Pounding 7’s

Hola my favorite wrestling fans, welcome back to Pounding 7’s. The most controversial countdown in internet land. This week, I will count down the top seven infamous gimmick changes…..that actually freakin worked. Now before I go on the countdown, my Wrestling Roundtable collegue, Frosh, was adament that I include Mick Foley on this list. However, because Foley has had so many fuckin gimmick changes, he could have his own little list, so we may tackle that one in the near future. So which gimmick change will end up as the best? Find out right now!

Honorable Mention

Brutus Beefcake to The Barber

When Brutus Beefcake was in the WWF, he was an up and coming superstar, challenging Hulk Hogan for the WWF Championship and winning the Tag Team Championship along side Dream Team partner, Greg Valentine. They held the tag belts on two occasions. After Wrestlemania III, when the team split up, Beefcake formed the gimmick, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, where he had much success in the World Wrestling Federation, he even gave Mr Perfect his first loss in the WWF after two years.

Billy Gunn to Mr Ass

Billy Gunn was a multiple time tag team champion along side his “brother” Bart Gunn as part of the Smoking Gunns. When the teak split, Billy went on his own, and formed Rockabilly along side the Honky Tonk Man, when that shit didnt work, he became known to the world as Mr Ass, where he would feud in the main event with the Rock at Summerslam. He would again change his gimmick as the One Billy Gunn where he won his first singles championship, defeating Eddie Guerrero for the Intercontinental title. He would use his Mr Ass gimmick as a main stay of prominent faction D-Generation  X along side Triple H, X-pac, and his New Age Outlaw partner Road Dogg Jesse James.

7. Shawn Michaels to The Heartbreak Kid

As many of you know, Shawn Michaels started in the WWE in 1988 as a member of the Rockers along side Marty Jannetty. The two would have a great tag team career. However, in 1992 on the Barber shop, Michaels transformed himself as the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, where to this day he maintains success as a former World Heavyweight Champion, and held all the major championships that the WWE has had to offer.

6. Issac Yankem DDS to Kane

In 1995, Issac Yankem DDS debuted as Jerry Lawler’s personal dentist. He was hired by Lawler to take out Bret Hart, who had been his arch nemisis for many years. Yankem went on to become the fake Diesel brought in by Jim Ross, thinking it was Kevin Nash. That did not work for long, but he found his niche as Kane, when he debuted as the Undertaker’s brother along side Paul Bearer. Kane would go on to one of the most legendary WWF/WWE careers of all time.

5. Hunter Hearst Helmsley to Triple H

When Hunter Hearst Helmsley came to the WWE, he was a British Blue Blood who stuck his nose up at anyone who got in his way. When he formed a union with Shawn Michaels as the original DX, he started to get out of his blue blood forte, and into one tough son of a bitch. After DX, Hunter simply called himself Triple H, and as Triple H, he would go on to win every single championship in the WWE, marry the bosses daughter, and end up becoming the Chief Operating Officer in the WWE. Not bad for being a Blue Blood.

4. Dustin Rhodes to Goldust

Dustin Rhodes was an up and coming superstar in the WCW, as he won the United States Championship twice and the tag team championship twice. Many thought he would be on to bigger things in the WCW, maybe even a World title run. He was released by WCW and Vince picked up the pieces and turned him into Goldust. While the gimmick was definitely controversial, he has maintained the gimmick for the past 22 years, and it has been one of the most successful characters ever in the WWE.

3. Hogan, Hall, and Nash to the NWO

Everyone knows who Hulk Hogan is, and most know who Diesel and Razor Ramon are. When Hogan came over to the WCW in 1994, he maintained his red and yellow. However, when Hall and Nash came over in 1996, they abandoned the Razor and Diesel gimmick and went by their real names. They recruited Hulk Hogan, who repackaged himself as Hollywood Hulk Hogan to form the NWO. The NWO would be one of the most recognized factions in the entire world, as they recruited from Japan, Mexico, Canada, and even Australia.

2. Stunning Steve to Stone Cold

WCW developed Stunning Steve Austin as the next big star. They made the mistake by letting him go a little too soon. Vince McMahon picked him up and called him the Ring Master along side Ted Dibiase. When that obviously did not go over well with fans, and Austin himself. Austin decided to take it among himself to repackage himself as the baddest SOB on the planet and called him self Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin would go on to win King of the Ring, The Royal Rumble on three occasions, the WWE Championship on multiple occasions, and eventually get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

  1. Rocky Maivia to The Rock

Rocky Maivia was the son of Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson, and the Grandson of High Chief Peter Maivia. He would be an up an coming superstar quickly winning the Intercontinental title from Hunter Hearst Helmsly. However, the gimmick never really got over, and fans turned against Maivia. He would join the Nation of Domination and would repackage himself as simply the Rock. This was the biggest move of his career, as he would become the IC champion once again, and then become the right hand man of Vince McMahon and won the WWF Championship in 1998. He of course would go down as one of, if not the most famous superstar to ever set foot in the ring.

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