Wrestling Roundtable – Special TLC Edition

All the changes for the TLC event tonight on the WWE Network

Hey wrestling fans, surprised to see us here on a Sunday? Well some interesting developments have occurred concerning TLC that throws a wrench into things. These changes are due to a virus that hit the locker room, getting both Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt sick enough to where they are going to miss the show. So now, the main event will feature The Miz and his army vs Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and a returning Kurt Angle… Oh it’s true…. it’s damn true. So what are our new thoughts on the show. Does it raise the excitement level? Are we going to see a match of the year candidate as Bray Wyatt is being replaced by Smackdown’s AJ Styles who will face off against Finn Balor? Let’s get to this special edition of the TLC Wrestling Roundtable.

The changes that the WWE made to the show, adding Kurt Angle to the match with the Shield, and moving AJ Styles over to Raw  at least for one night only to battle Finn Balor. Are these changes the right changes? What would you have done?

Steve: It is interesting to say the least. I think that throwing Kurt Angle in the match is perfect as he has developed heat with the Miz, more so than any other wrestler in the locker room. It also puts him in a tag match, so he will not have to carry the match, he can get in there and get his feet wet and see if the crowd can give him a “You still got it chant.” Adding AJ to the match against Finn Balor is freakin insane. I absolutely cannot wait for this match. So yeah, right call, I would not have changed anything else, unless you gave us a Finn Balor vs Brock Lesnar Universal title match since we dont have any men’s title matches on the card.

Frosh: When I first saw this, I was like…no way…this is a gag.  But then I saw my calendar and it wasn’t April 1st.  And then I saw it on WWE’s official Facebook page.  It’s real.  And it is incredible.  These changes give us two WrestleMania worthy moments, the return of Angle, and a dream match.  With the health concerns of the talent, you have to pull them from the show, and if you cannot delay the show.  If you are going to replace them, you might as well make it as big as possible.  WWE did just that.  This is incredible.  Angle can be protected int he match, but it is still a TLC match if I am not mistaken, which will give him an opportunity for a big spot or two….Moonsault off of a ladder?

Again with the changes, has your level of excitement changed for the event at all? For better or worse?

Steve: A thousand times better. If only because I get to see a match between Balor and Angle. That match alone is worth the price of admission. As I stated in the first question, throwing Angle in the match is safe for him because he does not have to do much, and it can continue his story line with the Miz. Should be a great show on paper. Almost like they got to hit the rewind button and make things a hell of a lot better.

Frosh: This just made TLC the show of the year.  This is a MUCH WATCH PPV now.  It went from a level 2 of excitement, to a level 10.  Angle is one of my favorite all time performers, and I cannot wait to see him back in the ring.  Styles vs Balor is going to be an all time classic.  I will be watching, no question!

Agree or Disagree: AJ Styles vs Finn Balor will steal the show at TLC?

Steve: Duh, I think we all know my answer to this. Just see the prior two responses. Agree wholeheartedly on this one. I’m seriously like a kid in the candy store hearing this news of this match. I cannot wait.

Frosh: Disagree for this reas0n:  You cannot steal the show when it is already yours.  This will undoubtedly be the MATCH OF THE NIGHT, if not the year.  But that is now the expectation going in.  If anything, it is up to the other performers to try and steal the show from Styles and Balor.  A candidate might be the return of Angle, and a few really big spots, but nothing else on the card even comes close to the expectations for this match.

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