they do GarPax screwed this up to. The Bulls are a disaster and should have sent a stronger message than 8 games, I feel the suspension should have at least in the 10-15 game range.

 Derrick Rose went down with and ankle injury in Cleveland’s second game. Tyronn Lue said it was not good and probably would at least miss the next game. If Rose has to miss significant time, is this a problem for the Cavaliers?

Todd: I think it will be a huge problem because there is really no one behind him. If Thomas was healthy it wouldn’t matter but now they have Calderon starting. Even though it is not the old Rose he is still able to drive and break down the defense.

Steve: No problem at all. Rose was probably the Cavs fourth maybe even fifth best player on that team. So he will not be missed. Im sure when they signed him to begin with, he was probably slated to miss three quarters of the season anyway. That is just how Derrick Rose is.

Chad: Isaiah Thomas can still play the majority of the time at the point it creates a lack of depth of problem more than anything with no one able to spell him.

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