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This week’s questions…

1) On Sunday, Aaron Rodgers was hit by Vikings’ LB Anthony Barr in the first quarter and left the field with a broken right… his throwing side… collarbone in Green Bay’s 23-10 loss to Minnesota.

Brett Hundley, 24, the only other quarterback on the active roster going into Sunday’s game, threw an interception on his first pass of the game. While he did settle down and was able to accomplish some positives… completed a TD pass… he did throw two more INTs before all was said and done.

The question becomes… do the Packers stick with Hundley and hope for the best or start a serious search for another QB somewhere else real damn fast? Do you think they entertain the thought of hiring on Colin Kaepernick? Tony Romo? Or, try to trade for someone like Eli Manning?

Brett Hundley

Chad: I think a trade is the last option.

They will either sign someone in Free Agency or stick with Hundley to see what they have there in the UCLA product. 

David: The Packers have not been ready for Rodgers to go down, in more ways than one. Time to wait and get that high draft pick, maybe another lineman.

Colin isn’t happening, Eli is interesting, if the Giants punt the year; Romo ain’t that stupid. I could see them tossing a mid-round pick for a quality backup, but Hun should start next week.

Joe: My best guess is they stick with what they got…  Brett Hundley… and hope for the best. They probably do sign someone as a emergency backup but I doubt they go out and get anyone of import… e.g. Kaepernick, Eli, etc…  unless old Brett really craps the bed.               

2) Speaking of Kaepernick, his attorney, Mark Geragos, recently announced that he has filed a grievance under the latest collective bargaining agreement against NFL owners for collusion. The grievance filing demands an arbitration hearing on the matter and states that the NFL and its owners “have colluded to deprive Mr. Kaepernick of employment rights in retaliation for Mr. Kaepernick’s leadership and advocacy for equality and social justice and his bringing awareness to peculiar institutions still undermining racial equality in the United States.”

Kaepernick’s attorney sent a copy of the complaint to the NFLPA, as well as the NFL and all 32 teams.

The NFLPA has announced their awareness of the filing and says it supports Kaepernick and will assist him, and his lawyer, in any way they can.

What do you think his chances are of having his grievance being successful in in forcing the issue to arbitration and then winning in arbitration and being awarded double damages in a cash award? 

Kaepernick files grievance against NFL owners, charging collusion

Chad: I think he very well could win his case as there have been questionable QB signings, Weeden in Tennessee for example, where he could he has a case.

However, he will probably burn any bridges of playing again in the league

David: This isn’t going anywhere.

First off you have right to work states, such as LA, so good luck getting anything there.

Next up, what do you say when you show pictures of him kneeling, around his teammates, and they all still have jobs. I do mean ALL OF THEM. Plus, you put on a show of the Dallas Cowboys, and the OWNER is kneeling, yet this owner won’t give him a job – and that is the only reason why?

I think the funny thing is that Colin blew off the NFLPA and is going it alone.

Joe: I think its about time he did this because I do think he is being blackballed by the owners/NFL for taking his stand. However, proofing it beyond a shadow of doubt is going to be tough. I give him about a 30-70 chance of doing that. Still, I think it is the right move on his part.

As far as him burning bridges and now making it a lock that no team ever signs him to play in the NFL? No one was going to sing his butt anyway, so in my opinion he is losing nothing in an attempt to gain everything.

3) Last Tuesday (10/10), the New Orleans Saints sent their seldom, and arguably ill-used, veteran running back Adrian Peterson to the Arizona Cardinals for a conditional draft pick. 

On Sunday, Peterson proved that he might still have something left in the tank as he ran for 134 yards and two touchdowns on 26 carries in his Cardinals debut, leading Arizona to a win over the Buccaneers 38-33.  Peterson’s running success also showed what having a productive running game can do for an offense, as the Bucs’ defense now had to be aware that a very effective Peterson could get the ball at any time, which allowed QB Carson Palmer time to throw to the tune of 18 completions out of 22 attempts and three TDs.

Is Peterson and the Cardinals running game sustainable and the key to the Cardinals making a run to the playoffs?

Adrian Peterson runs through a tackle by Vernon Hargreaves III

Chad: By their performance Sunday this can definitely help sneak the Cardinals into the playoffs, as with a running game it opened every thing up for Carson Palmer and the Air Attack.

David: If you can get 134 yards and 2 TDs from your running game, you can succeed in the NFL, no mater who you are.

The Saints have always been a passing team, and with Brees healthy, why wouldn’t you be. The Cardinals are set to use David Johnson as the man, and ADP has a similar style. He doesn’t have the cutting speed that fits the Saints system.

Joe: Not sure if it is sustainable or not but it definitely is the right move giving a running back like Petersen the ball and letting him do what he does best… run with the damn ball and keep defenses honest. If he does sustain his ability to run effectively for about 100 yards a game they will have a better chance of making the playoffs then they did before they traded for him, but I think they still got a ways to go before they think playoffs. Right now they just need to win games and hope for the best.

4) Drew Brees threw his first two interceptions of the season on Sunday and only threw for 186 yards. It didn’t matter in the long run as the Saints’ defense scored three TDs and their once dormant running game… now without recently traded Adrian Peterson…  suddenly went off for a total of 193 rushing yards and two TDs of their own.

Is there any logical reason for the Saints running game to suddenly come to life with Peterson being traded or is it something that can only be attributed to the football gods and their penchant for whimsy?

Chad: A lot of it is relief about not having to change their attack because AP is there.

I think Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara can obviously work within the system and put up these kinds of numbers.

David: The Saints are an odd team, and I don’t think I would read too much into the Lions game. 

Joe: Until I see them do it for at least the next few weeks…

I attribute it to “the football gods and their penchant for whimsy.”

5) As of Monday morning, the Philadelphia Eagles, winners over Carolina on TNF by a 28-23 score, are at 5-1 and lead the NFC East as well as possessing the best NFC record, and the Kansas City Chiefs, losers by a 19-13 score to Pittsburgh, stand at 5-1 and lead the AFC West as well as having the best AFC record.

Are these two teams truly the cream of their respective conferences? And, in your opinion which team is the better team? Why?

Chad: Out of these two, I would say KC is better just because I think their defense is slightly better over the long run. But as Sunday showed KC may not be the best in the AFC as Pittsburgh went into Arrowhead and beat them.

I also think there are teams in the NFC that can contend with Philly as far as being the NFC best, Atlanta has struggled, the Saints are getting hot, Minnesota is there, Arizona and LA are good in the west.

David: The Panthers are still right there, and no one wants to see the Falcons or Saints when the QBs are playing well. There is still some team in Seattle.

As for the AFC, you go ahead and count the Pat out. If we were ranking them?

Yes, I would put them as 1-2 in the NFL, but this is not a Alabama vs the field situation

Joe: Going by just the numbers, yes they are right now the two best in the NFL… I put KC slightly ahead of Philly. However, I think this could change week to week, and in fact,  I expect it to change from week to week. 

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