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The top seven masked wrestlers who did not hide their identity well.

Hey there wrestling fans welcome back to Pounding 7’s. This week I have once again been super busy so I am going to make this brief. Just to give you an idea, I usually have this done by mid week, but here I am the Sunday before it goes to press and I am typing away. Never the less, I made it. And today I will count down the top 7 masked wrestlers who did not hid their identity very well. These masked superstars dawned a mask, but it was pretty freakin obvious who they were.

Here we go!

7. Butch Reed

Butch Reed was known to many in the WWF as the Natural Butch Reed, having limited success. He was managed by Slick, and his claim to fame was pretty much losing to Randy Savage at Wrestlemania IV. When he came over to WCW he dawned the name Hacksaw Butch Reed. Months later he formed a tag team with Ron Simmons known as Doom. They dawned masks, and acted as mercinaries for Woman against the Steiner Brothers. Reed, pictured on the left did not do a very good job at keeping his identity, as most fans knew exactly who was behind the mask.

6. Ron Simmons

After losing the masks in a match to the Steiners, Doom dumped Woman, and found the alliance with Teddy Long. Simmons had been wearing a mask as part of Doom with Butch Reed, but it was always pretty obvious who he really was. After they lost the masks, they went on to become the WCW World Tag Team Champions, defeating Rick and Scott Steiner at Capitol Combat. They would hold the championship for almost a full year.

5. Andre the Giant

The Machines were a masked three some who made it there mission to take out the members of the Heenan family one by one. It was irony for the family because that is exactly what Bobby Heenan’s men did to other wrestlers. These masked superstars were known to be the saviors to the WWF babyfaces. The Giant Machine was essentially no secret because he was in fact a Giant. Andre the Giant, pictured on the right was under the mask of the Giant Machine, and even if you are just a casual wrestling fan, you can tell who is under the mask.

4. Dusty Rhodes

When Dusty Rhodes got suspended for attacking NWA staff. He dawned a mask to “conceal his identiy.” Claiming to be a big fan of Dusty Rhodes. Every fan in the country, and arenas world wide, knew exactly who the Midnight Rider actually was. He talked like Rhodes, he danced like Rhodes, he wrestled the same type of matches as Rhodes. Polish a turd its still a turd, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it is a duck. And the Midnight Rider was Dusty Rhodes.

3. Flyin Brian Pillman

At Clash of the Champions XV, Flyin Brian was pinned in a tag team match where the loser would have to leave WCW. That did not stop Pillman’s number one fan showed up under the name the Yellow Dog, it was clear as the baldness on my head that it was in fact Brian Pillman. Pillman would have other men portray this gimmick in order to try to keep his identity a secret. When he would get unmasked, it would be guys like the Z-Man, or some other jobber trying to make a name for himself. Pillman was never actually revealed as the Yellow Dog, as he was reinstated by WCW a few months later…..psssst he never left…

2. Owen Hart

Many from the attitude era remember when Owen Hart wrestled under the Blue Blazer gimmick. It was in fact partially what led to his tragic death. It was no secret who was under the mask, and like the Yellow Dog, Hart would have other wrestlers wrestle under the gimmick, and he would show up to say that he is not the Blue Blazer. Sorry Owen, not this time. You may have been able to fool some people when you debuted as the Blue Blazer in the late eighties, but that is because no one knew who you were. When it came back, everyone and their brother’s brother knew who was under the mask.

1. Hulk Hogan

Arguably the most ridiculous thing that Vince McMahon came up with is Mr. America. It does not take rocket science to figure out who Mr. America was. My girlfriend at the time, who keep in mind did not know a lick about professional wrestling… which is why I dumped her ass…. told me “Why is Hulk Hogan dressed like that”? Worst kept secret in all of pro wrestling. Hogan did not fool anyone with this gimmick, and it was almost like he didnt even try. So yeah, basically his entire career as a whole. Yeah I said it!

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