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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Well the first night of the new season is in the books. Gordon Hayward is probably out for the season with a dislocated ankle and a fractured tibia. Irving was booed every time he touched the ball as Cleveland beat Boston by 3 and the Rockets upset the Warriors. This week we will discuss Michael Jordan talks about superteam era, Draymond Green talking shit that, and so much more on this edition of NBA RoundTable.

Michael Jordan recently did an interview with Cigar Afficionado. He said he was concerned with the superteam era. He also stated that you are gonna have one or two teams that will be great and another 28 will be garbage. Does Jordan have a Point?

Todd: I mean some say the showtime Lakers were a superteam with Magic, Kareem, and Worthy or the Celtics with McHale, Parrish, and Bird or Erving, Malone or Cheeks. All in the 80’s. Pretty much all 3 of these teams dominated the 1980’s. I heard people say Jordan was part of a superteam. I was never a big fan of Jordan but what superteam was he part of? He had Pippen and the rest were role players. I am not a fan of it because I think it ruins competition because he is right there will be a whole lot of teams that will be garbage.

Steve: I really did not know there was an actual “superteam” era. I mean yeah there are some pretty damn good teams out there, mostly in the West, but are we in an actual era? I don’t know about that. Jordan has a very valid point though here. There are going to be three, maybe four teams that will actually compete for a World Championship, and the other teams will either struggle to make the playoffs, or they will be shit.. or garbage like MJ said. He would know better than anyone else, but if he doesnt like it, he is an owner now, so start forking over the cash and get you a damn superteam.

Chad: He is more right than not as once again I see a GS/Cleveland Final I do think that the there are a couple of teams that could sneak into the final but would be shocked if that is not the final.

Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors Claimed the rest of the league don’t have an F’in clue how to beat them? Is he right?

Todd: I hate to keep bringing this up but this question just forces me to. If it were not for Kawhi Leonard getting hurt last year during the NBA Finals, that series would have turned out way differently. Need I remind Green that the Lakers one of the worst teams in the league the last 2 years has beaten the Warriors 3 times in the last 2 years. Once in the Pre-season and twice during the regular season. The regular season matchups were by 17 and 20 so they didn’t barely win. Sure it wasn’t in a 7 game series but come on now. Also if you notice most if not all the games the Warriors lose they go for like 2-20 from the 3 point line. So if they cant make their 3 point shot any team can beat them on any given night. I made this bold prediction a few weeks ago and i will say it again. Golden State will not make the Conference Finals.

Steve: Look, the Warriors are not unbeatable. They are damn good, and he has a reason to be confident. I don’t like how he said it because he basically is already crowned the Warriors the 2018 NBA Champions. The Rockets, Spurs, Cavs, Thunder, and Celtics are all going to be viable contenders, and now that the monkey is on the backs of the Warriors, not just as defending champions, but with big mouth going around talking crap. More and more teams are going to be at their best against the Warriors. Its gonna be a lot tougher than I think he thinks.

Chad: In one game they can have a bad shooting night but in a 7 game series in the postseason I have now Idea how beat this team 4 out of 7 times with presumably 4 of those in Oracle Arena.

What are your thoughts on the 76ers signing Joel Embiid to a 5/yr 146.5 million dollar contract even though he has only played 31 games in 3 years?

Todd: It sure is a risky deal. I guess if he does get injured Philly gets half their money back but if he gets injured why should he be rich they should get all their money back. Not a fan of this contract but I guess it is not my money so whatever.

Steve: To each is own I guess. I mean the Sixers are taking a HUGE gamble in paying Embiid this much money for so little production. However, that being said, if he is healthy and can give the Sixers a full season, he is that good where he can be a huge impact for Philadelphia. If he has a full season, and a good season, we may be seeing the Philadelphia 76ers back into the playoffs.

Chad: Sadly, its the way the league is going where these kinds of deals are the new norm hopefully with Simmons and Fultz, Philly can get into the playoffs convincingly in a once again depleted eastern conference.

Isaiah Thomas sounded off on his trade and Danny Ainge, saying he was upset about the trade because he laid it all on the line last year during the playoffs with the passing of his sister and then playing with his hip injury. He also stated that he would never talk to Ainge again. What are your thoughts about what Thomas said.

Todd: I mean it is kind of messed up if one of the reason they traded him is because of how bad his hip injury had gotten considering it could have been the training staffs fault for clearing him to play. I can see where Thomas is coming from, he will just have to come back and prove they made a mistake.

Steve: I have been very vocal about this. I agree with Thomas, he was the franchise player for the Celtics, and they saw “green” so to say with Kyrie and jumped on it. I think its a mistake for Boston. But yeah, I can see where Thomas would be upset with Ainge for getting rid of him.

Chad: Clearly he’s frustrated and feels he gave everything to the organization last year and then was simply traded to bring another player.  I can completely understand where he is coming from with his stance. I think eventually time can heal the wounds.

From what we have seen in Summer League and in the Pre-Season, Who do you think was the steal of the draft? 

A) Dennis Smith Jr pick #9 (Mavericks)

B) Donovan Mitchell Pick # 13 (Jazz)

C) Kyle Kuzma Pick #27 (Lakers)

D) Someone else

Todd: Dennis Smith Jr is the most popular guy on this list. Donovan Mitchell made some noise suring summer league by scoring more points in a single game then anyone at 38. He hasn’t done a whole lot since. Kyle Kuzma won the championship game MVP award and he continued to impress in Preseason with averaging 18 points 7th most among all NBA players who has played more than 3 games.

Steve: I don’t know honestly because I don’t take anything that happens in the preseason very seriously until they step foot on the court with the best of the best in the NBA. So I am going to take a knee during this anthem and sit out.

Chad: I say Dennis Smith Jr with Dallas has the ability to help jump start the franchise with his abilities on the court.

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