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Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia doesn’t have enough answers so far

1) What’s the story with the Patriots? So far, this season, in three of their four games, they have yielded 33-plus points and are now 2-2. Have they finally returned to the pack and are no longer a write-in to win the AFC East?             

Chad: Obviously they have some work on defense and some of the moves they are making are not in the best interest of helping the defense.

With the way the Bills are playing, it may actually turn into a dogfight in the AFC East

The real short version? The have no damn defense. Teams are scoring on them at almost will.

Who really knows… except for this one thing: If that defense don’t improve and real soon they just might be on the outside looking in come playoff time. 

How good is Bills’ defense?

2) So far, the Buffalo Bills have held their opponents to an average of just over 13 points a game. Are you surprised by the Bills’ defense and is it sustainable for the remainder of the season?

Chad: I’m surprised it happened after the Ryan Brothers left town.

But they do have talent on defense and just enough on offense, I think, to make this sustainable.

Yes. Yes, I am surprised by their defense.

And, no, I am not convinced it is sustainable for the entire season. I need some more games against some very quality offenses before I am convinced.


3) The Carolina Panthers have been all over the place in their four games so far… a 9-3 defensive squeaker versus Buffalo; a 33-30 shootout with New England; a 23-3 romp over San Francisco, while being trounced by New Orleans 34-13. Which team is the real Carolina Panthers and is it good enough to make the playoffs and maybe more this NFL season?

Chad: Right now they are tied with Atlanta, so those showdowns will be key to me.

I think they are closest to the San Francisco score.

Joe: It is somewhere in-between is what seems to pop out to me. Come back and talk to me after the next two games where I think they are about to play two teams who have had somewhat similar seasons so far… Detroit and Minnesota. The scores of the those games will tell me a lot more if they are more like the team from the San Fran game or more the team more like the one from the Saints game.


Derek Carr

4) If Oakland’s QB Derek Carr is injured bad enough that he can’t play where do the Raiders turn to… in house or start talking with teams about possible trades? Who would be their best possible replacement for Carr?

Chad: To me you have 3 options… two are EJ Manuel or Connor Cook, already  on your roster, or you could go get Kaepernick.

The thing is Kaepernick would have to take time to accumulate to the Raiders’ Offense, which is at best a couple of weeks, and with Carr due to be 2-6 weeks I don’t think it is a good move to go outside.

Joe: Simply put, the Raiders need to hope the injury to Carr is not very serious and he will be back as soon as possible.

Until then they need to tread water with what ever they have in house… EJ Manuel or Connor Cook.

5) In your opinion, what is the main reason the Jags lost to the Jets? The Jets or the Jags coaching and/or the Jags QB?

Chad: Blake Bortles sucks period. You cannot win a game with just Leonard Fournette.

Joe: While, I have never entirely brought into the logic it is a completely QB oriented passing game and still think a meta needs… at the minimum… a decent running game that can produce at least 100 yards a game, you still need a damn QB who can throw the ball in a timely and efficient manner and do what he needs to do… get the damn ball into the hands of those who can produce points be it by passing it or handing it off.

Blake Bortles is not that guy. Colin Kapernick could be.

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