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This week we discuss Enzo Amore, Hell in a Cell, and Lars Sullivan.

Greetings Wrestling fans, welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. This week on deck we will discuss Enzo Amore, Hell in a Cell, and an up and coming NXT superstar, that could find his way into the main event scene sooner than you think. We will discuss all of this and much more!

We will first begin with the Elite 8 of the Bobby the Brain Heenan Memorial Manager Tournament.

1 Bobby Heenan 1 Paul Heyman
2 JJ Dillon 3 Teddy Long
1 Jimmy Hart 1 Jim Cornette
2 Paul Bearer
2 Classie Freddie Blassie

1. Jinder Mahal

Mahal has been out of action for the past month or so. Will this layoff hurt him in his title defense this Sunday against Nakamura?

2. The Miz

The Miz has put himself out there that he is not afraid of the Shield. An alliance with Cesaro and Sheamus, he may get his chance to prove himself.

3. Braun Strowman

With consecutive victories over the WWE Raw tag team champions. Some feel that Strowman could win the tag team titles all by himself, dubbing himself as “I am the tag team champion”

4. Alexa Bliss

The womens champion now has her sites set on Mickie James. Can the former five time womens/Divas champion stand toe to toe with the Princess?

5. Brock Lesnar

We have room for the Universal Champion this week, fresh off his big victory over Braun Strowman, we ask ourselves. What is next for the Beast?

For years, even though he’s been retired for six of them, Shawn Michaels has been known as Mr. WrestleMania. It’s a name given to him by the WWE in testament to the fact that he regularly stole the show at the biggest, baddest show of them all

But then that’s not really the point, is it? Given that, within the context of its own storylines, the WWE is a legitimate fighting organization on the same level at the UFC, within those storylines it shouldn’t matter how phenomenally entertaining the Heartbreak Kid could be at WrestleMania.

What matters is whether he won or not… and ‘Mr. WrestleMania’ made a habit of losing at the event he was nicknamed after.

Out of seventeen matches on the grandest stage of them all, Michaels only won six. That’s eleven matches he’s lost in front of the WWF/E’s biggest crowd: two thirds of the time, he’s come out to great fanfare, only to stare at the lights for someone the company felt was more important on that given day.

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Agree or Disagree: Enzo Amore’s heel turn as the Cruiserweight Champion is the best move for his career?

Steve: Well considering he has already been on the final segment of Raw two weeks in a row. It appears to be working. People are buying into Enzo as the champion, and it should do well for 205 LIVE. I think with his heat in the back, it almost brings to life what has really been going on backstage with the entire division turning on him. I love the move, and yes, it is great for his career.

Frosh: I agree.  A well timed heel (or face) turn can do wonders for a wrestler and their character.  It worked for Cena (when he turned heel in the first place, and back face later).  It worked for the Rock, on a few occasions, and it worked for Hogan.  Not saying Enzo is anywhere near these guy’s level, and he likely never will be, but it goes to show what a good turn can do for a wrestler’s career.  And this, I feel, is a well placed and timed heel turn.

Chad: Weirdly, I think I agree just because I think it can bolster the whole Division as to who can take down Enzo, I think some kind of Cruiserweight Open Match could be fun for Survivor Series

Tyler: Absolutely.  It plays to his strengths (his promo work) and hides his weaknesses (his in ring work).

There have been some rumblings back stage that Vince McMahon, Triple H, and many WWE writers have high aspirations for NXT superstar Lars Sullivan. He has been referred to as the next Batista, or the next big man superstar in the business. What is your take on Lars Sullivan, and can he make it to the next level?

Steve: This guy is awesome! Yes he can be a big player on the big stage some day. I honestly say calling him the next Batista is a slap in the face to Lars Sullivan. Sullivan is a business guy backstage from all accounts, unlike Big Dave. He has the look that McMahon wants, he can even talk a little. He has charisma, and for a big guy he can move. I think we are going to see big things from Lars Sullivan in the near future.

