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Good day to you wrestling fans, welcome back to the Wrasslin Roundtable. This week Tyler got brilliant off of his one word responses and was able to put a few words together to come up with a great question on the Young Bucks. Haha..just kidding Tyler…well not really. Anyway, we will talk Young Bucks, we will talk the fallout of Hell in a Cell, and we will vote for the Final Four of our Bobby Heenan Memorial Managers Tournament. All this and much much more.

Here is the Final Four Bracket

1.Jinder Mahal

After a victory at Hell in a Cell over Shinsuke Nakamura cleanly, Mahal as legitimized himself as the top ranked superstar in the WWE. What will be next for Mahal?

2. The Shield

A beat down to Braun Strowman on Raw puts all three Shield members back in the Power Rankings, We thought we would never see these three together again, now how much carnage will they unleash now that they are a unit once again.

3. The Miz

The Miz did not have quite the night he expected on Raw, but he made his team at TLC just a little bit stronger in his quest to take out the Shield.

4. Braun Strowman

Braun falls a notch after being nearly destroyed at the hands of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins. If you ask me, I think they just woke up a sleeping giant.

5.Baron Corbin

The New United States Champion makes his return to the Power Rankings after his HIAC victory over AJ Styles and Tye Dillenger to capture his first singles championship. Then a big victory over AJ on Smackdown solidifies his ranking.

As we will discuss here in a few moments, WWE is bringing back War Games. As we stand right now, there is only one active member of the WWE roster that has competed inside War Games, that is none other than Goldust, who competed in Wargames in 1994 known as Dustin Rhodes. Booker T, who is currently a commentator for Raw, was also in that same match in 1994, as part of Harlem Heat.

WWE recently sent The Young Bucks a cease and desist order for using the “Too Sweet” catchphrase and hand gesture.  This was following a video that the Bucks posted to their Youtube channel showing them and other Bullet Club members “invading” a recent RAW, parodying DX’s “invasion” of WCW during the Monday Night Wars.  Considering Bullet Club have been using “Too Sweet” (as well as “suck it”) since they were originally formed in NJPW several years ago without WWE responding legally, does WWE have a case here or is this a knee-jerk reaction to the video?

Steve: Of course they have a case, they own the rights to the catchphrases. I don’t think they will pursue it, but I think it will be a ploy to maybe sign the Young Bucks into the WWE. They have been trying to lure the Bucks to Stamford for quite some time now, and maybe this is a way they could get them in the door.

Frosh: If WWE has a copyright on the phrases “Too Sweet” and “Suck it” then yes, they have a case.  If they do not have a copyright on those phrases then no, they do not.  Length of time from the original copyright infringement has no bearing on WWE’s ability to protect their property. For example, if someone doesn’t get caught or charged for robbing a convenience store, it does not give them permission to rob that same convenience store again.

Chad: I’d lean towards knee-jerk reaction towards the video because the WWE knows the popularity of the Bullet Club I think they had a reaction to try and stop the Bucks and other BC members from using the hand signals .

What was your critique of Hell in a Cell (Spoiler warning may be in effect)?

Steve: I was less than impressed. I mean the premise of the show was alright, the cell matches had me on the edge of my seat, but the entire card as a whole was nothing to get excited about. While I understand why they inserted Dillnger into the US title match to protect AJ Styles, I think it took away from the match, and took away a little bit from Corbin’s run. Especially since they had him go over Styles on Smackdown two nights later. The match I was most looking forward to, Bobby Roode vs Ziggler was disappointing. I was expecting to see a classic wrestling match between two stellar athletes and again I was not impressed. It showed stupidity to have the Uso’s win the tag belts back from the New Day. I know they are only doing this to put the belts back on the New Day to have them break the record for most title reigns, but it just doesnt look right. Overall, the show was very predictable.

Frosh: Overall, I thought it was enjoyable.  The Zayne heel turn was an interesting move.  I called putting the US title on Corbin, so that AJ can move up and challenge Mahal for the World title.  I always have problems in matches when it becomes difficult to suspend disbelief, when wrestlers make such stupid tactical decisions that you know will clearly cost them the match.  For example in the HiaC match with the Usos and New Day.  At one point, the New Day had Jey Uso trapped in a corner with the kendo sticks woven into the cell.  Kofi was standing on the outside watching all this.  He could have grabbed on to those kendo sticks to hold them in place, keeping Jey from escaping (which Jey did escape), and thus allowing New Day to focus on Jimmy and win the match.  But Kofi just followed around cheerleading, Jey escaped and the Usos won….If you are going to create a unique spot, don’t be stupid.

Chad: The Hell in a Cell matches themselves were fantastic; everything else onm the card wan’t anything to go nuts over except maybe the US Title Match.

We have debated before who the best technical wrestler is of all time. With today’s era not the same as it has been in the past. Who is the best technical wrestler on the current roster?

Steve: Hands down, it has to be AJ Styles. The man can literally do it all inside the ring. There are quite a few others that deserve some consideration, like Bobby Roode, Dolph Ziggler, and even Cesaro, but AJ by far is the best of the best.

Frosh: There are a few who will be in this discussion.  I would be up for debating which one.  I think AJ Styles is clearly there.  Randy Orton, Sami Zayne are both good.  A surprising person that you might think about would be Cena.  I have never seen Cena botch a move… He has been botched on (Nakamura), but I have never seen Cena himself blow a spot.

Chad: Right now I’d say Cesaro; I think a lot of other good wrestlers on the roster have less technical styles that remove them from consideration.

The WWE is going to bring back War Games, a popular WCW event from the late 80’s and early 90’s. They are also bringing back Starrcade as part of a LIVE show for Smackdown LIVE. What do you think of bringing back WarGames, and the second part of this question. Should Starrcade be its own Pay Per View considering it was the number one event for WCW?

Steve: Ill start with WarGames. Right match, wrong venue. This needs to be done on the main roster, not in NXT. NXT, while it has a following now, is primarily shown on the Network, and not TV outside of special events, and shit even then it is still on the Network. War Games needs to be promoted big time and with big time players. I just can’t see NXT really doing much with this. As for Starrcade? I love they are bringing the name back, but again this has to be a major PPV event, just a glorified Smackdown.

Frosh: I like bringing back WarGames.  It will have a nostalgia feel and will be something different for the current roster to do.  Starrcade could be a major PPV, but WWE already has WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series and SummerSlam.  I would like to see it have a good run, but what would it be that would be different than Mania or SummerSlam?  At least with WarGames you have the WarGames match gimmick.

Chad: Really excited for WarGames watched some classics on the WWE Network after the announcement. As for Starrcade I would like it to be a PPV maybe in December after Survivor Series .

Do you agree with the decision to turn Sami Zayn heel and teaming up with Kevin Owens?

Steve: Absolutely agree. The wrestling world is talking about Sami Zayn, that has not happened really since he debuted on the main roster. This aligns himself with an established main eventer, it will give him TV time to prove what he can do in the main event. I like the idea, and it is great for his career.

Frosh: While surprising, I like the idea.  Zayne’s character has been a little stale and his career stagnant.  Hopefully this heel turn can lead to some success for Sami.  A tag team run could be in the works.  He could end up being the guy to take the US title off of Roode (who I think will take it off of Corbin).  I think this will be a good experiment.

Chad: I am okay with this as I think both characters needed new direction especially after the HIAC match between Shane and KO which surpassed my expectations and also scared me half to death.

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