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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. As we are less than a week away from the start of the regular season. We will see get to see Kyrie Irving return to Cleveland on opening night against the Cavaliers. This week we will discuss the three point shot, Russell Westbrook, that and so much more on this edition of NBA RoundTable.

Agree or Disagree. Bob Ryan stated on Around the Horn that the Three point shot should be removed from the NBA game.

Todd: Disagree.

Steve: Not only am I going to disagree with Bob Ryan,  I will counter with I think the NBA should adopt a four point shot. Look. I understand that Ryan is like 80 years old, and is a fan of the olden days where the three point shot was not even a day dream. The games has changed even since the nineties, and fans love scoring, they love the long shot, they love the theatrics of the game. Why do you think they changed the All Star game, which we will discuss shortly. It is a fans game, and the fans want more scoring. They don’t like the 70 point games, they like the 140 point games. I think we are closer to a four point shot, than eliminating the three.

Chad: Disagree, Bob Ryan could not be more wrong on this. The 3 point shot needs to stay in the game for the entertainment of the game and for the sake of the fans.

Last year Russell Westbrook broke the record for most Triple doubles in a single season with 42. Will he lead the NBA with triple doubles again this year?

Todd: I think he will probably get around 20 but he wont get even close to 42 because he wont have the ball in his hand as much as he did last year.

Steve: He may very well lead the league again, but it wont be anywhere near his 42 that he put up last year. Why? Because he simply does not have to. He has a very solid core around him with Carmelo, and Paul George playing next to him. So he is not going to have to put up the monster numbers that he had to last year. Let’s face it, if Westbrook did not have an MVP type season last year, the Thunder would not have made the playoffs.

Chad: I don’t think he will get to 42 but he will lead the league in Triple Doubles this year, with George and Anthony I don’t know if he gets the touches to get the assists.

There were several big moves this off-season. Which player will have the biggest impact on his new team?

Todd: Paul George.

Steve: So I am going to bounce off the last question, I think Carmelo Anthony is going to have the biggest impact for the Thunder. A) He is hungry to win after being on the pathetic Knicks for the longest time, and he is ready to win. B) He now has a core of players who know how to play basketball. C) He is going to be well respected in Oklahoma City. And D) He has teammates that can back him up if he has a bad game. All the pressure is not going to be on him to lead this team back to the Finals.

Chad: I think it is Kyrie in Boston, I think his talent with Gordon Heyward can finally give them a legit shot of going back to the NBA FInals.

Adam Silver talked about shortening the NBA season from 82 games. The reasoning behind this is so the NBA would be able to play more regular season games overseas and to also limit the wear and tear on the players. Do you agree with this?

Todd: These guys need to quit crying. They make too much damn money to cry. Look Joel Embiid just got 148 million over 5 years and he has only played 31 games in 3 years. are you kidding me?

Steve: Gonna make this short and sweet. NO! They want to get paid these high dollar contracts, and these max deals. 82 games is nothing. I work over 300 days a year for pennies to what these guys make, and I am damned sure I work harder than most of them. Where else can you get a four month vacation (assuming you make the Finals) or a six month vacation if you don’t? AND get paid millions and millions of dollars. No these guys just need to suck it up and do their job.

Chad: I would be cautious about how many games you cut but anywhere in the 6-12 range would be OK provided there are games overseas and the back-to-back and 4 in 5 nights are eliminated.

What are your thoughts of the new All Star rules for picking teams? 

1. Fans still vote the 10 starters

2. Head Coaches from each conference still pick 7 players for each side.

3. The leading vote getter for East and West are the captains of the teams

4. Then it is like we are on the playground each captain picks their team.

Todd: This is dumb. The All-Star game should be eliminated all together. It has become the joke of the NBA.

Steve: I like it, I mean it will add to the interest of the game. The Fans still get to pick who they want to see, the coaches have a say, and the players have a say. This is an exhibition basketball game and is supposed to be fun. I don’t think we will see as many snubs as we have seen in the past. Good for the NBA to make this happen, hopefully other leagues follow suit.

Chad: Anything is an improvement to give it some kind of a different flavor.

Bonus Question

The Anthem protest has kind of trickled over to the NBA as well as the WNBA. As we all know who watched the WNBA Finals the Sparks decided to stay in the locker room during most of the games during the National Anthem. Most NBA teams have decided just to link arms thus far to show unity. No one has chose to kneel because of the rule in the NBA requiring all NBA Players to stand(which in my opinion they can’t have that rule because that takes away a persons freedom of speech) Kobe Bryant recently stated that, if he were still playing he would kneel. I am sure I will get all kinds of feed back from this question and don’t hold back. please say what is on your mind and how you feel about this situation.