Frosh: There are a lot of guys that WWE has high hopes on, that just fall flat.  It will be up to Lars, the WWE brass, Creative, but most of all, the WWE Universe.  If they buy his merch….he will skyrocket to the top.  If they don’t, or they tune out his matches, he will be over and done.  Keep in mind also, that Batista wasn’t an immediate star on the roster.  He started out as “Deacon Batista” a lackey to D-Von Dudley, or the Reverend D-Von… It took Evolution, and a good bit of time serving Triple H to get him over with the WWE Uinverse.  So, WWE doesn’t want to move him too fast, or too aggressively, or the universe will turn on him.

Chad: They obviously think that because he is part of the DLC content for the new WWE 2k18 so if the has the push behind he could be something. Personally I think he is still a talent that needs development and refinement but could be something big down the line.

Tyler: I haven’t seen enough of him to form an opinion yet, but I’ll keep my eyes on him.

Agree or Disagree: Shinsuke Nakamura will win the WWE Championship this Sunday at Hell in a Cell?

Steve: Im going to disagree only for the mere fact that the WWE will be doing an India tour in the next couple of months. December is what I have heard. I think they want Mahal to go into that tour as their WWE Champion. While I don’t like they way he is being pushed as the champion right now, he has enough talent to make me a believer.

Frosh: I disagree.  I think AJ Styles takes it off of him around Royal Rumble.  Have the American Hero win the title back for the crowd, and get it onto your money player going into WrestleMania season.

Chad: Agree, I think the time is now to pull the trigger on Nakamura if you are going to .

Tyler: Agree.  It’s his turn, especially given the negative feedback WWE received from Jinder’s recent promo against him.

Agree or Disagree: Shane McMahon will NOT attempt a dare devil stunt at Hell in a Cell?

Steve: How the hell could you bet against this. Disagree completely. Hell in a Cell only means Shane is going to do something stupid either off the top of the cage, or through the cage. Whatever he does, it should be yet another moment.

Frosh: I disagree.  While I don’t know that we will see another dive off of the top, Shane WILL give us something to gasp at.  His matches aren’t the most technically sound.  He doesn’t always tell the best story.  He isn’t even the most athletic guy all the time, but he never fails to give us those few precious spots that make us never forget.

Chad: Disagree, He is Shane McMahon, It is the Main Event of a PPV, Inside Hell in a Cell, No chance, why put the Falls Count Anywhere Stip on the match if they already don’t have something crazy planned.

Tyler: He *shouldn’t* given his age, but I know he will try for one show-stealing spot.

Agree or Disagree: Baron Corbin will win the United States Championship over AJ Styles at Hell in a Cell?

Steve: I don’t know too much about the backstage heat that Corbin is getting, other than he seems to be getting punished for his demeanor back stage. He lost his Money in the Bank match and lost his shot at the WWE Championship, so is a secondary title in his cards? Im going to agree just because I think AJ is going on to bigger things and back into the main event picture. Though, I am not sure Corbin is the guy to overtake Styles.

Frosh: I agree on this.  As you may have read from previous responses, I have booked this already.  Corbin beats Styles, and then ends up losing the US title to Roode to give him something to do while Styles moves on for a minute.  Styles goes on and wins the WWE title around Royal Rumble as the American Hero defeating the foreign heel – (after a back and forth with Corbin for US gold, which Corbin goes over), and then will defend the title against….Roode at Mania (Roode will win the US gold from Corbin, and then lose it to an up and comer before mania, probably in February)?  I like that booking.  It would make sense…which means WWE probably will not do it…but c’est la vie.

Chad: I believe that they are happy with Styles as Champion and I don’t think the pull a switch to Corbin now.

Tyler: I can see it, as they just tweaked his entrance music, so that makes me think that he’s out of the doghouse he was in earlier.

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