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Hello there wrestling fans and welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we discuss The Miz and his recent comments tooting his own horn. We also discuss the rumors surrounding Neville leaving the WWE. All this and much more.

Let’s get into our Final Four of the Bobby the Brain Heenan Memorial Manager Tournament. My sincere apologies for leaving it off the Roundtable last week. I have no other excuse for it other than I totally forgot. But here we go!

1 Bobby Heenan 1 Paul Heyman
2 Paul Bearer 1 Jim Cornette

1.Jinder Mahal

What in the world is Jinder Mahal thinking? He is either super confident, or suicidal in his challenge of Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series. Will the Beast accept this champion vs champion challenge?

2. The Miz

The Miz got one over on the WWE fans and the Shield when he announced Kane as his fifth team member at TLC. With the deck stacked against the Shield, will the Miz pull off the unthinkable and actually defeat the Shield?

3. The Shield

The Shield’s Ambrose and Rollins successfully retained their championship against Cesaro and Sheamus, However, Roman Reigns was caught off guard after both Kane and Strowman outsmarted the Shield. Can they overcome a 5 on 3 this Sunday at TLC?

4. Braun Strowman

The monster among men showed how much of a mercanary he can be after taking out Roman Reigns inside a steel cage on Raw this past Monday. Strowman is out for a measure of revenge after being powerbombed through a table two weeks ago.

5. Sami Zayn

Welcome back to the Power Rankings Sami Zayn. After a pinfall victory over the 13 time World Champion, coupled by a new attitude. Things are looking up for Sami Zayn.

At Wrestlemania VIII, Bret “the Hitman” Hart pinned Rowdy Roddy Piper to win his second World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship. The fact here is that Roddy Piper debuted in the WWF in 1983, and despite feuding with Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and The Undertaker just to name a couple of top names. This event in 1992 was the very first time that Piper was pinned cleanly inside the middle of the ring. While he did suffer disqualification defeats, Piper had never been pinned up until that point.

The Miz recently said publicly that he was the one who elevated the careers of Curtis Axel, Cesaro, Sheamus, and even Braun Strowman. Is he correct on this? Will the Miz be the next John Cena as far as the guy who makes a superstar?

Steve: The Miz is a veteran, and veterans are supposed to step up and be contributors to the careers of the young up and coming stars. So while I don’t think he is anywhere on the same level as John Cena, he could be a guy that the WWE can count on to be there to help young stars. Was he the reason why Axel, Cesaro, Sheamus, and Strowman are where they are now? Axel maybe, but the others were already established.

Frosh: He definitely saved Curtis Axel.  He may not have made Cesaro, Sheamus and Strowman, but they are really relevant right now, because of the Miz.  I think yes, he as elevated them, from where they already were, and that is saying a lot.  It tells you just the kind of star power the Miz actually has.

Chad: No…the Miz is blowing smoke up his own ass the way any wannabe celebrity would. The Miz is not the guy that makes a superstar, he’s the guy to not get hurt and do all the media appearances.

Tyler: No, not really.  He’s a reliable worker and has somewhat of Cena’s crossover potential, but as a heel he doesn’t have the same impact as Cena has.

It was rumored that Neville recently left Raw last week when he was told that he was going to lose again to Enzo Amore. It is now said that he wants out of his contract, thus thrusting Kalisto into the top of the Cruiserweight division. Question: How big of a loss is it for the division if in fact Neville is on the outs?

Steve: I don’t think he will be missed as much as people think. While I think it maybe puts the division a step backwards, Enzo Amore is a guy who can really carry this division. Bring in a guy like Kalisto, even Sin Cara who have been established before, and you have yourself a good division again. Look, the WWE can make another Neville out of any one of the current Cruiserweights on the roster. They just have to be built right.

Frosh: No one is irreplaceable.  Especially not in a division that was struggling with Neville as their champion.  Change always comes, and Enzo is capable of stepping up on the mic.  Kalisto and the others can handle the in ring work.

Chad: I think a lot has to do with why Aries left and that is the exclusion of their CW title Match off of the WrestleMania DVD because it was on the Pre-Show which cuts out of his payday. I think a talent like Neville is “too sweet” or “one sweet” to be left with out work for while.