Todd: While some may not care and some may are tired of hearing about the subject already. I am taking this very seriously. First of all Prior to 2009 the NFL players did not come out on the field for the National Anthem, so you mean to tell me all you people who are not watching the NFL because the players are kneeling didn’t watch it prior to 2009? The only reason they did start coming out onto the field is because the government paid the NFL millions of dollars to do so, it had nothing to do with being patriotic. Second of all in the flag code it says the flag should never be used wearing apparel, bedding, and drapery but we see that all the time. It also says the flag should never be used for any kind of advertising. I don’t see anyone getting uptight about these two things. How many people let the flag touch the ground? That flag is also not allowed to touch the ground. Now I know Colin Kaepernick’s Message has been lost this year but it is because of the absurd comments of the so called President Donald Trump that is right I said so called. I totally 100% without a doubt support these guys because I know that they are not doing this to disrespect the flag, our Country, or the military. FOR YOU PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY ARE DISRESPECTING THE FLAG ARE STUPID IDIOTS. People don’t want to make this about race but in all reality, it is about race. Although I am not black I am a minority. Basically the only players kneeling are black, yeah their white teammates are showing support but most of the people against this whole protest thing are all white. So no one tell me this is not about race. Lets get this straight I would never kneel myself on account of me being a veteran but I support them 100%. After what happen Sunday with that Joker Pence this has turned into a three ring circus. Well to take this a different direction. I think I express the first amendment enough. Most every job has a job description. Unlike most other jobs in America the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL have to sign contracts to play. I thru all four major sports in there, although I don’t know how much or if any is going on in MLB or the NHL because I don’t watch either sport. I have not heard of anything going on in either sport but to get back to my point. I am sure that their contract does not require them to stand for the National Anthem. What is going on now with Jerry Jones telling his players they have to stand for the Anthem or they wont play is a joke. First of all Jerry Jones is a hypocrite. Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t is Jerry Jones and his entire team taking a knee before the Anthem at a game a couple weeks ago. I realize it was before but they got booed out of the stadium by fans. I mean what if the whole team decided to kneel? is he just going to forfeit the game and go home?

Steve: ***Deep Breath*** ***Sigh*** Okay I think this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. The National Anthem is a way to show respect to your country. This has nothing..I REPEAT NOTHING to do with race to respect your country. You talk about freedom of speech, well fine, speak your mind, dis the President for all I care for being an idiot and quite possibly a racist, but DO NOT disrespect the American Flag, DO NOT disrespect your country. If you don’t want to be here, and you don’t like what is going on you can do two things. You can deal with it and speak your mind in other ways, or you can get the fuck out and see what other countries are forced to deal with. Face it people, America is the only country (maybe other than Canada) where freedom and rights are important to society. We are given the luxury to make a lot of money doing things we love to do, while other countries are forced to work for pennies doing things they hate. Let me be frank here, I do not like what is going on with racism in our country, something absolutely needs to be done to rectify this. We are in the 21st century. We had an African-American as the leader of our country, and not even he could do anything to change the way people are. Trump cannot do anything about it either, and those who think he can, you are ignorant. While I do not agree with what he says, and I don’t agree with his political stances. He cannot control racism. No one can, except the people of the United States. And if these so called athletes and role models want to disrespect my country by taking a knee for the anthem, then you lost all respect that I had for you in the first place, and I think you are the ones who are pulling a race card. YOU are the ones that are making a scene and bringing unwanted attention to race. It makes me sick in all aspects that we even have to have this conversation on this forum, which should be fun and entertaining. But this is real life, and it plays true to home. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, I am a firm believer of our first ammendement rights. However, I am also a firm believer in the flag, and America. And a believer that any employer can terminate someone who shows said expression at the work place. The field, the court, the diamond..wherever it may be. That is their work place and if they were under my employ, they would either be benched, or released. I don’t care how good they are, or how much money they make.

Chad: Do I think there are problems in this country that need addressed…yes. And I do think that the protests have nothing to do with the flag despite what the executive branch of the government would tell you. I don’t think there needs to be a rule about anthem and if players want to kneel I would be okay with it as there is still a little thing called the 1st amendment for free speech that needs to be looked at.

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