Tyler: Pretty big, actually.  While there are plenty of talented workers in the division, a majority of them struggle with finding a persona that the crowd can connect with, and Neville’s heel turn was the best move he could have made for his career.

What are you bold predictions for TLC?

Steve: My excitement level for TLC is barely a 1 out of 10. Things happen just too fast for me to really get excited about things. So I guess I will go with what I have seen. I think the Shield will win somehow and overcome a five on three. Alexa Bliss should wipe the floor with Mickie James, but I think it may be a decent match. Then Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt, or Sister Abigail, or whatever the hell you want to call it. I think the Demon will suffer his first defeat. What else is there honestly? I cant think of anything else. No title matches are on the line other than the womens title, maybe the Crusierweight title. I could see Enzo getting the belt back.

Frosh: Shield wins…umm, what are the other matches again?  Oh yeah, Alexa retains….The Demon vs. Sister Abigail match may be good…or it may be house of horrors type bad, but Balor needs to win, if the rumors are true that he is getting close to next in line to challenge Lesnar….Asuka wins easily over Emma.  I honestly, may not even watch it… It hasn’t sold me that much.  I mostly just want to see how bad WWE creative screws up the endings to these matches.

Chad: Somehow the Shield Wins, Alexa retains, My head will hurt after the Demon/Sister Abagail match.

Tyler: Fox/Banks: A surprise demotion to the pre-show for Banks.  I can see her winning and maybe using the fact she was in the preshow and not the mail show to fuel a heel turn.

Bliss/James: Bliss retains leading to a program with Asuka, though I think Mickie would have a better match with Asuka as they fought in NXT.
The Shield/The Bar, The Miz and Strowman: Given this going to be a TLC match, I expect all hell to break loose and this be one of the standout matches of the night.
Asuka/Emma: Asuka wins in another standout match.
Kendrick & Gallagher/Alexander & Swann: While these are some of the more entertaining members of the cruiserweight division, it’s still, well, the cruiserweights so this is the bathroom break match of the card.
Wyatt aka “Sister Abigail”/Balor aka “The Demon”: After four long years since his main roster debut, WWE *finally* does something with the Sister Abigail backstory and this is the best they can come up with?  That huge disappointment aside, this will be another good match despite the horrible gimmicks involved.

With Kane making his unpredicted return on Raw and joining the Miz. Do you think this is his last rodeo with the WWE, now that he is involved in politics? Also, do you think this could hurt his campaign for Mayor of Knoxville County?

Steve: I like that he gets one last go at it. If he is elected Mayor, Kane is done in the ring. He probably is anyway after this little ordeal as he is pushing 50 years of age. At first I was like WHAT?? Then after thinking about it, it makes sense for the Miz to have yet another mercenary to add to his arsenal of weapons.

Never say completely never in the wrestling world.  THere are some guys who can keep wrestling into their 90’s…*cough* Flair *cough*.  Steve is right though, if he wins the mayoral election he is done.  After Mayor, ,he will go on to bigger and better political offices.  However, if he loses, he may make sporadic appearances to get a reaction.

Chad: I think Kane trying to avenge the Undertaker is the last hurrah he can ride off in the sunset I don’t think it hurts his chances for being mayor though.

Tyler: I was certainly surprised to see him.  If this is his last run before going into politics full time, I would think he would set his sights higher than a feud with Roman Reigns, but it’s early so we’ll see how things play out.

Agree or Disagree: Asuka will be the next challenger to Alexa Bliss after she battles Emma at TLC?

Steve: Agree: I mean let’s face the facts. Alexa Bliss is only facing Mickie James to give her something to do until Asuka debuts. I think that we will see the match take place at the Royal Rumble.

Frosh: Who would disagree with this?  Clearly Asuka is on a fast track to greatness.  She will be undefeated for a while, only for the next truly exceptional woman wrestler to take her down.  Maybe Charolotte, maybe Shayna Baszler?

Chad: Eventually. she will be the next challenger but I think they are going to do a slow methodical run through the division to get to the Champ.

Tyler: It’s a given that she’s going to challenge for the title sooner rather than later, so I can see WWE creative using her undefeated streak as an excuse to put her into title contention immediately.

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